Supernatural: The 25 Most Powerful (And 5 Weakest) Beings, Officially Ranked

The world of Supernatural is full of dangerous and powerful beings. This is the basis of the story, as men like Dean and Sam Winchester have tasked themselves with protecting their world from the threats of angels, demons, and monsters, and they are simply part of a larger group of hunters that fight to protect the weak and innocent. That isn't easy, however, as there are forces from Heaven and Hell, as well as the world of the supernatural has brought the world to its knees. This is really what makes Supernatural so fun to watch -- its about two regular guys who become extraordinary to save the world on a weekly basis.

With that said, not all beings on Supernatural are created equal. There are angels and archangels, as well as demons of varying levels, from white-eyed to yellow-eyed and everything in between. There are also monsters, Alphas, ghosts, and ghouls, as well as a good share of human villains that Dean and Sam must face throughout their journey. There are also good and bad angels and demons, which makes it even more difficult for the hunters who are tasked with protecting the world. With so many different powerful characters on Supernatural, here is a look at some of the strongest beings, as well as a few of the weakest that the Winchester brothers have faced along the way.

With that said, here are The 25 Most Powerful (And 5 Weakest) Beings In Supernatural, Officially Ranked.

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Gordon Walker Supernatural
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Gordon Walker Supernatural

Gordon Walker should have been one of the strongest human villains that Sam and Dean Winchester ever faced. However, he ended up being one of the weakest villains despite being a former hunter. Walker's story was that he ended up a cold-blooded hunter after a vampire took down his sister.

Walker hunted every monster -- both good or evil -- and his psychosis made him unstable and a danger to Sam, who he considered to be a threat. After he was bitten by a vampire, he tried to take out Sam before taking his own life. However, he only lost his head in the battle.

29 Powerful: GADREEL

Gadreel was very powerful due to the fact that he was always God's most trusted angel. However, because of his deceit, Gadreel became a very powerful villain over time, allowing Lucifer to tempt Eve. He was also directly responsible for the war between Lucifer and Michael.

He was imprisoned and tortured because he directly caused the chaos inflicted onto the world and it just made him stronger. After taking on Sam as a vessel in an act of manipulation, Gadreel soon grew to rival even the strength of Castiel at one point. In the end, Gadreel sacrificed himself for the greater good.

28 Powerful: SAMUEL COLT

Samuel Colt Supernatural

When it comes to hunters, there might not be a stronger and more reliable hunter in history than Samuel Colt. This is one of the many characters on the show who is based on a real person and, as most people know by his name, he is the hunter who created the useful Colt -- the only weapon that can easily end the life of any supernatural being. Colt also created the lock that kept The Devil's Gate closed. Supernatural gave fans a look at Colt when Dean Winchester went back in time.

How strong is Samuel Colt? He retired from hunting rather than falling in battle like most of his kind.

27 Powerful: MEG

Rachel Miner as Meg in Supernatural

Meg is the daughter of Azazel and was an early nemesis for Sam and Dean Winchester. She was as strong and as dangerous as they come, ending the lives of many of the Winchester's allies and possessing Sam for a time. She was finally defeated, but she took her toll on the boys.

She returned as an ally later when she wanted to help Sam and Dean defeat Crowley, who had become the ruler in Hell because she knew that Dean could help with that goal. How strong is Meg? She took down an angel and even beat three Leviathans, which is pretty impressive for a black-eyed demon.

26 Powerful: ALASTAIR

Alastair, Supernatural

Alastair is a white-eyed demon, which means that he is an extremely strong being on Supernatural. He also might have been the second ever created after Lilith, so he has years of experience under his belt. Because of this, he is very powerful. He served as the lead torturer in Hell, after all, which is pretty impressive (and scary).

Castiel, who was considered one of the strongest angels in existence, found himself overpowered during fights with Alastair, who was able to withstand many of Castiel's offensive attacks. He started the Apocalypse as well, though he was always held down because he was subservient to Lilith.

