'Supernatural' Season 8 - Will You Be Tuning In?

Supernatural - Season 8

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Like many series its age, Supernatural has had its fair share of problems during its seventh year on the air. But after seeing the Supernatural season 7 finale, has the series once again righted itself? And, more importantly, will you be tuning in when Supernatural makes its move to Wednesday for season 8?

From the continuous episodic stories that rarely progressed the plot, to the introduction of one of the most powerful, though completely non-frightening, monsters in supposed series history, many fans were worried that perhaps their favorite series had lost its way. While the season 7 finale did little prove that the series will be returning to a familiar, enjoyable path, perhaps there's still hope for Supernatural season 8.

Splitting up Sam and Dean for the beginning of next season, there's at least a tangible obstacle for one of the Winchesters to overcome.With Dean being stuck in Purgatory with (maybe) Castiel, it'll be interesting to see the series depict a setting that has only been described up until this point, even within its limited budget.

That being said, who knows exactly how long Sam and Dean will be separated. While the character of Dean has previously carried long story-arcs on his own, the general uncertainty that Sam is left in really doesn't provide for a compelling lengthy solo storyline. With Crowley and Castiel (hopefully) returning, perhaps the producers will make use of those rich characters to help Supernatural make its way out of its unfortunate season 7 hole.

That said, it's doubtful that many fans will give much leeway to the series spending any significant amount of time with Castiel's "issues," there's more than enough depth to all of the series' characters to craft some type of competent storyline that will somehow make us forget all about the Leviathan. Perhaps one that builds towards providing a definite end to the series as a whole?

While we'll have to wait until this fall to see how Supernatural responds to this season's complaints, it's hard to believe that Supernatural would return to the path that caused so many problems for the series during season 7. With former series writer Jeremy Carver taking over for Sera Gamble as showrunner in season 8, as well as fan-favorites Ben Edlund and Adam Glass remaining on the series, Supernatural still contains the same high caliber of talent that it always had.

They just need to put it to good use.

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Supernatural season 8 premieres Wednesday @9pm on The CW this fall.

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