‘Supernatural’ Showrunner & Padalecki Ready for Season 11, 12 & Beyond

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With the Supernatural season 9 premiere still 3 months away, fans are preparing to enter the next installment of the series with a season 10 end in mind. Well, think again, as showrunner Jeremy Carver and star Jared Padalecki reveal that Sam and Dean’s adventures could very well continue into season 19. But should it?

While doing press at Comic-Con 2013, both Carver and Padalecki spoke about the future of the series which, as it currently stands, looks as if it will reach beyond season 10 because of a strong storyline that’s apparently going to be implemented in the upcoming season.

You can read what Carver and Padalecki had to say about the future of Supernatural below:

JC: We think of the general arch, and we allow for happy accidents. I think people would be stunned to know what were happy accidents and seemed liked it had been planned all along.

I think me, personally, I have an obligation to plan forward for an arc, but also to keep the show in a position where, if they wanted to go for season 11, 12… 19, it can.


JP: With this season – and this isn’t just a line – we can go for however as long as [viewers] and the writers want it to. We opened so many doors – and that’s another thing we did last year. We, the writers – the royal “we” – we opened doors; we didn’t kill this or stop that, we just left to where we can do anything now, and what they’ve chosen to do is just so awesome.

Without knowing more about what, exactly, the core storyline for the season will focus on, it’s difficult to tell whether or not Padalecki’s praise of a strong upcoming tale will be enough to push the series past season 10; however, that being said, the way in which Supernatural uses theology, myths and lore to fuel its brotherly tale does provide a strong enough foundation for the series to continue longer than most other shows on television. So if the new season storyline is as strong as Padalecki says, there’s no doubt that the series can continue on the air for years to come… but maybe not season 19.

Of course, whenever an aging television show mentions an extension to the storyline, fans are obviously apprehensive, and thanks to seasons 6 and 7, Supernatural no longer has the perfect record that it once had. In season 6 and 7, which marked the end of creator Eric Kripke’s reign on the series, the core dynamic of Sam and Dean was largely replaced with an over-bloated, laughable Leviathan-themed seasonal arc, which had many fans doubting the future. But all that changed once Jeremy Carver took over.

Carver, who left the show to pursue other opportunities, eventually creating Being Human (US) with his wife, Anna Fricke, returned in season 8 with a plan: Season 10. With a white notecard stuck on his wall, Carver went on to develop a storyline which would allow Sam and Dean to continue their adventures for two more years. That is, until season 9 begins.

Whatever Supernatural season 9 may contain, it must be something special in order to get one of the stars – and not just the showrunner - to support the idea of continuing the show past season 10. Whether or not viewers will see this upcoming season the same way still remains to be seen, but I’m not sure even the wariest of fans wouldn't turn down a chance to take a peek at what a Supernatural season 19 might look like. Fortunately, that’s highly unlikely to occur – but season 11 and 12 is a definite possibility.

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Supernatural season 9 premieres October 15.

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