Supernatural Season 5 Casting Updates

Supernatural has a wild season coming up with the Winchester brothers going head to head with Satan / Lucifer / the Devil.  No matter how much we like and root for the Winchesters, I'm not sure how they're going to pull off taking on the man from down below himself.

With season five dealing with what comes of the final seal being broken, we're going to be seeing some new faces and a few old faces.

This should be interesting.

Mark Pellegrino

Of the new faces, I know of at least one right now:  Mark Pellegrino has been cast to play Lucifer for his day trip to our reality. As if Lucifer isn't a pain in the backside, guess who's coming to dinner also?

Remember the demon Meg with the giant chip on her shoulder for the Winchesters?  She's baaack, and I'm guessing she still has that grudge.  Rachel Miner has been cast in the role of Meg.

Adrianne Palicki

There's also a face from an early season making a return trip to the show and that's Adrianne Palicki.

If you don't remember, she played Sam's ex, Jessica, who was smite by a demon, much like the Winchesters mother was.

She was on Friday Night Lights, but she's moving on while the show continues to focus on the students of Dillon High.  High School being the operative word.

She did return once in season 2 of Supernatural during an alternate reality bit, but she's returning to the show and the details are very quiet right now.

I can't begin to imagine exactly what capacity she is returning as.  Will it be flashbacks?  Or will it be in spirit form?  Or will she have been pulled from wherever by some PTB (Powers That Be) to come back to this Earthly realm to help, or hinder Sam?

Oh I hate when I perturb myself with these kinds of questions.

PS:  Palicki was cast for the role of Jennifer Grey in the Red Dawn reboot.  Ooh, now I have to see it!  It's great to see her getting so much work.  I do enjoy her characters.

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