Supernatural: Some Season 5 Story Points

Eric Kripke says that we're going to be seeing few of what I would call heavy hitters in the upcoming 5th season of Supernatural.

God will be intervening, but probably not until the end of the season.

Castiel (Misha Collins) will be a hunted fugitive, as far as Heaven is concerned and as time goes on, his powers begin to fade.  This in turn, is where he'll learn how to be human.  (Trust me Cass, it ain't no picnic some days!)

We'll be seeing every hunter who's still alive.

As far as the Apocalypse goes, season 5 starts out bad and only gets worse.  Being the Apocalypse, we get a glimpse of hell on Earth in a future-look episode:

  • The Croatoan virus from season 2 runs rampant,
  • Hunters hiding in the woods to survive,
  • Sam and Dean, weary and time worn,
  • The Four Horesmen, who, by the way, drive muscle cars,
  • Sarah Palin as president.

Told ya it was the Apocalypse!

For me, this sounds like they saved it all for one bad-**s season of butt kicking, mind bending developments. I can't wait for how they end this present 5-year story arc of Supernatural which premieres on September 10th.

Source:  TV Guide Magazine

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