Michael Isn't Supernatural Season 14's Big Bad, According to Showrunner

Supernatural Michael inside Dean

It turns out there will be bigger problems than the archangel Michael in season 14 of Supernatural. The Winchesters have had to take down their fair share of villains over the years, often with one monster distracting Sam and Dean from a season’s real threat. According to executive producer Eugenie Ross-Lerning, the current season will be no different, and the show’s new Big Bad has yet to reveal themselves.

As if the Winchesters didn’t have enough threats to deal with in their own world, monsters from alternate realities have begun breaking through to add to the chaos. In season 12, fans were introduced to Apocalypse World, an alternate universe where Sam and Dean weren’t around to prevent the end of times from occurring. Upon learning of multiple universes, Apocalypse World Michael made it his goal to take over the other reality. Season 13 ended with Michael taking possession of Dean and successfully making it over into the Main Universe. Now Sam and the rest of Team Free Will have to find a way to rescue Dean. But it looks like an archangel won’t be the worst monster Winchesters and company will have to contend with.

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During The CW’s fall launch event, TV Line had a chance to speak with Ross-Lerning about plans for the new season. The EP revealed that Michael isn’t the season’s Big Bad, saying, “Everybody has to find a way to undo Michael, who’s the super villain as we start out the year, but will not be the primary villain.”

Supernatural Dean as Michael with wings

This is far from the first time one of the Winchesters has had to save his brother from possession. While the siblings have always been successful in the end, the repeated possessions, torture, and deaths the pair have experienced have had their toll. But not this time, according to Ross-Lerning. If/when Dean is freed from Michael, he will more or less be able to bounce back. The real surprise, he said, will come after.

“Dean’s been contaminated by Cain. He’s a tough guy. His body’s sort of accumulated a lot of, I think, antibodies against evil, so he’ll be OK. He knows how to handle himself, even though he’s been altered. But there is a little bit of a surprise, in terms of this semi-possession, which I can’t tell you about. There’s a little bit of a twist.”

As for what Supernatural’s showrunners have in store for season 14 is anybody’s guess. Along with alternate realities, the show has included time travel, the fan-favorite meta episodes, and even a musical. Supernatural has never shied away from trying something new. Some seasons didn’t work as well as others (here’s looking at you season 7) but the show has always managed to find its footing. With a shorter season this time round, capping at 20 instead of the usual 23, Supernatural will have to be tighter than in previous years. But it doesn’t sound like the shorter season will have any impact on whatever surprises Supernatural has planned for the Winchesters and their loyal fanbase.

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Source: TV Line

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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