Supernatural: Divine Siblings & Family Strains

[This is a review of Supernatural season 11, episode 6. There will be SPOILERS.]


After a couple of weeks focused in tight on the Winchesters, this week's episode of Supernatural blew things open so much that Metatron even showed up. Stripped of his grace, he proved little threat for Castiel, but he also offered a huge reveal about Amara. She's more than just an annoying little girl complaining about being "hungry" all the time. I mean, she's still that, but who she is proved a rather shocking revelation. As Amara is still growing, both into her body and into her powers, Crowley is still able to play the protective father. In fact, he was even able to effectively ground her as he has more power than her ... for now.

This week, the Amara casting round-table fell on teen actress Samantha Isler, who got to portray the rebellious and sulking Amara. It's nice to see that even though she's only a few weeks old, she's going through the stereotypical behavior tropes of the age she looks. In fact, in an act of pure teen defiance, Amara actually tells Crowley she's not hungry -- even turning down food -- so she can sit on her bed in a huff and sulk. And yet, she still has some weird connection with Dean after their smoky encounter in the season premiere.

Maybe it's just because he was the first person she experienced after her escape, but she just can't bring herself to hurt him or let him be hurt ... even if he is actively trying to kill her.

Sam and Dean were able to track down where Crowley was keeping Amara, and had little trouble making their way to her room. But while Dean tried to kill her (would he have been able to?), Crowley showed up in time to save his "daughter." This is one of the most deranged family dynamics on television, as Crowley declared his "bromance" with Dean officially over.

And they don't even know yet what Cas learned about Amara, after having perhaps a bit too much fun beating up a depowered Metatron. Turns out she's God's sister who got locked up before creation. No wonder she's rather bitter about how things have turned out - and no wonder she is so powerful. But then why does she need to consume souls? I'm pretty sure even God in this universe doesn't do that. Maybe her appetite was why she had to be locked up in the first place. Or maybe it's just a side effect of being born in the real world in a new body. Would God have to do the same thing were this to happen to him/her?

While this episode was a lot of stage-setting, it was important for setting up the ultimate battle between Amara and the Winchesters. Perhaps Crowley will even reluctantly side with them again only to betray them at the first opportunity.

After proving she maybe doesn't need him anymore, Amara forces Crowley to agree to give Dean safe passage out of his stronghold. In exchange, Amara won't kill Crowley. Aw, it's so sweet! Baby girl is all grown up and extorting her own father with veiled threats to kill him. He must be so proud.

At the end of the hour, Amara was seen walking down a crowded street, probably licking her lips on the inside at all the delicious souls around her. She'd be a lot more interesting if there was more to her than just whining and eating. If she pooped all the time she'd have the exact same character development as a typical newborn. Here's hoping her newfound freedom, and inevitable growth into young adulthood, comes with a distinct personality.

We still have no idea what she's doing or why she's doing it. What is she trying to accomplish in this world, other than survival? How is she going to feel about God's apparent absence and the chaos going on in Heaven and Hell? And what about the cage Sam flashed on again toward the end of the hour?

Supernatural Season 11 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki

Lucifer and Michael are supposedly being held there, and Sam is having visions of it now. That can't be good for him or for the world. If Lucifer gets out, Crowley is going to have a battle on his hands for Hell, while all of Heaven and the angels would fall into power struggles and chaos should Michael get out.

Or perhaps Amara is more about leading us to where God is and where s/he has been all this time? Obviously, all of that is going to wait as first we're going to have to deal with a killer bunny. No really.

Supernatural continues next Sunday with ‘Plush’ @9pm on The CW. Check out a preview below:

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