Supernatural: 10 Times Sam Winchester Was A Jerk

We all love Sam Winchester, right? Of the two main characters from Supernatural, it is Sam who is considered the sweet one who would never say anything mean to you or do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable.

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Except, Sam was meant to be the vessel of the devil, making being a jerk something that seeped into his personality to some extent. His nastier attitude has hardly been seen, which has given the impression Dean is more of a difficult personality. Although he is genuinely a nice guy, there are definite moments where the only thing you could call Sam Winchester was a jerk, and these 10 instances prove it.

10 Abandoning His Family

After living his whole life as a nomadic hunter, Sam reached the end of his tether when he was old enough to take care of himself. He first tried escaping when he was younger, but was found by John and forced to come back.

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The next time was a big blowout out between father and son, where Sam tore through John for being a terrible father and left Dean without saying goodbye. To top it off, Sam was proud to have cut contact with his family and had no intention of ever getting back into contact with Dean or John.

9 Being At Odds With His Father

We mentioned this above how Sam would have a legendary argument with John that ended in the former leaving, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. While Dean acted like a loyal soldier who never once questioned John’s orders, Sam would regularly flip out on his father for controlling him.

This led to Sam constantly being at odds with John, and an argument between the two was the only way they knew how to have a conversation at all. Tragically, even their last interaction had seen Sam wanting to pick a fight with John, who knew his death was impending.

8 Not Including Dean In His Heaven

Sam claimed he couldn’t control what his Heaven projected to him as part of his blissful memories, but they were part of how he felt inward, which was a real slap in the face to Dean. The elder Winchester’s entry in Heaven had started with Sam’s younger version greeting him, but the latter’s Heaven didn’t have one mention of his brother.

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Instead, Sam’s best memories were of the time he had run off and was on his own, with another memory comprising of Sam being at a date’s house for the holidays, rather than when he had been with Dean. In the end, Dean was heartbroken to realize Sam didn’t think of him as his happy place.

7 Causing Amelia To Cheat On Her Husband And Then Ditching Her

This was a weird out of character moment that didn’t happen before and hasn’t happened since, but Sam caused Amelia to cheat on her husband. He didn’t intend to run into her at first, but Amelia was too hung up on him to keep her distance.

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The next scene, we saw the two of them in bed together, with Amelia showing no signs of guilt. Sam didn’t care about Amelia’s husband either, and the only conflict in his head was whether to steal Amelia from her spouse or go off with Dean. The final shot of Amelia was where we saw her leave her husband for Sam, only for the latter to ditch Amelia in favor of staying with his brother.

6 Not Looking For Dean When He Was In Purgatory

Sam came across Amelia in the first place because he had nowhere else to be. He last saw Dean and Castiel be taken to Purgatory with Dick Roman, although he had no clue that was where they had gone. 

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Instead of scouring every lore there was to find out where Dean might have gone to, Sam chose to give up the hunting life altogether and figured Dean was there no more so he had no business to go looking for him. It didn’t take much longer for him to forget his brother either, and Sam was shown to have happily gotten with Amelia before her husband’s death turned out to be false. It appeared as if he returned to Dean only because he himself once more had nowhere to go.

5 Backstabbing Crowley

Sure, Crowley was a villain of the highest order and had committed horrible atrocities directly to Sam as well. But by this point, Sam and Crowley had agreed to a truce where they treated each other as allies and had an unspoken agreement not to harm one another.

However, upon the orders of Rowena, Sam would ambush Crowley to kill him in order to appease Rowena into doing the work he had for her. Crowley had had several chances to kill Sam over the years, but had let him live out of professional integrity; the same evidently didn’t apply to Sam.

4 Going Through With Releasing The Darkness

By the end of Season 10, Sam had become obsessed with getting the Mark of Cain off of Dean so that the latter would end his thirst for bloodshed. And yet, Sam’s course of action was to break apart laws of the world by committing horrible acts to achieve his ends.

He would order Rowena to kill the boy she loved as her son, and completely overlooked the fact that removing the Mark would unleash the Darkness on Earth. When confronted by this terrible prospect, Sam rubbished it and proceeded with his plans. Thereafter, Season 11 saw Amara nearly destroy all of creation, all because Sam was too shortsighted and selfish.

3 Betraying Lucifer

Again, we realize that Lucifer was a horrible being who deserved to be punished for being responsible for so many deaths; however, during this particular point, Lucifer did have a deal with Sam in place.

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Lucifer had resurrected Sam after the latter had died by vampires, and the deal was that Lucifer would return to the Prime Earth with the heroes to be with his son. Instead, Sam pushed Lucifer back at the last second when the portal was closing, smugly telling Lucifer that this betrayal was something he should have expected. Sam knew Michael was on the other side waiting to kill Lucifer, so this was a betrayal Sam had devised so that Lucifer would die. Do deals mean anything to Sam at all?

2 Abandoning Kevin To Crowley

Sam not only gave up on rescuing Dean from Purgatory, but also abandoned Kevin to be a captive for Crowley for a year. In this case, Sam really was just a jerk because he could have easily saved Kevin, as evidenced when Dean checked his phones to reveal that Kevin had tried contacting Sam dozens of times. 

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It was Sam’s own selfishness to stay in a normal life with Amelia that prevented him from saving a teenager from the King of Hell. Now that’s just all kinds of cold, isn’t it? For all he knew, Crowley could have been torturing Kevin this whole time.

1 Beating Down Dean Close To Death

After the whole of Season 4 went by with everyone trying to get Sam to stop consuming demon blood to gain his powers, the culmination was a fight between Sam and Dean. By now, Dean had nothing more to say to Sam and was reduced into calling his brother a monster.

Sam, all hopped up on demon blood, didn’t take too kindly to these words, and proceeded to instigate a fight. Predictably, Dean had no chance against a superpowered Sam, and was beaten into submission. To add insult to injury, Sam came close to throttling Dean to death, before deciding letting him live with his greatest failure would hurt Dean far worse.

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