Supernatural Season 15: Why God Is The Perfect Final Villain

Rob Benedict as God Chuck Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki as Sam in Supernatural

Supernatural has revealed God to be the show's final villain, here's why that was the best (and only logical choice) available. To the disappointment of Supernatural's passionate fanbase, it was confirmed earlier this year that the show's forthcoming fifteenth season would be the final outing for Sam and Dean Winchester.

Following this, the Supernatural season 14 finale ended with a shocking, game-changing cliffhanger, as God (formerly known as the author, Chuck Shurley) revealed himself to be a cold and manipulative being that had become disassociated with mankind and saw his creations as little more than mere playthings. As might be expected, Sam and Dean reacted violently to this revelation and God responded by unleashing the deceased denizens of hell onto the Earth.

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Picking the final villain for such a beloved and long-running series was always going to be a vitally important decision, but with GodSupernatural has the perfect ultimate antagonist and considering everything that's happened in the past fifteen seasons, it was the only option that truly made sense.

From a practical perspective, Supernatural has often struggled in the past when attempting to follow some of its more overpowered villains. After season 5 for example, when Lucifer was defeated and the apocalypse had been averted, it was difficult to see how the show could build upon a foe as mighty as the Devil and escalate the sense of peril and threat his presence created and, indeed, many viewers agreed that Supernatural briefly lost its way around this period. The constant need to unearth more powerful villains for the Winchesters to fight and more dire situations for them to overcome has been a recurring issue for the show and was likely a contributing factor in the decision to end Supernatural with season 15.

For this reason, God is an ideal final opponent for the Winchesters to face. Supernatural's concluding run needs to ensure that the stakes are as high as possible and that the odds are firmly stacked against the good guys, while delivering an enemy that can never be topped in terms of danger and status. God meets all the necessary criteria to do just that, presenting Sam and Dean's greatest challenge yet and a foe that has the potential to top every other villain seen previously in the realms of omnipotence, spectacle and ability.

However, there's much more to God's suitability to be Supernatural's final villain than just practicality and power, it's arguably the culmination of a story that has been present throughout much of the series. Ever since God was first mentioned in the Supernatural world, he's been presented as an absent father - someone who ran away from his responsibilities in heaven because none of his creations met expectations. Indirectly, God's absence is the root cause of many of Supernatural's previous villains. The fall of Lucifer, Naomi's manipulation of heaven, the corruption of apocalypse-world Michael, Raphael's holy civil war and the subsequent release of the Leviathans; all this can be traced back to God's departure.

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This is something that God himself has never fully addressed. While the creator has certainly shown remorse and sometimes even acted as an ally to Sam and Dean, he always remained largely hands-off, showing more interest in his own wants and whims than the well-being of his universe. By facing off against God in Supernatural season 15, Sam and Dean aren't merely fighting the villain of the moment, they're tackling the source of almost every spooky or celestial problem they've ever faced. After all, if they weren't so busy cleaning up God's mess in the big house upstairs, the brothers would have more time for vampires, ghouls and wendigos. If the Winchesters do manage to rehabilitate the Lord in Supernatural's final run, viewers can exit the series knowing that Sam and Dean's world is considerably safer.

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Supernatural season 15 is expected to premiere later this year on The CW.

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