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[This Post is by Screen Rant guest writer Drew Hale]

A behind-the-scenes tip from an inside source at Cinema Spy has reported that the CW is in talks to extend Supernatural beyond the originally planned fifth season series finale, into a sixth season next year. This follows a report that Smallville may also be signing on for another season, its tenth.

Supernatural creator Eric Kripke planned the series as a five season story, ending in an epic war of good vs. evil with Sam and Dean battling Lucifer during the apocalypse.

The CW is no doubt trying to extend the two shows that attract the majority of its viewers. The question becomes what can possibly be next for the Winchester brothers after the apocalypse? What's bigger and more supernatural than that?

Though the show was designed to conclude in five seasons, Kripke has indicated that he's not completely out of ideas for the series. Considering the buzz around potential movie roles  for both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalacki, we can only hope that a sixth season will include both Sam and Dean. Assuming both brothers sign-on for a sixth season, there are a few paths that the story line could follow.

[NOTE: please keep in mind that these are just the speculations of an avid fan.]

Season five has included many episodes that haven't touched on the main doomsday storyline, leaving viewers thristy for more.  Perhaps it was done this way in order to extend the final showdown across more than one season. Failing that, the sixth season could chronicle the lives of the Winchester brothers as they deal with the aftermath of the apocalypse and are trying to rebuild some semblance of civilization. Maybe Sam finally gives in to Lucifer and the sixth season finds the two brothers battling each other in the name of good and evil.

What do you think the road ahead looks like for the Winchesters?

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Supernatural has now resumed regularly scheduled episodes. Watch the next episode, "Swap Meat" on the CW next Thursday, January 28th.

Source: Cinema Spy

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