'Supernatural' Season 10 Trailer: The Deanmon Unleashed

Supernatural Season 10 Trailer - The Deanmon

It may have seemed like long odds at one time, but Supernatural has endured all the way to its tenth season. The Winchester brothers aren't in the greatest of situations right now - what with Dean (Jensen Ackles) going demonic in the season 9 finale, thanks to the Mark of Cain. Sure, Metatron's army may have been thwarted, but that victory has cost the Winchesters more than they ever bargained for.

As you can see in the trailer above, however, Dean is at least embracing his new dark side - even having a bit of fun with it. As "The Deanmon" fights, screws, and scares his way across the open road, it's up to Sam (Jared Padalecki) to get a little bit of old Dean in his backbone in order to track down/save his brother. Meanwhile, Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and Castiel (Misha Collins) hover on the sidelines, providing the proverbial angel/devil on the shoulder of each brother.

Supernatural - Season 10

This trailer pretty much sums up Supernatural's entire identity as a show: a little bit of drama; a few scares; a good chuckle here and there - and some weird peppered in for good measure (Deanmon's "I'm too Sexy" karaoke performance). In short: it's pretty much what fans of the show love and expect from it at this point.

As for the main thrust of the season: It's fair to say that the whole "Deanmon" arc could wear itself out quickly. Watching Ackles and Padalecki indulge in some new (and different) character work will be intriguing at first, sure - but for how episodes can that novelty last before it all becomes schtick? And after so many Jekyll/Hyde plot threads in countless shows and/or movies, how can Supernatural resolve all this in a fresh and compelling way? (Maybe by bringing back some major power players?)

Of course, season 10 exists primarily for the massive Supernatural fan base - and those viewers are likely going to enjoy seeing Ackles and Padalecki explore these new sides of the Winchesters. That's enough to get things rolling; we'll see what happens later on to bring it all to - what may be the final - close.


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Supernatural season 10 premieres on The CW on October 7th.

Source: The CW

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