Supernatural: 25 Sam Vs Dean Memes That Make Fans Choose

The Winchester Brothers have been hunting things and saving people since 2005 and they haven't slowed down since. From becoming demons and soulless monsters themselves, losing her lives over and over again and becoming so big that they warrant their own Supernatural conventions every year, they have demonstrated how, although it often comes at a price, family always triumphs over evil.

The Supernatural phenomenon has expanded to include fans from all over the world who tune in every year, hoping that the brothers will continue to return from the beyond the grave. Whether sighing over Jensen Ackles' shy singing, campaigning together to help Jared Padalecki's Always Keep Fighting Campaign, or competing in the wildly creative annual Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen hosted by Castiel's counterpart Misha Collins, the fandom itself has expanded into a charitable family of its own right.

The bonds of the Supernatural family aren't solely based on the brother's hunting abilities, the cool monster of the week format, or even the writing. It's a combination of all of that as well as the lure of Ackles and Padalecki's characters, who draw in fans not only as eye candy but as compelling, ever-evolving brothers who are prone to mistakes as well as brilliance, who find themselves saving the world every day with little thanks and much hardship.

Is Sam or Dean the best Winchester? It's almost too tough to say.

Here are 25 Sam Vs Dean Memes That Make Fans Choose!

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25 Sam Can Use The Force

If the Winchesters were in Star Wars, Sam would definitely be Luke. He's the brother who demonstrated his own Jedi mind trick powers, although they came at the huge price of consuming demon blood rather than training with Yoda in a swamp to the soundtrack of "Seagulls! Stop It Now".

Given that the original trilogy Star Wars is more Luke's story than anyone's, this gives Sam a bit more importance if you're weighing the brothers based solely on Jedi possibilities alone.

Padalecki is a huge Star Wars fan with an enormous Boba Fett collection and admits he was channeling Jedi powers during this time.

Dean, of course, would be Han, which makes Cas Leia and all of our crossover dreams come true. We've had the Scooby Doo crossover - now bring on the epic Supernatural-Star Wars episode! Think it's too far-fetched?

Don't forget your Six Degrees of Separation: not only has there already been a Supernatural Star Wars parody made with JibJab, but Alden Ehrenreich, who plays Han in the new Solo film, was saved from a Wendigo by the brothers back in season one, prompting fans to argue that Supernatural is responsible for Star Wars in a roundabout way.

24 Dean Can Sing

We don't really need this meme to remind us how much we love Singing Dean, but we appreciate it nonetheless. What moment does Sam have that could ever top Dean's unforgettable rendition of "Eye of the Tiger"?

Before anyone points out that it was lip-syncing only, let's review that: there are entire shows dedicated to lip-singing competitions and it's a totally valid and beloved art. Additionally, Jensen Ackles can actually really sing. He's adorably shy about it, but if you're a fan and you haven't looked up his "The Weight" performance on YouTube, you definitely owe it to yourself to check that stuff out.

A hunter who can sing is a keeper.

From "Simple Man" to "Wayward Son", Ackles may not have given us as many performances as we'd like but he's definitely demonstrated his singing prowess to the point where we think it should be featured on the show more.

How about Dean singing while he cleans a gun? Dean crooning a tune to a baby he saves? The plot bunnies are strong with this one and we'd like the Supernatural Powers That Be to know that no, we will not take umbrage with you running with any of these ideas as long as we get to see them on screen.

23 We Can Relate To Sam

Sam gets emotional and we get emotional. As this meme shows, Sam can't handle the idea of not watching Supernatural just as much as he can't handle the idea of losing his brother, his girl, or his dog. Sam's ability to wear his heart on his sleeve is not the Achilles heel that some would have us believe, but actually his greatest strength.

His ability to empathize and connect with people helps them trust the brothers and get the job done better, sooner and more effectively than Dean's brusqueness. He also reminds them both what exactly they are fighting for in the first place; if life is all about taking out the monsters and having no connection in between other than a few quick hookups, then what in the world are they even trying to save?

With the true heart of a hero, Sam exhibits flaws and makes terrible mistakes that we can all relate to, and Padalecki truly portrays these so palpably that we can easily nod and say yes, we've been there. We might not know what it feels like to open up the gates of Hell due to poor judgement, but who hasn't dropped a baby, left the stove on, or cut a witch a time or two? We get you, Sammy, we really do.

