Supernatural Season 13 Premiere: Ending And [SPOILER]'s Survival Explained

Supernatural burst back onto screens last night for an emotional season 13 premiere, 'Lost And Found'. The first episode was all about the new Nephilim on the block, Jack (Alexander Calvert). The child of Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino), Jack has unimaginable power, and everyone wants to get their hands on him. However, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are the ones who will be trying to protect, and possibly kill, young Jack - depending on how things go. On top of the Nephilim-wrangling, Sam and Dean are also dealing with a huge number of devastating losses from the finale of season 12. Their mother was pulled into an alternate dimension with Lucifer, Castiel (Misha Collins) and Crowley (Mark Sheppard) are both gone, and the boys are on their own again.

After a stirring Viking/Hunter funeral, it seemed that the episode was wrapped up; the boys were grieving, but they have Jack, and it's time to keep driving. However, a final scene teased a very exciting return for this season, as Mary (Sam Smith) isn't quite as dead as her sons think...

The Final Scene

Supernatural season premiere final scene Mary and Lucifer

The final scene of the episode cuts to Mary, in the greyscale alternate universe where she landed during the finale. She's running from Lucifer - a move that doesn't go so well. The Devil appears in front of her, mocking her for her attempts to run away, and reminding her that he does have the ability to fly. It's clear that Mary can't escape Lucifer, especially not in this strange hellscape, so she faces up to him instead. She asks if he is going to kill her, and it seems for a second like he will... before Lucifer pulls her back to him and creepily murmurs in her ear that he's not going to kill her off just yet.

Maybe not. Maybe... maybe I need you.

Lucifer grins as the scene cuts to black.

Mary And Lucifer: The Road So Far

Supernatural Mary and Lucifer in an alternate dimension

Before we understand why Lucifer hasn't already murdered Mary (when Sam and Dean think he has), let's take a quick refresher on why they are there - and where there is - in the first place. In the season 12 finale, as Jack was being born, his power ripped a hole in the fabric of time and space, creating a portal to another dimension. Courtesy of Sam, Dean and Castiel taking a trip inside the portal, it is explained that this world is one where Sam and Dean were never born. Their father died more than forty years ago, and while Mary was still a hunter, she was killed about a decade ago. Without Sam and Dean to continually save the world, it's become a battlefield for angels and demons, with humans slaughtered in the crossfire.

Lucifer and Mary end up in the other dimension at the very end of the episode, after Sam and Dean's plan to trap the Devil in the other world goes horribly wrong. They get Lucifer through the portal, Crowley sacrifices himself in order to create a spell to keep him there... and then Castiel jumps through and all hell breaks loose. Sam and Dean come back, but Lucifer can follow - and does so with an angel blade that he uses to stab Cas through the heart. Then Mary runs over and punches Lucifer in the face with her anti-angel-brass-knuckles to knock him back through the portal again, just before it closes. Heartbreakingly, though, her plan doesn't account for Lucifer grabbing Mary and dragging her through the portal with him. Jack is born, the portal closes, and the two are trapped in another world.

Lucifer's Return

Supernatural Jack Nephilim season 13

Although viewers would be forgiven for thinking that this is the end for both Lucifer and Mary (and Sam and Dean definitely believe that), Lucifer is bound to have plans to return to the primary Earth. While he might enjoy the wholesale slaughter going on in this world, and joining in with the ranks of the demons/angels who are battling it out, he's got a son now, and he has some major plans for him.

Jack is unique, in that he is the only known Nephilim borne of an archangel, let alone one as powerful as Lucifer. In the premiere, he is described as having 'unimaginable power', and being capable of 'almost anything' - and while Lucifer packs a hefty punch himself, the show so far has proven that he can still be tricked, trapped, and otherwise stopped. With Jack on his side, however, he would have the ability to create an entirely new world order, encompassing Heaven and Hell. As amusing as demon-battleworld sounds for him, God-like power on his original Earth is a lot more appealing.

Why Lucifer Needs Mary

Mary Dean and Castiel in Supernatural

So Lucifer wants to get back home - and it seems like he needs Mary to do it. There are a couple of reasons that he might want to keep Mary around, and although we know that the two are going to run into some other familiar faces, it's not yet clear exactly what his plan is.

The most obvious, and creepiest, possibility is that Lucifer knows that a portal only opens up when a Nephilim is born. The last Nephilim to crack a hole between worlds was his own son with a human woman, and here he is, trapped with a human woman. It's possible that Lucifer will attempt to impregnate Mary in order to re-open a gateway between worlds. However, this is a truly disturbing prospect, as Mary doesn't exactly have the hots for the devil. It would mean at least one rape scene, which the show would be much better off without, and after that, it would kill Mary (as Nephilim kill their mothers in birth). Mary as a character deserves much, much better than that. In addition, adding a second Nephilim (and a Winchester Nephilim, at that) would be unnecessarily complicated, even for a show as convoluted as Supernatural.

A second possibility is that Lucifer intends to find a way to get a message back to Sam and Dean, letting them know that mommy-dearest is still alive. The Winchester boys have proven time and time again that they are capable of just about anything - and that they will do just about anything to save the people that they love. It would be a smart move by Lucifer to get the almighty Winchesters to figure out a way to open a portal again, then simply sit back and wait for them to get him out.

Of course, it's possible that Lucifer has other plans for Mary (does he need her blood for a spell? Does he want to use her as a bargaining chip in the other universe?), but these are the most obvious options - and the ones that bring her (and him) back to the primary universe as quickly as possible.

The Rising Son

Next week, Jack learns that his father is the Devil, and the boys try and figure out how to teach him to be good - while Mary and Lucifer get to grips with their situation in the alternate universe. More about Lucifer's plans for Mary are sure to be revealed, in addition to a little bit more on the universe itself, and who is still alive there (that absolutely isn't in Sam and Dean's world). Lucifer's plan may not be revealed right off the bat, but it's certain that Mary Winchester isn't done fighting quite yet - and that the Devil isn't dealt with for good.

Supernatural season 13 airs Thursdays at 8pm on The CW.

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