Supernatural: The Complete Season 11 - Exclusive 'The Darkness' Supercut

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[This article contains SPOILERS for Supernatural season 11.]


Supernatural has been chronicling the adventures of the Winchester brothers for 11 seasons now. During that time Sam and Dean have been put through the ringer, going toe-to-toe with monsters, demons, angels, and even Lucifer himself. But last season, they faced down one of their most powerful adversaries yet in Amara, sister to none other than God – who made a surprise return in the form of Rob Benedict's Chuck Shurley. With its tale of supreme sibling rivalry at the forefront, the series brought its most recent outing to a close by opening the door for a long-lost member of the Winchester clan to return, while also teasing how Sam and Dean (but mostly Sam) have officially wound up on the Men of Letters' bad side.

Cliffhanger endings being what they are (i.e., always the center of attention), there's a chance the rest of the story has been given the conversational short shrift as the series prepares to head into season 12. And while the headlights are definitely pointed toward the road ahead, it's worth it to turn the ol' Impala around for a quick drive-by of the major beats in season 11, if for nothing else than to remember all the sibling drama that played out over the course of 23 episodes and that, when it comes right down to it, Amara was one scary big bad.

In a new exclusive supercut made available in conjunction with the release of Supernatural season 11 on Blu-ray, viewers can get a quick recap of what went down. The speedy video makes good use of Amara's storyline, compressing it down into bite-sized chunks that explain her rapid growth throughout the season, as well as the time she spent under Crowley's, well, let's say, tutelage. Naturally, that relationship was destined to go sour once the sister of God surpassed the King of Hell in the power department, but one relationship that remained a constant throughout the storyline was the unlikely one between Amara and Dean.

Supernatural Season 11 Poster

Much to the show's credit, Supernatural used that relationship to turn Amara into something more than a standard big bad, but it also helped renew the connection between Dean and Sam. For years the Winchesters have been keeping secrets from one another – usually with the best of intentions. This time, however, with the Darkness threatening to put an end to all of humankind, there was simply too much at stake and Dean couldn't keep his knowledge of their adversary a secret from his brother. In the end, it proved to be the right decision for brothers and for the series.

That decision saw an improved bond between Sam and Dean, one that – off-screen gunshots aside – bodes well for the show as it heads into what has been described as a "back to basics" storyline in season 12. It will be interesting to see what kinds of stories that shift presents when Supernatural returns in October, but thankfully fans don't have long to wait. Until then, they can amuse themselves with this supercut, or better yet, binge a complete re-watch of season 11.


Supernatural season 12 premieres on Thursday, October 13 @9pm on The CW. Season 11 arrives on Blu-ray and DVD September 6, 2016.

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