Supernatural Season 13 Adds Danneel Ackles in Recurring Role

Supernatural has cast former One Tree Hill actress Danneel Ackles - wife of star Jensen Ackles - in an recurring role during season 13. Formerly known as Danneel Harris, she married SPN's resident Dean Winchester in 2010, back when the long-running CW series was only in season 5. Despite this connection, Danneel hasn't appeared on Supernatural before now. In an inverse of Ackles bringing his wife onto the show, co-lead Jared Padalecki actually met his own wife Genevieve Cortese on set while she was playing the recurring demonic role of Ruby in season 4.

Of course Danneel Harris had racked up plenty of Hollywood experience prior to her marriage to Ackles, first gaining fame playing Shannon McBain on the soap opera One Life to Live. She also played Vanessa in the Harold & Kumar sequels, and portrayed Rachel Gatina on another CW drama, One Tree Hill.

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According to Variety, Danneel Ackles will portray the recurring role of Sister Jo on Supernatural season 13, "a well-known faith healer whose good works attract the attention of someone very, very bad: Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino)." What's currently unclear is whether Lucifer will want to kill her or use her for his own sinister purposes. Sister Jo will first appear in episode 13 of season 13, entitled 'Devil's Bargain.' An exact air date for the episode has yet to be revealed, although it won't be until at least February.

With Danneel's character set to be targeted by Lucifer, one assumes that she'll end up under the protection of the Winchesters at some point. While it would be an obvious way to go, one wonders if she'll up being an - at least temporary - romantic interest for Dean. Considering how depressed he's been for much of this season, he could probably use the distraction. Of course, it's become a cliche how quickly romantic interests of both Sam and Dean tend to die, so it might be better for Sister Jo if she keeps things platonic with the brothers.

Should Sister Jo prove popular, it'll be interesting to see if she becomes a long-term presence on Supernatural. While many fans have been wondering when the show will finally end, The CW doesn't seem in any hurry to wrap up Sam and Dean's adventures, so it wouldn't be too surprising to be talking about the premiere of season 15 in a couple of years.

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Supernatural season 13 airs Thursdays on The CW.

Source: Variety

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