Supernatural: Lucifer's Son Upped to Series Regular For Season 13

Lucifer's son has been upped to series regular on Supernatural season 13. Over its 12 season - and counting - run on The CW, Supernatural has played host to dozens of fearsome villains, but arguably the most formidable has been Lucifer (mostly played by Mark Pellegrino). This makes sense of course, as one would expect the Devil himself to pose quite a challenge to series heroes Sam and Dean Winchester. Lucifer is also one of the most popular baddies in SPN history, with many fans rejoicing when he finally resurfaced in season 11 after a long period of dormancy.

While Lucifer ended season 12 locked away in an alternate universe with Winchester mom Mary, his son ended the season by both being born, and quickly sprouting up to adulthood. It's true that most parents think their kids grow up too fast, but that's certainly taking things to a ridiculous extreme. Named Jack by his human mother Kelly Kline - who sadly did not survive the birthing process - it remains to be seen which of his parents he'll take after.

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Jack's grown form was briefly glimpsed near the end of the season 12 finale, and EW now reports that the character has been promoted to series regular status going into Supernatural season 13. Playing Lucifer's spawn going forward is actor Alexander Calvert, who also played adult Jack during his aforementioned brief season 12 appearance. Calvert is likely to be familiar to many The CW fans, as he previously recurred as Lonnie Machin on Arrow.

Supernatural season 11 - Lucifer and Castiel

One of the big questions going into season 13 is what side of the moral fence that Jack will end up on. While his status as Lucifer's son essentially makes him the biblical antichrist, it's important to remember that while he's half-Satan, he's also half-human. Both Kelly and the Winchesters' angel buddy Castiel firmly believed that Jack was destined to help the world instead of hurt it, despite Sam and Dean's assumptions to the contrary.

Of course, Kelly wanted Castiel to guide and look after Jack after her death, and that'll be a bit hard to do for awhile, as Cas ended season 12 being murdered by Lucifer. On Supernatural though, death is rarely final, and it's already been revealed that Cas will be back in action by at least the animated Scooby-Doo crossover episode. That said, one wonders if someone untoward will have already began influencing Jack by the time Castiel returns from his latest demise. After all, while he may look like an adult, Jack was almost literally born yesterday.

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Supernatural season 13 premieres October 12 on The CW.

Source: EW

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