Supernatural Season 13 to Setup Potential Wayward Sisters Spinoff

Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) may be getting her own TV series on The CW. While it might not always be the highest rated show on The CW, it seems fair to say that Supernatural is the network's flagship series. With season 13 coming this fall, Supernatural has stayed strong through dozens of canceled CW shows, and flashes in the pan that burned out fairly quickly. Considering the series' staying power, it makes perfect sense that The CW would want to try and extend the life of the franchise even further via a spinoff.

Unfortunately, the network's first attempt at launching a Supernatural spinoff proved about as popular as Crowley would be at an angel convention. Titled Bloodlines, the backdoor pilot for the spinoff aired in 2014 as part of Supernatural season 9, and was met with near-universal disdain. Critics hated it, and fans hated it even more, with some even holding it up as one of the worst episodes in Supernatural history. When a show has nearly 300 episodes on its resume, that's a pretty big insult.

Despite that failure, The CW has apparently not given up hope for creating a successful SPN spinoff. According to Deadline, season 13 will feature another backdoor pilot episode, this time for a potential spinoff called Wayward Sisters. Wayward Sisters will center on Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes), a long-time recurring character and close friend of Sam and Dean.

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Jody will reportedly lead "a group of troubled young women, all of them orphaned by supernatural tragedy." One assumes this will include her adopted daughters Claire and Alex, although that hasn't been confirmed. Another likely member of the titular sisters is Sheriff Donna Hanscum, another friend of the Winchesters that eventually became a friend of Jody's too.

One area in which Wayward Sisters seems to be much more likely to succeed than Bloodlines - outside of it starring existing Supernatural characters this time - is that the concept is very similar to a fan-proposed spinoff idea called Wayward Daughters, which was to feature the aforementioned group of female characters from the show. Supernatural has long had one of the most passionate and involved fanbases in TV, so in a way, it makes perfect sense that producers would opt to try and cater to them directly this time. For all involved, hopefully this turns out better than Bloodlines.

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Supernatural season 13 premieres October 12 on The CW.

Source: Deadline

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