Supernatural Season 13 Poster: The Winchesters Face the Dawn of Darkness

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A new poster for Supernatural season 13 teases the Winchesters and Castiel facing the Dawn of Darkness. It's rare for most shows to get even two seasons, much less three. Rarer still are the shows that maintain their audience long enough to sustain continuing into a double digit number of seasons, but that's exactly what The CW's Supernatural has managed to do. Supernatural is preparing to head into lucky season 13, but for the Winchesters, it looks like their normally bad luck isn't likely to change.

Season 12's finale left Sam and Dean in quite the pickle. Castiel was killed by Lucifer, Crowley offed himself to try and stop Lucifer, and Winchester mom Mary found herself trapped inside an alternate dimension with an angry Lucifer. To top things off, Lucifer's half-angel, half-human offspring Jack was successfully born, and Chuck only knows what side of the moral fence he'll end up on. That Lucifer, he sure knows how to ruin everyone's lives.

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While it's long-since been established that Castiel will return at some point during the season - although producer Andrew Dabb has hinted that it might not happen as soon as some fans hope - it remains anyone's guess what will become of Mary, Lucifer, and Jack. Especially now that it's been revealed that archangel Michael is alive and well in the alternate dimension. With a little under a month left until season 13 premieres, The CW has seen fit to release a spiffy new poster, featuring Sam, Dean, and Castiel bracing for the coming Dawn of Darkness. Check it out below:

Supernatural -- Pictured (CLOCKWISE FROM TOP): Jared Padalecki as Sam, Jensen Ackles as Dean and Misha Collins as Castiel -- Credit: Frank Ockenfells III/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

At this early stage, one wonders what the Dawn of Darkness will actually be. Sam and Dean of course faced an adversary literally called The Darkness two seasons ago, but since she settled her beef with Chuck, it's unlikely she'll be showing up again so soon. Fitting the description of the usual Antichrist character in fiction, one presumes Jack could also be the cause of this new darkness, not that his now deceased mother Kelly Kline would've wanted that. Then again, Jack's dear old dad will probably find his way back to normal reality at some point, and Lucifer loves nothing more than bringing darkness across the land.

With Dabb recently hinting at the rise of a new power player in Hell, though - filling the top spot left open by the disappearance of Lucifer and the death of Crowley - there's a good chance that the darkness in question will be brought on by this fresh foe. One thing's for sure: if there's anybody that can put a stop to whatever evil is coming, it's Sam and Dean.

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Supernatural season 13 premieres October 12 on The CW.

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