Supernatural Season 13 Images: Lucifer's Son is Behind Bars

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Supernatural returns for a thirteenth season next month, and now new images reveal a little bit about what may happen to the newest Nephilim in town: Jack (Alexander Calvert). The new season will be kicking off where season 12 ended, with the usual resolution of the last season's cliffhanger. Season 12 wrapped up with Mary Winchester (Sam Smith) and Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) sucked into an alternate dimension, while Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are left with the newly-born (yet fully grown) son of Lucifer.

Fans have already seen a little of what's to come in the alternate universe, with some new images showing Mary and Lucifer in this apocalyptic version of the world. In addition, the first trailer for the season has given a glimpse at the situation in the primary universe, including a 'new sheriff in town'. The trailer did give fans a quick look at Jack, but now, new images from the season give fans a much better look at the golden-eyed threat.

The images (from the CW) show several different scenes involving Jack, including a much clearer look at him in the same corner where he was glimpsed at the end of season 12 (but without the glowing gold eyes). The majority of the other images show Jack and Sam in what looks like a prison cell, as well as two new characters: Lily (Erica Walter) and Conrad (Ish Morris). While Sam appears to be trying to help Jack, Lily and Conrad take him by the arms, as though to restrain him or take him away. Dean is also seen with a bloody lip, and Jack is shown in another image holding a bloody angel blade.

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The images are not provided with any explanation, but a few things seem clear. Sam and Dean appear to be trying to stop Jack from doing any harm, or any more harm. Lily and Conrad have the look of angels about them, so it's likely that they are from Heaven, on Earth to try and collect Jack and either kill him, or take him away to be locked up. The bloody angel blade (and the shocked look on Dean's face) suggest that Jack ends up killing one of the angels - or perhaps, that someone attempts to kill him with an angel blade, and fails.

The appearance of two new angels is definitely an interesting part of these images, showing that there are new players in both Heaven and Hell this season. Jack's jail cell is also interesting, as are images of him clutching his head and appearing to be in pain - it may be that he cannot control his new powers, and that they are hurting him (and preventing him from simply getting himself out of the cell, unless this scene is taking place in a Heavenly jail designed to hold Nephilim). It also looks like Sam and Dean are going to be on the opposite side to the angels once more, on their own again (as the trailer also alludes to), which many fans will be thrilled about.

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Supernatural season 13 premieres on Thursday, October 12, on The CW.

Source: The CW

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