22 Dean Gives The Nightmares Nightmares

Who you gonna call? Not the Ghostbusters but Dean Freakin' Winchester. Dean is the ultimate tough guy who gives the nightmares nightmares. He's got a reputation that precedes him and it's not just with the ladies, but the monsters themselves.

As this meme has shown, Dean is what the boogeyman checks his closet for before going to sleep at night. And rightly so: Dean has a better track record than most hunters because, not only has he been one since his boyhood, he's also lived to take out the demons again - despite being taken out himself on a regular basis. Just look at the cool, calculating look on Dean's face: he is there to get the job done and no one can stop him.

While it's true that Sam is very knowledgeable and capable in a fight against any monster, which brother would you truly choose to have your back in a fight against any creature of darkness if you could pick only one?

Dean will get the job done with a stoic face and probably eat a burger with you afterward - as long as he didn't fail and you lived in the process, which is sometimes an issue, we must admit.

21 Sam Has Connections

We all know Jensen Ackles from somewhere or another, whether it's Smallville, My Bloody Valentine, Days of Our Lives, or the fan favorite Dark Angel. He's had a decent share of appearances before Supernatural launched him into a household name. But Jared Padalecki, as this meme points out, has some mega connections.

There was the time that he got into that fight that Lizzie McGuire broke up. There was the time when he was actually called Dean and he broke Rory's heart on Gilmore Girls. Twice. Once after having relations with her when he was married to someone else - pretty much the most awkward season of Gilmore Girls ever.

Whether it's his height, his fan base from his time as Rory's beau, or simply those dimples, Padalecki seems to have had more recognition than Ackles in the past.

It may also simply be due to the actor's personality, which is much more loud and flamboyant than his groomsman's. Yes, the close friends were in each other's weddings. In real life, the two seem to reverse roles, with Ackles appearing to be on the more reserved side and Padalecki making the wild and goofy jokes. Perhaps this is the reason why he seems to be more connected in Hollywood, but both men have their share of famous friends.

20 Dean Is The Master Of Lies

It's not just his penchant for using rock stars as aliases or semi-clever disguises that make Dean Winchester able to pull one over most people pretty easily. Dean is an accomplished liar, which is a requirement for a hunter. His sheer audacity gives him an edge over his brother in the language of lies as he insists that they are FBI, CIA, WWE... Okay, maybe not that last one, but you've seen them flash their phony IDs to everyone with or without a uniform. Which one is more believable to you?

If you needed a professional liar with you to escape the law, a parking ticket, or angry parents, Dean's the one to choose.

Soulless Sam might come in a close second, but honestly he would care so little about the outcome that you might not even make it out alive in the end and he'd be over it in 20 minutes.

The only example in which Sam might be more believable is in the role of chaplain or grief counselor. Even then, Dean can't seem to keep a straight face, announcing another of his best one-liners, "It's your grief counselors, we're here to hug!" Of course, at that point they knew they were dealing with zombies and he felt free to make such announcements.

19 Sam Beats Dean In The Ex Department

Most of Dean's exes, not including one-night stands = like the time he had a daughter that he gakked and wasted an entirely awesome potential endless plot source - are pretty normal women that he winds up with based on his charm and handsomeness. Outside of his time with Lisa and Ben, there hasn't been a lot of substance, but for a hunter that is preferable to Sam's horrific string of exes.

His fiancee was sacrificed because of the job, he had to end a werewolf he had feelings for, he did the deed with the very demon who used him over and over again in order to open the gates of Hell. Sammy's bad luck wasn't only limited to the episode "Bad Day at Black Rock".

Just the name Ruby has to be difficult for Sam to endure. Sure, real-life Jared Padalecki may have found the love of his life through his relationship with the demon played by Genevieve Cortese, who now goes by her married name Genevieve Padalecki, but now every time Sam walks past a Ruby Tuesday, he's going to feel an old familiar pang. Hopefully it won't be accompanied by a thirst for demon blood.

18 Dean Doesn't Age

Could Dean be a vampire himself after all of that time with Benny? It seems reasonable considering that he looks the same as he did back in the first season, while Sammy looks as if he's been to Hell and back. To be fair, he has, but so has Dean, so why does Moose show so much more wear and tear than Squirrel?

Maybe he's there with Gabrielle Union and Jared Leto, doing witchcraft to keep his young looks. All kidding aside, that face, right?

