Supernatural: The 10 Scariest Scenes From Season 2, Ranked

Supernatural has had plenty of scary moments over the years. Its scare factor is one of the basic foundations that it's known for. It can get bloody, gory, and just plain gross at any given moment. That's part of its allure. With the series sadly ending soon, we're reflecting upon some of the scariest moments to come out of any given season--in this case, Season 2.

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The earlier seasons were more aligned with monster-of-the-week frames of focus and had a different aesthetic look to them. Still, it provided several scares, supernatural and otherwise, so we've taken out 10 of the best to place on this list.

10 When Making Out Isn't So Appealing

In "Tall Tales", the opening scene featured a seemingly innocent student enticing one of her unassuming professors. They begin making out, only for her face to dissolve from beautiful to decomposing in the worst way. Imagine kissing a face like that, and you're immediately as grossed out as the Professor.

This ranks on the scary scale just for being utterly disgusting.

9 Horror Movie Tactics

It may not be the scariest moment ever, but it ranks on this list because we have to appreciate the horror movie quality the scene has to it. In "Roadkill", Sam and Dean are helping a young woman named Molly find her husband while simultaneously hunting the vengeful ghost of a farmer. Turns out Molly and the farmer are both ghosts, and each year the farmer comes after Molly to take revenge on her for accidentally taking his life.

In one scene, said farmer breaks through a window to snatch Molly and kidnaps her while she's with the Winchesters. The scene builds up the ante with quiet music, only for the glass shattering to break the seemingly tranquil moment. You knew something was coming, but it still startles you to a certain degree, especially when you see it for the first time.

8 Infirmary Attack

In "Folsom Prison Blues", Sam and Dean land themselves in jail as a favor for a friend and try to hunt down the monster from the inside. Dean intentionally angers a fellow inmate he calls "Tiny" and the two are then locked up in the infirmary.

That's when Nurse Glockner, or rather her ghost, decides to attack. What's scary in that moment is that Dean is virtually unarmed, saved only by some salt leftover from his meal, and he has to listen to Glockner kill Tiny. If Dean hadn't had that salt, or if Glockner had decided to come back for him, Dean would've been out of luck. In his line of work, unpredictability is the norm, but this is a touch much for comfort--especially when Dean is otherwise always armed with something.

7 When Your Imaginary Friend Isn't So Imaginary

When young Tyler is guided to a pool by her "friend" Maggie to die in "Playthings", that's petrifying. Tyler's young and doesn't understand; plus, she can't swim. Maggie died at the hotel long ago and understandably doesn't want to be alone, but encouraging her living friend to die as well is beyond wrong.

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Tyler wants to help but is unwilling to jump in the pool, so Maggie pushes her in anyway. That's what makes this scene so scary: Tyler's imaginary friend is really her enemy with malicious intentions. On a side note: this episode had far too many creepy dolls.

6 Realizing It Was Over For Madison

Supernatural Sam and Madison

"Heart" is undoubtedly one of the saddest episodes of Supernatural. Sam's finally moved on from losing Jessica, only for his new girlfriend Madison to be a werewolf. When Madison "wolfs out" while she and Sam are sleeping, that scene makes Sam realize she's not cured as they had hoped, and it leads to the heartbreaking scene of Sam having to shoot her to save her.

It's scary because that scene is a climax where we realize Sam's moment of bliss is over, just like that, and because it adds to Sam's already monumental amount of grief. He has the worst luck with relationships.

5 Infected With A Demon Virus

"Croatoan" is scary enough. A whole town infected with a demon virus. No way out, no way of communication. Being isolated in a hospital, unsure who to trust. That's every horror movie's dream storyline. Yet, the scariest scene is where the nurse infects Sam by attacking and bleeding on him.

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Dean kills her, but it's too late. The scene switches everything around for Sam and Dean--Dean is the only one standing up for Sam when everyone else insists he dies, or are otherwise afraid to approach him. Imagine being Sam, infected and left with no choices. Or Dean, faced with an impossible decision. That's frightening on another level.

4 Fighting What You Can't See

Killer Clown/Rakshasa Supernatural

In "Everybody Loves a Clown", Sam and Dean wind up in a funhouse of horrors with a murderous clown that they can't see. A clown that has a penchant for throwing knives, no less. Dean gets stuck to the wall for a moment because of said knives, but it's Sam who manages to take out the clown--in an episode where we find out clowns are Sam's greatest phobia, no less.

Can you imagine being Sam, fighting your greatest fear and not even being able to see them, whilst they throw knives at your sibling? Not to mention said clown was being let into houses by kids to kill their parents--that's beyond creepy.

3 Everything Is Not What It Seems

Supernatural Quiz - Djinn

Thanks to a djinn in "What Is and What Should Never Be", Dean is given an alternate reality. At first skeptical, Dean seems to fall into it, enjoying a far happier version of his life. It's when Dean finds himself alone watching TV that everything changes, as he realizes a case he worked got an entirely different result. This leads to Dean researching the deaths of people that he saved in his actual life and Dean realizing that he has to go back to reality and leave his charmed life the djinn has provided.

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That scene, where Dean realizes what he has to do as he watches the television, is frightening because it's him realizing he can't have the happy life he wants, everyone he's ever saved is now dead, and that he is dying in the outside world, which he has to stop before it's too late.

2 John's Death

To save Dean, John made a deal with Yellow Eyes in "In My Time of Dying", the demon who killed his beloved wife, to trade his life for his son's. The Winchester brothers spent the better part of Season 1 looking for their father, and after everything, their search seemed pretty fruitless, especially considering John literally drops dead. The look on Sam's and Dean's faces was enough to break our hearts in the end.

Their father's death opened a new, painful chapter for them in which they each processed the death in their own ways, but the bottom line was that they were now in a world without a parent left to seek comfort from. That's hard enough to deal with without adding on everything else the boys were dealing with in the form of the supernatural.

1 Sam's Death

Think about it: this was the first time Sam ever truly died. Fans at the time had no idea Dean would strike a demon deal to resurrect his brother. That is, until the second part of "All Hell Breaks Loose" premiered a week after the first half.

This showed audiences for the first time the true lengths to which Dean would go to save his brother, and just how devastatingly scary Sam's loss is to Dean, who feels all alone in the world without his little brother to look after. Being alone in the world: that's pretty terrifying.

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