Supernatural Is FINALLY Bringing Back Adam Winchester After 10 Years

Jake Abel as Adam Michael in Supernatural

Adam Winchester will finally make his long-awaited return in Supernatural season 15. The show first debuted on The WB back in 2005. Despite not initially being a huge ratings winner, Supernatural cultivated a passionate following that saw it survive the network's transition into The CW. That fan following only grew with each passing season, affording the show consistent renewals and its place as one of The CW's staple offerings amid its ever-expanding comic book universe. Earlier this year, however, it was announced that the 15th season would also be the last.

Played by Jake Abel, Adam was the son of Kate Milligan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan's John Winchester - making him the half-brother of the show's main protagonists, Sam and Dean. They learned of Adam's existence in season 4, when they received a phone call meant for their recently deceased father. Journeying to meet their previously-unknown sibling, Sam and Dean ultimately realized it was a trap. Defeating the monster posing as Adam, they gave their fallen brother a belated hunter's funeral. Adam would return in season 5, however, serving as a vessel for the Archangel Michael after Dean refused his destiny. Although he was intended to battle Lucifer (who was possessing Sam), the latter managed to regain control of his body and willingly sealed them all in Lucifer's Cage. Sam would later have his body rescued by the angel Castiel, and then his soul returned by the embodiment of Death. Adam, however, remained one of the few Supernatural characters who never returned.

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According to TVLine, that will all change in the final season. Speaking with co-showrunner Andrew Dabb, the outlet offered a few details regarding what the heroic brothers will face over the course of their swan-song. "They're going to start to lose people who, in past seasons, we would’ve never lost — and lose them in a very real way," Dabb revealed. "Our guys are going to realize there’s a certain finality, and some of the things they’ve relied on to get through the day — people, talents, things like that — they are no longer going to be able to roll out. And that’s going to throw them for a loop." Dabb went on to confirm that part of that loop will also be the return of Adam.

Jensen Ackles and Jake Abel as Dean Winchester and Adam Supernatural

Adam isn't the only familiar face confirmed for the final season. Emily Swallow will reprise her role as God's sister Amara. Also known as The Darkness, Amara was last seen venturing to parts unknown alongside God (aka Chuck). The character was name-dropped in the season 14 finale, however, with Chuck quipping that she was busy gambling in Reno. Shoshannah Stern will also return as deaf hunter Eileen Leahy, who was previously killed off in season 12.

The return of Adam, however, will indeed hit the hardest with longtime fans of the show. People have questioned whether he would one day be saved. Despite the occasional mention, such as in the landmark 200th episode, it never came to pass. Dabb didn't reveal in which episode Adam will return, or how prominent he will feature. It would be easy to predict just how he could return, though, given that season 14 ended with Chuck literally unleashing the entirety of Hell on The Winchesters. As such, Adam would no doubt serve as a particularly resonant torment for them to have to face. Equally, it remains to be seen just what condition Adam will be in. After all, time has been noted as moving differently in Hell, with 10 years on Earth being closer to 1200 years there. Given that, and the fact that Adam's return also opens the door for a vengeful Michael to also return, fans will presumably wonder now whether Adam will ultimately be friend or foe.

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Supernatural season 15 premieres October 10th on The CW.

Source: TVLine

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