The guy has to have a rocking skin care routine.

In all honesty, this may not be as advantageous as it sounds, since although Dean looks young and fresh-faced, many fans find Sam's aging quite attractive. This meme's comparisons make him look seasoned but brooding and much more smoldering than he did as a college kid.

Perhaps Dean's meant to look less hardened since Sam has technically spent more time tormented and beaten, both in Hell and out, which could symbolize the brothers' learning process throughout the show. Or maybe it demonstrates that Dean is the same tough as nails hunter since he hasn't been allowed to truly connect with anyone as he tried to do with Lisa and Ben, which still breaks our hearts. Either way, the guy looks good.

17 Sammy Brought Forth The Apocalypse

When they say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, we're pretty sure the idea came from the story of Sam Winchester attempting to save the world by getting rid of Lilith and bringing about the Apocalypse. That's what you get when you follow the advice of a demon, something that Dean might want to remember when the King of Hell comes calling later.

Seriously, how often does one rule apply for Sam but not for his older brother? At any rate, where does that leave us with Sammy?

He's a hunter who always has the best of intentions yet still manages to mess everything up and look awful doing it.

That means Sam wins at not only best intentions but also worst mistakes, worst consequences of a mistake, and worst girlfriend ever. This isn't exactly a win, but if you had to choose which Winchester truly needed to be comforted or which one you'd rather save from his own tragedy, it would probably be Sam.

While that sounds a little pathetic, it also sounds like a reason to stick around to see what will happen next, and given that the show is still making new episodes since it began in 2005, we think we should thank Sam for his intentions that took us down the road so far.

16 Dean Has The Tragic Hero Complex

You want to kiss him but his lips are venomous poison, or so says this meme - and Dean himself. What would a supernaturally themed TV show complete with weekly devastation  and destruction be without its tragic heroes who believe they are no good and not worthy of true happiness? It's not even strictly limited to TV; most dramas, even in book form, feature some version of this long-suffering protagonist who feels that, despite his goodness, he's too risky for anyone to care about.

In this case, he does make exceptions for his brother, Bobby Singer and of course, Lisa and Ben that one time, but he lived to regret that choice knowing how it almost destroyed his temporary family.

Seriously though, how cool would it be to see Dean hunt with a family alongside him knowing what he was doing? How awesome to find out how the brothers could adapt and become better than John and Mary, to learn spells and secret ways of protecting their families so they could hunt and keep some kind of life? It sounds impossible.

The writers seem to like keeping the boys single so they can meet lots of interesting potential love interests, but making family life interesting would be new territory many people would enjoy-- especially fans who've stuck with the series for over a decade and would like to see the boys be happy at some point.

15 Sam Is The Sensitive One

When Dean describes Sam's sensitivities in one of the funniest episodes of all time, "Tall Tales", his hyperbole is based on truth, just as Sam's description of Dean's conquests and eating habits is.

Sam may not snuggle victims (or semi-witnesses, as in this case) and cry all over them, but he is the brother who is more likely to empathize with the victim and help provide closure, as long as his soul is along for the ride. We've already mentioned that Sam is the one who can empathize, but Sam's sensitivity is the milkshake that brings the ladies to the yard.

Dean's got his bad boy persona; Sam has the, "I feel you, tell me more," schtick. It totally works but it also adds balance between the brothers and allows them to connect with viewers on a deeper level.

Sam's emotional side also allows us to connect with Dean more deeply. No matter how many times Dean insists that they don't talk about their feelings and "none of that touchy-feely crap," Sam is the person who always manages to drag it out of him, making us love them both even more. When it comes down to it, no matter how many monsters of the week we are battling, it's all about two brothers and their relationship, right?

14 Biggest Foodie: Dean Wins

It's no secret that Dean is the foodie of the duo. Where Sam's most exciting meal consists of rabbit food or maybe even a green smoothie, Dean will feast on burgers, a turducken and then ask, "Where's the pie?" Dean's gusto for his food makes us hope he stays in top health but it also makes us appreciate his human side,

If they guy can't have his dream wife and kid or a normal life, he should at least get his pie and beer.

While we admire Sam's healthy lifestyle and know it's the best way for him to stay in shape as a hunter, isn't he the one who's often proven to be more unhealthy? He can't happily enjoy all of those salads and stay full as tall as he is, can he? Moose gotta eat. Moose need protein.

