Supernatural: 5 Couples That Are Perfect Together (& 5 That Make No Sense)

Supernatural isn't a romance-heavy show, but Sam and Dean Winchester, along with the supporting characters have had their relationship ups and downs.

Supernatural Dean and Lisa

In recent seasons, the CW’s Supernatural has done away with having romantic plot lines and focused on the brotherhood of the main cast. However, there have been several relationships involving supporting characters and the two protagonists also had regular love interests in the earlier seasons.

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This has paved the way for the couplings we saw on the show to be considered either good or bad. In this list, we’ve considered a “couple” to be one where the characters had clear romantic interest in one another, meaning those that didn’t get to become an official couple are still seen as such. With that in mind, here are five couples in Supernatural that were perfect, and five that, according to us, didn't make any sense.

10 Perfect: John And Mary

Considering that a literal angel of love made these two fall for each other, there’s no doubt that John and Mary were a match made in Heaven. More than that, it’s because we’ve only seen them be the best people they could be when they were together that we know there could be no one better. 

Mary was never motherly when she was around Sam and Dean as adults, but she was just that when John had been around. When the time-travelling John arrived, we saw Mary truly be a wife and mother for the first time. John was only a shell of a man without her, so it’s fitting the two are currently together in Heaven.

9 Makes No Sense: Mary And Ketch

The fandom was outraged when it was shown that Mary engaged in a fling with Arthur Ketch, of all men, out of the blue. She hadn’t been with the knowledge of John’s death for even a year, yet she was prepared to jump in bed with the guy who was a stone cold killer at the time. 

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To his credit, Ketch did seem to genuinely have feelings for Mary, but there was never going to be any relationship between the two considering Ketch was supposed to be killing Mary’s sons and because Mary herself only saw him as a means for physical pleasure rather than real love.

8 Perfect: Castiel And Meg

We’re aware of all the bad things Meg did, but she took a turn toward the good side solely because of Castiel, as the demon ended up having real feelings for this angel. Castiel himself was quite smitten with her, as seen in Season 7 when it was only Meg who knew how to handle the Crazy Cas.

It was also Meg who convinced Castiel to do the right thing and fight the Leviathans, while Castiel reformed Meg completely, leading to her sacrifice against Crowley. If nothing else, that charged-up kissing session they had in Season 6 should be proof enough of their chemistry.

7 Makes No Sense: Chuck And Becky

We very recently saw Chuck snap Becky away the way Thanos did the heroes in Avengers: Infinity War, so it’s obvious this couple is supposed to be a bad one. However, our problem is with the fact that Chuck is supposed to be God, meaning it’s kind of gross how he would date a human.

After all, it meant Becky was one of his creations, and who the heck would date someone they created? Even if you don’t count that, they weren’t good to begin with, as Becky was only interested in Chuck because she thought he was some big writer, and her real obsession was with Sam Winchester.

6 Perfect: Sam And Eileen

Sam was terribly grief-stricken to know that Eileen had been killed, which made it clear he had a liking greater than that of friendship toward her. Although they weren’t shown getting romantic, there’s no mistaking that both of them had romantic tension between them.

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It would've made sense to see Sam with Eileen, as both of them had real issues with their pasts and upbringings and could understand each other in a way no friend or family member could. The fandom was ready to accept these two together in canon, but unfortunately Supernatural went ahead and got Eileen killed before it could happen.

5 Makes No Sense: Mary And Bobby

Here’s one couple the fandom never knew they didn’t want until they saw it, but Supernatural chose to make this weird coupling a thing. Had it been the real Bobby Singer, then we might have given them a chance, but the Alternate Universe Bobby isn’t likable and his relationship with Mary had no point in being there.

Mary was biologically supposed to be in her late-20s to early-30s, which made Bobby the age her father would be. Plus, there were no hints dropped beforehand over why these two became interested in each other in the first place. When Mary died, it was like these two hadn’t been involved at all.

4 Perfect: Bobby And Jody

Although there was an age gap here as well, the fact that Jody was very motherly toward Sam and Dean meant that she was perfectly placed to become Bobby’s new love interest. They both liked the same things, they were both survivors, and they’d both lost their spouses to the supernatural.

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Their only romantic moment was also filled with chemistry, which led people to believe these two would be the first permanent couple on the show. This was all shattered when Bobby died almost immediately after, but fans do agree they would’ve loved it had Bobby and Jody’s love story been expanded upon.

3 Makes No Sense: Castiel And Hannah

Angels all agree that they’re supposed to be siblings, so what the heck was up with this angle? Hannah was clearly into Castiel, as we saw her outright kiss him and enjoy the experience. Earlier, she'd also walked around bare in front of him as a telling sign.

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Thankfully, Hannah’s guilt at possessing an innocent human led to her evacuating the vessel and ending this horrible storyline, but there’s no doubt that Castiel was also shown considering his feelings toward Hannah and whether there was a possibility of a true romance. But this would’ve been too icky for fans to stomach.

2 Perfect: Sam And Sarah

If you’d ask us who we think Sam would’ve been perfect to end up with, the answer would be Sarah. She was attracted to Sam’s rebellious personality, and was easily accepting of his work as a hunter. He appreciated how she didn’t perceive him as a freak for what he did, and that she was “normal” enough for him to feel at home around her.

Even though they parted ways because of Sam’s loyalty toward Dean and his pursuit of John’s whereabouts, the fans were happy that Sam and Sarah had a mutual understanding that transcended the usual girl-of-the-week romance the boys had at the time.

1 Make No Sense: Dean And Lisa

Fans have made jokes and jabs at the expense of this couple, which is considered the absolute worst because it domesticated Dean in the worst ways. Dean wanting a normal life has never been part of his personality, so the whole angle with Lisa was clearly shoehorned in for the sake of the apocalypse plot. 

It became worse in Season 6 when Lisa just came across as an unnecessary load for Dean, who didn’t even seem to be that fond of her and simply kept his romance due to more of an obligation than genuine feelings. Almost all the fandom rejoiced the moment Lisa forgot Dean, freeing him up to be the lone wolf we all prefer.

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