'Supernatural' Returns, Plus Season 4 Details

Come Thursday, the brothers Winchester will be back in action thumping demon butt and carrying out angel orders on Supernatural on The CW!  The episode coming up is called Family Remains.

The episode after, airing on January 22nd, is called Criss Angel Is A Douchebag (sorry about the language, I didn't name the episode).

But that's the boring stuff.  There's a few other goodies I've come across over the last few weeks I thought I'd share with everyone.

Will the fallen angel Anna return?:If you remember Dean fell for Anna, a fallen angel.  Dean and Anna seemed well matched and hit it off pretty good.  Like, in the backseat of the Impala "good".

Anna was popular with the creative forces behind the show and it's been said they're looking for ways to bring her back.  They liked the double dating combo of Dean dating an angel while Sam dated a demon.  Man, that's a serious ying-yang.

There's been no other concrete developments yet, but as soon as I hear them, you'll know about them!

John Winchester had a third son?:Jeffrey Dean Morgan is everywhere these days.  Besides Supernatural he's in projects like Grey's Anatomy, Days of Wrath & Watchmen.  Upcoming projects include All Good Things, Shangai & Taking Woodstock.  Well, John Winchester might be just as prolific as his alter ego.

The word on the street is that Sam and Dean are not alone.  There may actually be a third Winchester brother out there!  Wow, interesting twist indeed.  At this moment, the third brother hasn't been cast yet but that's definitely going to be interesting.  I don't know what a third brother will do to the dynamic of the show, but my question is who will he date?  Demon?  Angel?  Human?

Supernatural Charity:After some fun news, here's a productive bit of information.  Supernatural fans have launched a charity drive called "Support Supernatural".  They collect your good hearted donations on behalf of Jared Padaleki and Jensen Ackles.

Donations go to benefit the Best Friends Animal Society and Make-A-Wish Foundation International.  Causes both actors have shown support for in the past.  While the site looks to support great causes, it also tries to generate higher ratings for the show via this exposure.

The site is Support Supernatural.

Well, that's it for now. See ya'all on Thursday watching Supernatural!

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