We've seen both brothers exercise now and then but between so much driving and hunting, do they really work out all that much? How do they stay fit after all this time, especially when they continuously eat at diners? Even if Sam is going with the green menu, have you seen how much sugar some restaurants add to their salad dressings?

13 Sam's Got The Puppy Eyes

You've seen them. They've accompanied everything from his gentle reassurances to his romantic glances to "I lost my shoe." What kind of moose has puppy dog eyes? The kind that can find any information on any supernatural being and teach you how to slay that beast, that's what.

Of course, in this meme, we only wish that it were true and it had stopped Castiel - who may have made just as many mistakes fueled by good intentions as Sam - from making one of the worst ones he'd ever made.

Sam's Puppy Eyes are his Care Bear Stare and we are positive they'd have worked if Cas hadn't already accumulated so much power. .

Nice try, Sam.

Unfortunately Sam's trademark Puppy Power didn't work in that instance, but it has helped him connect with witnesses and victims, draw in love interests and viewers alike, and allow us to make jokes about his earnest expression.

Speaking of puppies, Sam also seems to be more of a cat person, which is interesting since he's paired with dogs so much more often. Shouldn't Dean be the dog person? Maybe cats are just harder to work with. There's good and bad lore about both, so we're just saying some equal representation and cuddling scenes with kittens are in order here.

12 Dean Rocks The Smolder

When you're comparing Winchester eyes, you have to ask yourself one question: Puppy Love or The Smolder? If you prefer the latter, Dean wins, hands-down. He even does the whole suck-your-cheeks-in thing that works for models, making us certain that if the two ever launch a line of demon-hunting apparel, Dean needs to be the one to parade it down the runway. Of course, if the line includes lumberjack flannels, Sam can get in on the billboard campaigns.

This meme doesn't just illustrate Dean's smolder, but also the power he knows that it wields.

Despite Bobby's admonishments, he's no idjit; Dean knows exactly what kind of appeal he has and he uses it at everyopportunity to help their mission, whatever it might be that week. While that doesn't always work, it has proven to be effective enough to warrant a try almost every time. Dean is also the master of irreverence, so using that same smolder during a mug-shot photo session points toward his devil-may-care attitude about the whole situation. "Who, me? These cheekbones prove my innocence and your willingness to let me go." If only he had the same Jedi mind tricks that Sam had up his sleeve.

11 Sammy Has Cult Charm

He looks like Jesus while he harbors the spirit of Lucifer. Sammy Winchester has everything you need to form a DIY cult: a winning smile, convincing literature and lore to back up his claims, and the aforementioned puppy eyes. He also has an arsenal of weapons he's accumulated over the years and he not only survived the Apocalypse but he helped bring it in. The only thing he's missing is the purple kool-aid and we've already established that he prefers green smoothies.

Fans point to this meme when they wonder if the show will ever feature Jesus in some incarnation, which some say the show totally needs to do after everything else it's done, while others point out it's a fine line to toe in order to avoid alienating any Christians who watch the show.

Either way, Sammy's got the charisma for his own cult and who wouldn't want to carry on with Team Free Will? His cult would probably have learning and free laptops for everyone at its core, which we think would be pretty cool. We all know that Sam would be a Ravenclaw and his cult would be pretty awesome to be in as long as his followers didn't go nuts and his soul remained intact.

10 Dean Has The Best Rep

From officer to bad boy, hunter to ladies man, Dean Winchester's reputation precedes him. While it's not always sunshine and roses, Dean's rep gives him the kind of cred that any hunter needs. Monsters know to fear him, hunters know to respect him and the fact that he's been doing this since before he hit puberty gives him a whole lot more credence than many other hunters have after being in the field for years.

When people call the Winchesters for help, which brother do they turn to? You might think that Sam would be the one they'd want to speak with since he's so kind and understanding, but it's Dean, the one with the reputation for getting the job done, they usually ring when a monster rolls into town.

It really points to Dean's backstory and how many people he's had to save before Sam even joined the team. How do all of these people know him? Some knew his dad, certainly, but many have worked with Dean before.

Not only did Dean have an entire life as a hunter before the first season started that we've only really glimpsed at, but he did a lot of it by himself, giving him more cred than Sam.

9 Sam Can Take A Beating

Sam's ability to take a beating is uncontested. Even after he comes back to life from whatever fresh Hell he's found himself in, it continues to plague him in his mind, giving him PTSD. He and his brother should try to get some counseling on the show. It would also help Padalecki's cause, Always Keep Fighting, and bring another layer to the show that would support fans who experience trauma in their lives.

