Supernatural Season 14 First Look Reveals Michael’s Meeting With Jo

New photos from The CW’s highly popular and long-running series Supernatural have been released, and one in particular hints at where the show’s story is headed in season 14. There’s no doubt about it: Supernatural’s longevity and popularity is an impressive feat. For 13 years, the show has maintained a not quite massive but still fiercely loyal fan base. Perhaps just as important, it's mostly rewarded those fans with well-received storylines (including season 13's ending, which saw main character Dean Winchester finally allow the archangel Michael to use him as a vessel).

Due to its level of popularity, fans have started celebrating their own unofficial holiday every September 13 (which is when the series premiered on television way back in 2005) aptly titled Supernatural Day, though not to be confused with the official holiday Supernatural now has in Austin, Texas. Perhaps because of this fact, the CW and those behind the program have taken to releasing peeks at the upcoming season on this particular day, and this year’s fan event was no different.

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Courtesy of EW, Supernatural has unveiled two new photos from its 14th season, one which includes Michael (using Dean’s body as a mortal vessel) speaking with Jo, who served as the now-deceased Lucifer’s right hand angel for a time. Also included is a photo of a war-worn Sam and Castiel, as well as a new poster (released by The CW). All three can be viewed below.

If that weren’t enough to qualify this as a huge Supernatural Day for fans, new story details for season 14 have revealed alternate reality Michael’s quest to wipe out humanity entirely, and assess through his aforementioned meeting with Jo whether or not angels are worth the effort to save. Additionally, Jared Padalecki’s Sam searches for a way to free Jensen Ackles’ Dean from Michael’s angelic grip.

From the information available, season 14 of Supernatural almost sounds like a reverse of the later episodes of season 5, with Sam now looking to free Dean from an archangel’s malevolent control instead of the other way around. Still, Supernatural has a knack for throwing in surprises that defy fan expectations, so it’s just as likely that co-showrunners Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer will throw a few curve balls into the mix. With a shortened 20-episode season on tap, it should be easier for everyone involved to tell a tighter and more cohesive story with less filler as well.

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Supernatural season 14 premieres October 11 on The CW.

Sources: EW, The CW

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