Supernatural’s Final Season Premiere Officially Wraps Production

Production has wrapped on the first episode of Supernatural season 15, which will be the show's last. While the return of the long-running CW series is still a few months away, fans of the Winchester brothers are one step closer to finding out how it all ends.

The show, which has been on the air since 2005, has remained popular throughout its run. But the surprise news, back in March, that Supernatural season 15 will be the last has led to renewed interest and speculation about what surprises might be in store. For a show that could have gone on forever, even according to network executives, there's a definite curiosity among fans about what a grand finale will actually look like.

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It might be bloody. At least according to an Instagram photo posted by star Jensen Ackles. Ackles, who also directs the season opener, appears in the photo with a cut on his nose and an even nastier cut on his forehead. The actor joked that he's transformed back into Dean Winchester and, by the looks of it, the road ahead won't be easy for Sam and Dean. While Ackles is no stranger behind the camera at this point, having previously directed six episodes, this season opener is probably his most significant contribution yet. Especially considering the shocking cliffhanger of the previous season.

Long-time devotees of the show aren't the only ones anxious about saying goodbye. In a recent interview, Supernatural's two main stars promised a satisfying conclusion for fans that have stayed with the show for so long. To Jared Padalecki, who plays the younger Winchester brother Sam, that means the long-suffering heroes achieve a sense of peace. Ackles, though he agreed the finale would be really good, admitted to struggling with the process initially. Being so attached to Dean, he said, made the whole thing difficult to digest.

It's certainly an understandable feeling. Supernatural may have never been a cultural juggernaut, but it's maintained a consistent level of support. Fans regularly flock to conventions for the chance to take a photo with the show's stars or to ask a question. Those very same fans have shown their appreciation in other ways, trading seemingly crazy theories and showing off really creative fan art. The fandom is so widely acknowledged and embraced that it's even been worked into the show itself a few times.

Whichever way it ends, the journey starts again very soon as the final season of Supernatural kicks off in just over two months.

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Supernatural season 15 premieres on The CW on October 10th.

Source: Jensen Ackles/Instagram

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