Supernatural Season 5 Premiere: Review & Discussion

No real spoilers are in this article.

Sometimes a show will peak at their season finale and then come back a little subdued, but the season 5 premiere of Supernatural did anything but that. The show opened with a fantastic recap of last season, accompanied by an awesome AC/DC song called "Thunderstruck."  After the recap, we slipped right into the action, picking up exactly where the finale left us. The Winchester brothers trying to get away from the portal that Lucifer was released from and we went from there.

We got a great opening dose of Castiel, Bobby, Meg, the scribe Chuck, Lucifer and his newest vessel (Mark Pellegrino). Eric Kripke (Creator) really tossed up a nice curve ball with Lucifer's salesmanship. Dang.

We also got some standard verbal ass-hats from Dean and quite a bit of butt-kicking from Sam and Dean in this season 5 opener. If the series maintains this kind of momentum, it will be a butt-kicker of a show this season. One of the things I look forward to are the Four Horsemen in their muscle cars on Supernatural.

I was shocked with the state Bobby was in (Did I forget something from last season?) and the final conversation in this episode between the brothers was incredibly insightful and will leave an interesting undertone for me throughout the rest of the season.

Maybe I'm partial, but what befuddles me is that Supernatural premiered with only 3.4 million viewers, dropping approximately 600k viewers from the season 4 opener.  Have they lost viewers from the CW moving Smallville to Fridays?  Who knows but they broke up a well-integrated team of shows, hoping to help their new vamp show, The Vampire Diaries.  (Where's Buffy when you need her?)

So, am I totally biased, or was this an awesome premiere of Supernatural?

Ratings source:  E Online

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