Supernatural Season 6 'All Dogs Go to Heaven' Spoilers Discussion

Last week’s episode of Supernatural put everything in its place for season 6. Sam, who has no soul, was ripped out of Hell by Crowley. Additionally, Crowley also pulled Samuel out of Hell to do his bidding. Who, in this case, is trying to find the location of Purgatory. Unfortunately, while Crowley was ripping Sam out of his Lucifer cage, he made sure to leave Sam's soul in there, for insurance purposes.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! The rest of Samuel’s family had already been taken over by demons. So, Sam and Dean is all he has left.

Phew! Who would have thought all that would have come out of a single episode of the show? Well, considering it’s November sweeps, one might have had suspicions.

With that, the skinwalkers return to Supernatural. Although, this time, they’ve decided to take on a “different” form. After Sam and Dean find out that the skinwalkers are rocking the canine look, in an attempt to overthrow the world with sleeper cells, they have to seek out their original Alpha nemesis, the Alpha skinwalker.


Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) investigate what seems to be a werewolf killing but turns out to be a skinwalker (guest star Andrew Rothenberg) posing as a family dog who is taking revenge on his owner's enemies. After capturing the dog, he turns human and tells Sam and Dean that an Alpha skinwalker has created many sleeper cells that will rise on his command and kill their families. The only way to stop the mass murders is to find and kill the Alpha.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!


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