It seems like every season he's physically, mentally, and emotionally pummeled to a pulp until we're not sure if he's going to make it, but he trudges on through and becomes the poster child for every student who's been up for three days studying for finals, every parent who's been up with a newborn for weeks without coffee and croaks, "I'm fine."

You're not fine, Sam, at least in that way, and we can all see it, but we appreciate you carrying on, you wayward son.

Like the aforementioned scenarios, nobody owes it to anybody to pretend to be fine. Sometimes it's up to the rest of us to just step in, be a little pushy out of love for the person suffering and do what needs to be done, even if they can't voice it themselves. Sammy and Dean have done that on numerous occasions for one another, furthering their relationship and putting family first.

8 Dean Reaches Across The Aisle

When it comes to working with opposing forces, Dean's not one to shy away from an opportunity. In fact, after years of him berating Sam for doing the exact same thing for the good of the world, he's allied himself with everyone from Benny to Crowley. This sometimes has great results and sometimes gets himself and his brother thrown into a pit so deep it takes an entire season to get them out again. It's almost as if they have to make mistake for mistake, keeping score with who's gakked a monster the other wished to keep alive, who aligned with a demon from Hell when the other advised against it, and so forth.

There are several times Dean's diplomacy didn't work out they way he'd planned but at least he gave it a shot.

The worst part of these alignments is that they are often done in secret, which hurts the brothers' relationship worse than when they immaturely prank each other or even physically fight one another. Sometimes their deceptions have even driven each other away from one another. Luckily they always come back to each other because that's what family is supposed to do, whether it's those you love by choice or by blood.

7 Sam Loves His Laptop

Sam's laptop is his world. It's pretty much his BFF and we get why: not only is Sam a bibliophile would likely rather read than hunt if he could, but his laptop has saved their butts on multiple occasions. John and Bobby had their journals; Sam has his laptop. It's his source of lore, where he reaches out to contact sources for new information and how the brothers can often stay one step ahead of the darkness that looms over them.

Of course, it's also a running joke between the brothers and where Dean likes to look up questionable material, much to Sam's outrage. Don't touch his laptop. That's all he asks. How many of us ask only the same regarding our own beloved machines?

We do wonder about whether or not Sam knows that laptops become sluggish and outdated after so many years of use. Has he ever considered updating it? Maybe he's a wiz who can rebuild it as he needs to and we don't know it. Maybe he's had some help from Charlie.

Between its Vancouver Cove Bike Shop sticker and constant presence in the show, Sam's laptop is so legendary that fans even write stories about the object.

6 Dean Gets Hangry

We can  all relate to Dean's hanger pains.  This meme does a perfect job of demonstrating what kind of demon Dean becomes without his snacks. Forget his pie? Criminal offense!

Dean is forgiving to a fault over crimes of most kinds and often chases some of the Seven Deadly Sins on his own time, but skipping a meal is not something he'll ever condone. If the Dean is hungry, you feed the Dean, and that's how no one gets hurt. Even Cas, oblivious to so many other obvious aspects of humanity, gets this.

That's not to say that Dean isn't a demon when he's eaten, too: we've all seen him possessed time and time again, which is the reason why the brothers' tattoo is so popular. The best way to keep him from becoming a gremlin is to do the opposite of what you do with a Mogwai and feed him after midnight, and before midnight, and pretty much every couple of hours before and after that.

Now there's an idea: a Supernatural crossover with Gremlins. You'd think that the show would have gone that route well before turning toward fairies.

5 Sam Fakes It Til He Makes It

You didn't think we could really ever let Sammy go, did you? Okay, both Winchesters are beaten to the brink of shuffling off this mortal coil, but it's all lies, every time. A great makeup department is to credit for that, but whereas Dean is the best lying liar who tells lies, Sam's body is the biggest liar.

Just look at that mold! How much of Sam's bod is real and how much of it comes out of a plaster?

While we're all about keeping the brothers safe and sound instead of inflicting actual damage to them for the sake of show business, we also are well aware of the beauty culture in which they exist, with constant fine-tuning in terms of body image. Editing, spray tanning, prosthetics - how far do we need to go to make bodies appealing?

