When Supernatural Season 14 Returns In 2019 (& What To Expect)

Supernatural 2019 Return Date

Here's when Supernatural season 14 returns to screens and what fans can expect from the forthcoming second block of episodes. Supernatural's fourteenth season kicked off back in October and has focused largely on the threat of Apocalypse World's version of the archangel Michael, who crossed over into the Winchesters' universe last season and took over Dean's body in order to enact his anti-human agenda over the inhabitants a new dimension.

Dean didn't remain possessed for long, however, and was free of Michael by the end of episode two. The remaining stories mainly centered upon two main plot threads. The first was the degradation of Jack's graceless body and, despite the efforts of the Winchesters and their allies, the Nephilim ultimately died. In true Supernatural style, however, Jack was soon revived, but at a high cost, as Cass made a deal with the unhinged Empty to trade his own life for Jack's. The secondary arc saw a Lucifer-free Nick attempt to solve the mystery of his family's death, becoming progressively more violent during the course of his investigation. The last viewers saw of Nick, he was desperately praying for Lucifer to enter him once more.

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The Supernatural midseason finale episode saw Sam, Dean, Castiel and Jack finally attempt to take down Michael but their efforts proved futile, as the archangel revealed that he hadn't completely left Dean's body and quickly reestablished his possession of the older Winchester brother. Meanwhile, Michael's juiced-up monster army was given the Thanos-style finger snap signal to begin their attack on Kansas City.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester Michael in Supernatural

Supernatural fans will find out whether Michael's masterplan can be foiled on January 17th 2019 on The CW in an episode titled "Nihilism".

As for what fans can expect from the second half of Supernatural season 14, a short teaser trailer reveals that Sam and Castiel manage to subdue Michael (in Dean's body) long enough to get him back to the Bunker. Here, it seems that the duo use some kind of technological trickery to enter Dean's mind, presumably to locate the "real" Dean Winchester and help him break Michael's possession once and for all.

The other significant development hinted at in the trailer is that Jack appears to have regained at least some of his powers. As a Nephilim, Jack was immensely overpowered when first introduced and Supernatural had to find a way to scale down his abilities in season 14, otherwise Sam and Dean's monster hunts would be over before the first ad break. As a result, Jack struggled to find his place and purpose in the first half of season 14, and often proved a liability, but viewers can seemingly expect Jack to rediscover some of his angel power when Supernatural season 14 returns next year. This could give some clue as to how the good guys will finally be able to overcome Michael's strength when the final battle arrives.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Jared Padalecki Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins Supernatural

Another confirmed addition to the second half of Supernatural season 14 is the return of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Daddy Winchester in the show's 300th episode. Fans have been clamoring for Morgan's return but the actor, currently portraying Negan in The Walking Dead, hasn't appeared since the season 2 finale over 10 years ago (although a younger version of his character has featured, played by Matt Cohen). The title of the 300th episode has been revealed as "Lebanon" and, given the timing of Morgan's return, it seems likely that his role will be a one-off celebratory appearance, rather than the start of a brand new arc for John Winchester.

While the apocalypse world's Michael is set to remain prime antagonist heading into the second half of season 14, there is another potential villain waiting in the wings. In exchange for leaving Jack alone, Castiel offered himself to the Empty as a replacement. The Empty accepted this offer and promised to come for Cass, but only once he started feeling true happiness. This plot thread has the potential to run through into future seasons but probably still has a role in the current run too; it's certainly easy to envisage the Winchesters, Castiel and Jack sitting in the bunker enjoying an ice cold beer after defeating Michael, only for the Empty to show up, ruin the party and neatly set up Supernatural season 15.

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Supernatural season 14 continues with "Nihilism" January 17th 2019 on The CW.

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