Supernatural Season 12 Extended Trailer: Another Winchester Joins the Hunt

Supernatural TV Series

One of the current elder statesmen of genre TV, it's unlikely anyone could have predicted just how enormously successful Supernatural would end up being when it debuted back in fall 2005 on The WB. Now heading into its 12th season, Supernatural holds the odd distinction of being older than the network it currently airs on, as it was one of the few series to survive the merging of WB and UPN into the current CW in 2006.

Yet, there is a very clear reason that Supernatural has survived this long, and that's the series' incredibly dedicated fanbase. Supernatural has aired on every single night of the week - minus Saturday and Sunday of course - during its long tenure, and has somehow never experienced a huge dropoff in the ratings as a result. That kind of fan loyalty is rare in any form of entertainment, as even the most popular franchises tend to eventually get turned on by a good portion of their followers, with something like The Simpsons being a good example of that phenomenon.

Showing no sign of slowing down in its old age, Supernatural season 11 told quite the tale, bringing God himself (aka Chuck) back into the mix. The almighty had no choice but to emerge from hiding in order to help Sam and Dean Winchester defend the world from his raging sister The Darkness (aka Amara), after foolish attempts to employ the help of Lucifer proved ineffective against her. As usual though, despite all this stress and strife, Sam and Dean proved victorious in the end, and in return for their service, received the ultimate gift: their long-deceased mother Mary (Samantha Smith). The CW has released a new extended trailer for season 12, putting the spotlight on Mary's reunion with her crusading sons.

Supernatural TV Series

As any Supernatural fan is no doubt well aware, Mary's murder at the hands of a particularly awful demon served as the impetus for Sam and Dean's father John Winchester to begin monster hunting, which of course led to saving people and hunting things becoming the family business. Oddly enough, later seasons would reveal that Mary came from a family of hunters, although she gave up the life when she met John, and thus he wasn't aware of her hunting heritage prior to her death.

Mary's resurrection is sure to lead to plenty of emotional turmoil for both Sam and Dean, as while they'll certainly be happy to see her, they both have to be wondering just how long they'll get to have her back in their lives. Both life and death tend to be cheap on Supernatural, and all it takes is one really powerful creature to send Mary back to the grave. The circumstances will be especially complex for Sam, who was still a baby when Mary died, and thus never got to have a real parent/child relationship with her. With mama Winchester back, one wonders how long it'll take for papa to make a return of his own. Quick, somebody get Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the phone.

Supernatural season 12 premieres October 13 at 9pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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