For the monsters, we say let the bodies hit the floor. For the Winchesters, we say let them be real (and unharmed) whenever possible. It's natural to show signs of age after over a decade on TV and we need the brothers to appear as if they've grown older as well as emotionally over the years. We're not asking for Dean to get a beer gut - although it might be more authentic, depending on the season - but Sam doesn't need all of those abs if they're not actually his to begin with.

4 Dean Is The King Of Pop Culture

It's not just one-liners that Dean is the master of, but also pop culture references. The Winchester can cite any rock song, make anything into an AC/DC reference, and yes, toss in some Simon & Garfunkel. Where Sam professes expertise in lore, Dean possesses it in droves in terms of TV, movies and music. Sam says that Dean can even recite every Clint Eastwood movie ever made from memory.

He has made so many references over the years, from movies like A Beautiful Mind to Zombieland, When Harry Met Sally to Willard, and TV shows like Bewitched, Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, and Casper the Friendly Ghost, that it's clear that when Dean wasn't hunting, he was spending his childhood with the TV as a babysitter.

There is even a page cataloging all of the hundreds of references Dean's made over the years.

He's made several Star Wars references in various episodes, too.

Then there were the times when Sam knew references that Dean didn't get and we didn't believe it. He's alluded to Dick Van Dyke, Mary Poppins and It's a Wonderful Life, all of which went over Dean's head. Maybe they were just too wholesome for the bad boy to either see or admit to seeing.

3 Sam's Connected To The Dark Lord

Thankfully it wasn't forever, but Sammy had some pretty dark connections going on for a while when we first met him. Yellow Eyes made that possible and it almost cost Sam his life. After all of that demon blood went down, many fans were left wishing that Sam could still use his powers for good even if they came from a source of ill-repute. Sam's headaches, which came about with his psychic premonitions, certainly did remind us of Harry Potter's experiences when Voldemort was near or experiencing strong feelings. They started to manifest months before his girlfriend Jessica's death. In "All Hell Breaks Lose: Part II", it was proven that the headaches were indeed a link to Yellow Eyes.

The premonitions were certainly helpful, but it was the telekinesis that would really help him as a hunter. Over the years both brothers have experienced certain powers, usually gained through darkness or a weapon and eventually lost, but it was Sam's foray into the Firestarter-like world that really gave the show its fast pace and turned it into a whole new direction even as it remained a new program.

We almost wish the story had been stalled to allow more character growth before we saw Sam handle his powers, only to lose them.

2 Dean's Got Everyone Beat On The Time-In-Hellometer

When it comes to time spent in literal Hell, Dean pretty much has everybody beat - unless you're Adam Winchester, and we don't talk about Adam. Does anyone think that will ever be addressed? Not only does Dean beat most people for the Most Time Spent in the Underworld Award, he also lived in Hell for decades as both the tormented and the tormentor, coming back forever changed and shamed for what he had done. It made us severely question whether Dean was truly one of the good guys or not since he made a decision we thought he'd never make as a hunter - one that a protector of humanity would hopefully never make.

This popular meme can be seen with various incarnations of characters around the web, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's not only that Sam and Dean have left the world and come back over 117 times but Dean himself bit the dust and reappeared in a variation of Groundhog Day in the Winchester Mystery Spot episode. While the episode provided some pretty heavy dark humor courtesy of the Trickster, AKA Gabriel, it also provided the somber realization that neither brother can ever truly have peace.

1 Sam Has The Most Irrational Fear

When it comes to the bigger scaredy cat, Sam wins hands-down, which may really make Dean the winner of this dubious round. Even though Dean is the brother who contracted "Yellow Fever" during a hunt and screamed like a baby at a harmless cat, he was cursed at the time. What is Sam's excuse when it comes to clowns?

He has faced every unimaginable danger, been to Hell and back quite literally and beaten the devil himself both in physical form as well as in his own mind, yet Bozo is his undoing. It makes absolutely no sense, which is why it's absolutely fantastic. Sam's coulrophobia allowed the brothers to tackle not only an actual monster but also to explore a true fear that one of them had, which made the episode so much more entertaining.

That said, there was plenty of joking to be had, and while it is funny that a hunter who's battle so many beasts might be scared of a clown, people's fears really aren't a laughing matter. To see the men battle something through a serious fear and overcome that fear might have been more rewarding for fans. We love the humor, but the character building and development is what keeps us coming back for more.


Which Supernatural brother is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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