'Supernatural' Season 8 Finale Airs May 15; Castiel Gets Larger Season 9 Role

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 13 - Sam & Dean

It's a Supernatural news twofer this week: The season 8 finale's May airdate has been revealed, and everyone's favorite angelic savior, Castiel, will officially be returning for season 9 as a series regular, an upgrade from his current reoccurring guest star role.

With Sam and Dean busy as new Men of Letters, and Sam facing the remainder God's trails, fans can rest easy in knowing that whatever is going to happen to the Winchester brother's will happen by May 15, which is when the Supernatural season 8 finale will air.

But no matter what happens in this season's finale, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and, now, Misha Collins will be returning in full force for season 9. Both Padalecki and Ackles signed new contracts last year for seasons 9 and 10, well before the network officially renewed the series, while Collins just recently re-signed.

Supernatural - Castiel

When Castiel returns in season 9, he will be in many more episodes than fans saw him in during season 8, thanks to Collins' new contract upgrading him from reoccurring guest star to series regular. Does that mean heaven will have a much larger role next season, or just Castiel?

When Supernatural season 8 comes to an end this May, it's very likely that God's trials and the Gates of Hell storylines will be concluded, or at least transitioned into something else. What will likely be left for season 9 is the mysterious Heaven intervention storyline as well as the Men of Letter's storyline. However these elements play in to next storyline is still unknown, but Castiel's appearance in more episodes next season is definitely more than just as the Winchester's Lordly juggernaut.

Now that Supernatural has, for all intents and purposes, turned itself around from any Leviathan confusion, fans are appropriately excited for Sam and Dean's adventures this season. And if the series' returning episodes are any example of what's to come – along with more Castiel next season – then September can't get here soon enough.

Now what about maybe bringing Bobby back?


Supernatural airs Wednesday @8pm on The CW

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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