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With four episodes left before the highly-anticipated Supernatural season 6 finale and a month before this season’s final run of new episodes air, fans of the series are looking for something – anything – to help ease the faux pain of Supernatural’s winter hiatus. Fortunately, fans' prayers have been answered.

This past Sunday, before jumping on stage for Supernatural’s panel at PaleyFest 2011, the cast and crew of everyone's favorite paranormal series took time to reveal exactly what fans can expect to see in the two-hour season finale on May 20.

It goes without saying that this piece contains minor spoilers for the Supernatural season 6 finale. So, if you're trying to avoid any information about the final run of episodes this season, you might want to resist reading on.

Like many expected, the Supernatural season 6 finale will find Sam and Dean having to battle one of mythology’s most malevolent creatures, Eve – The Mother of All (monsters).  Of course, with story-arcs regarding the battle between Heaven and Hell, the search of Purgatory and Sam’s memories being sealed off still hanging around, expect the proverbial “you know what” to hit the fan.

Jumping right to the chase, executive producer, showrunner and co-writer of the finale (with Eric Kripke), Sara Gamble reveals that not everyone will make it out of this season alive:

"There will definitely be deaths. I would say that the last couple of episodes are pretty dark. The situation is rather desperate for Sam and Dean and they truly have to ban together to get the job done."

Considering Eve will most likely be the sole monster in the finale that’s capable of killing someone, one has to believe that it will be the face-to-face meeting between The Mother of All and the Winchester brothers when the body count begins to rise.

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Providing even more suspense for the already anticipated confrontation, Heaven’s guardian himself, Misha Collins, discusses just how amazing this battle is going to be:

"It's epic and daunting. The final confrontation is definitely not what anyone is expecting. It is, however, larger and more epic than the viewers are expecting."

Of course, what point is a battle if there aren’t consequences worse than death? It appears that the time has come for Sam's mental wall to come down… and, oh boy, does it.

Says Supernatural creator Eric Kripke:

“I will say we conclusively deal with Sam's amnesia and the fact that he doesn't remember what happened to him in hell. He's got this bit of drywall in his head, but it's a shabby, unstable piece of drywall and it's only a matter of time before the wall falls down, and in the finale, the wall falls down."

Sara Gamble adds:

"It's something that Sam is both afraid of and also he's dying to know what he did that year that he was soulless. It's something that Dean has great fear about. Every ounce of big-brother protectiveness inside him wants to shield Sam from what might happen if the wall comes down, so it's a pretty major thing for them."

Finally, Sam himself, Jared Padalecki, speaks to his character’s impending recollections:

“We’re saving the best for last — and the scariest for last. It does come down, and as Death warned, it’s a catastrophe. Sam has to battle something he’s never battled before, which is himself.”

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While Sam’s flood of memories and the battle against Eve might sound like an amazing way to end the season, one must remember that Supernatural always supplements its season finales with a major cliffhanger. If what Kripke and Padalecki are saying about the season 6 finale is true, this cliffhanger may top them all.

Says Padalecki:

"This is a cliffhanger unlike any other. We've had Sam die and Dean die and dad die, so we've had a lot of deaths. This one doesn't necessarily end with death, but with a whole new beginning."

Says Kripke:

"It's a cliffhanger, so everyone needs to be prepared that they're going to be tearing their hair out all summer."

With Supernatural season 7 still up in the air, a cliffhanger of this magnitude may not be the best way to end the season. While it’s likely that the series will return for another year, I can only imagine what the reaction might be if this six-year story of the adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester ends in this manner.

Considering we won't find out the future of Supernatural until around May, I think it's best that we focus on the Supernatural season 6 finale - and what exactly is going to happen to Sam when the memories of his filleted soul comes rushing back.


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