'Supernatural' Season 7 'Hello, Cruel World' Recap & Spoilers Discussion

Supernatural Season 7 - Hello Cruel World

Proving to be a running theme with the series, Friday’s episode of Supernatural, entitled “Hello, Cruel World,” picks up where the season 7 premiere left off. With the leviathan-riddled Castiel (Misha Collins) skin spouting off a few threats, they quickly made their way to the municipal water supply – and in an underwater explosion of blackness, the vessel of Castiel ceases to exist.

Using the town’s water supply as their own personal highway, the leviathan are taking over the bodies of those who come in contact with the tainted water: A creepy little girl becomes creepier, two high school swimmers take on The Shining twins (with their matching outfits), and a leader of sorts (though not the “boss”) emerges in the body of a demolition expert/car enthusiast.

Meanwhile, all Hell is breaking loose in Sam’s head – with a hallucination of Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) taunting the wall-broken Winchester throughout the entirety of the episode. As the faux Lucifer seamlessly blends horrific imagery into Sam’s perception of the real world, the genius logic that Hell’s ringleader presents even has the viewer’s second guessing what’s real and what’s not.

A quick body-switch from a little girl to Dr. Sexy and the leviathan plans are slowly taking shape. After escaping from purgatory, the leviathan are hungry and want to eat. With the knowledge that surgeons can cut into humans anytime they wish, Dr. Sexy serves to be the best way for the leviathan to eat, without anyone catching on to their plans. Unfortunately, Dr. Sexy never planned on Bobby’s “favorite” law enforcer, Sheriff Mills, to be a patient in the hospital.

Mills is recovering from having her appendix removed, but that doesn’t stop her from following Dr. Sexy, as he carts off her elderly roommate and eats her liver. After being caught by a nurse and drugged by Dr. Sexy, Mills makes a dire call to Bobby (Bobby Singer) for help.

With Sam’s hallucinations becoming ever more real, “Lucifer” takes on the form of Dean, and the two of them are on their way to take out the leviathan – thanks to “Dean” finding out exactly where they are residing. Pulling up to an office building of late-night workers (who are not the leviathan), Sam (Jared Padalecki) breaks down and starts shooting everything and anything around him.

Back at the hospital, Bobby looks over the body of Mills’ newly deceased roommate and comes face-to-face with Dr. Sexy. A shotgun blast to the gut and Dr. Sexy is no worse for wear: sans a few drips of black ooze, he walks away unscathed. Fortunately, Bobby was able to rescue Mills from the hospital, and the pair return to Bobby’s house.

Now that the real Dean (Jensen Ackles) has tracked down Sam in the midst of his mental freak-out, Dean attempts to show Sam that there’s a difference between the pain he’s feeling now and the real pain of being in hell. Using the cut that Sam got on his hand from the last episode, Dean presses it to show him what this pain feels like – and Lucifer’s figure starts to dissipate.

As Dean and a newly calmed Sam return to Bobby’s house to go after Dr. Sexy at the hospital, they are shocked to find out Bobby’s house has been burned to the ground. With no signs of Bobby around, they assume the worse. Of course, the focus of those assumptions only last mere moments, as the pseudo leader of the leviathan appears - and a battle ensues.

The leviathan hits Sam over the head with a pipe and Dean gets thrown into a car. Both Winchester brothers are hurt, but Dean is still able to drop a suspended car on the leviathan, and black ooze pools around the body. Not being able to recover, Dean calls 911 and an ambulance is dispatched.

As the episode comes to an end, it’s revealed that the leviathan with a car on top of him has repaired himself and Sam and Dean are on their way to the hospital where Dr. Sexy works (along with two of his friends, unbeknownst to Sam and Dean). Unfortunately, there’s not much they can do, as the EMT injects both of them with sedatives.


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