Another 'Supernatural' Spinoff Attempt Planned for Next Season

Supernatural Bloodlines still

After flying the Supernatural flag proudly for nine seasons, The CW recently attempted to grow the franchise even further with a spinoff show, Supernatural: Bloodlines. The backdoor pilot for the show aired last month, but both fans and critics were left less than impressed by the result. In Screen Rant's own review of the episode, Anthony Ocasio described it as, "a confusing mash-up of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals."

The CW took the hint and ultimately decided to pass on Supernatural: Bloodlines, but made it clear that one failed pilot doesn't mean an end to the possibility of any more Supernatural spin-offs. At the time, we suggested that a spinoff might work better if it followed characters who were already established in the show's canon - like Angel did - or if it stuck to the paranormal investigation theme instead of going down the "dark romance" road.

Whether The CW will take any of these possibilities into consideration remains to be seen, but the network is definitely planning on trying the Supernatural spinoff thing again. THR reports that Mark Pedowitz, president of The CW, confirmed to reporters on Thursday that the network is looking to pursue another spinoff next season.

"We believe that there's a real brand in Supernatural... We had six really good pilots this year. We felt that Supernatural: Bloodlines just didn't quite get there, though we do know that people would come to it based on what we saw that night. I've already spoken to the creator and the studio. They know that we want to develop once more next season, a Supernatural spinoff. What it is and what it isn't yet is still in the air."

Supernatural Season 9 - Sam and Dean

Supernatural: Bloodlines was going to be set in Chicago and based around the "mafia-esque monster families" that inhabit the city, with particular focus on the forbidden romance between a shapeshifter and a werewolf. Although Supernatural has featured some sympathetic monster types in the past - like Dean's vampire buddy, Benny - this Twilight-esque supernatural soap opera seemed like a far cry from the show's creature-slaying origins.

Perhaps it's for the best that The CW got one failed attempt at a spinoff under its belt before trying for the next one. With luck the criticisms of Supernatural: Bloodlines will be taken into account when The CW embarks on the next series, which will presumably also be tested as a backdoor pilot first.

Are you disappointed that Supernatural: Bloodlines got canned, or do you think The CW can do better next time? Tell us in the comments what you'd like to see in the next spinoff.

Supernatural airs Tuesdays @9pm on The CW.

Source: THR

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