25 Powerful: AZAZEL

The first demon that fans of Supernatural ever saw was Azazel -- the yellow-eyed demon that took the life of Mary Winchester and sent John Winchester on his life-long vendetta, dragging his sons Dean and Sam along with him. He was able to beat John more than once and even took down Sam for a short time.

Azazel was unique, as we didn't see another yellow-eyed demon until season 12. However, he wasn't as powerful as many who came later. He did dip his blood into Sam's mouth, which was meant to help Lucifer rise from Hell, though, so he did a lot of damage when he kicked this story into motion.

24 Weakest: ASMODEUS

Asmodeus King of Hell Supernatural

Asmodeus deserves some credit for being the last Prince of Hell in existence. However, while that was a nice bit of survival on his part, he really isn't anywhere near as powerful as the ones who fell before him. Though Asmodeus pulled off something very impressive when he imprisoned Lucifer, he fell hard.

Not only did his plan of taking over Hell fail, but he also then tried to take on Gabriel. This was a huge mistake, and when he fell, it caused the extinction of the Princes of Hell. Asmodeus never matched up to any of the denizens of Hell that appeared on Supernatural before him.

23 Powerful: METATRON

Metatron in Supernatural

It seems strange to look at Booger from Revenge of the Nerds and think of one of the strongest beings on Supernatural. However, this happened when actor Curtis Armstrong was cast as Metatron on Supernatural. Metatron was the scribe of God, and while this meant that he was a pencil pusher in Heaven, it also meant he had a ton of knowledge and power once God disappeared.

Not all strength lies in physical power. Metatron used his knowledge from the scribes to create a spell using Castiel to boot all of the angels out of Heaven. This caused a huge war on Earth between the angels while Metatron decided to attain his own god-like powers in Heaven.

22 Powerful: ALPHA VAMPIRE

The Alpha Vampire was very strong and powerful, which is expected since he was the first vampire in existence. Eve created the Alpha Vampire, who then started the lineage of creatures that were very hard for Sam and Dean Winchester to beat and were responsible for the demise of many hunters over the years.

He existed long before humans learned to create fire. However, it took a very specific attack to defeat the Alpha Vampire and it wasn't until season 12 of Supernatural that he was finally taken down. While his end was quick and final, he was the strongest monster left on Earth at the time after Crowley set out to wipe out all of the Alphas.

21 Powerful: LILITH

Lilith has one advantage over just about every other demon in existence. This white-eyed demon was the first demon that Eve ever created, making her one of the most powerful in existence, even outranking Hell's torturer Alastair. The Princes of Hell and Cain are the only ones who rivaled her in terms of power.

Lilith was immune to the weaknesses of other demons and was able to defeat angels in battle quite handily. Her only real weakness was the archangels, although it was a human (Sam Winchester) who eventually took her down. Even during her passing, she remained strong as her sacrifice freed Lucifer.

20 Powerful: ROWENA

Rowena might be the most powerful witch in existence. Most witches need to use a demon to achieve their power levels, but Rowena was born as a witch, which means that she had the powers naturally. This made her a very formidable opponent for the Winchester boys -- and humanity in general.

Rowena is not only an extremely powerful witch but she is also one of the strongest villains for the Winchester family and the mother of Crowley -- who also did his part to make their life a living hell. It also doesn't help that she is immortal, so defeating her is only temporary, as she can always return to cause more problems.

19 Powerful: ABADDON

Cain was a Knight of Hell, the First Fallen. He was a trainer to all who worked in that capacity in Hell alongside him. He also set out to slaughter every single one of them when they came after him after he left his post. The only one to survive was Abaddon, who escaped and remained hidden until she returned with her masterful plan to turn all humans into demons to serve under her.

How strong was Abaddon? She destroyed the first Men of Letters single-handily. She was also immune to normal tactics of defeating demons and there was no way that Dean and Sam could take her out without one of them making the ultimate sacrifice -- which Dean did when he took on the Mark of Cain and became a Knight of Hell himself.

18 Weakest: LESHI

Leshi from Supernatural

There are a lot of things that make Leshi one of the weakest Supernatural beings on the show. One of the biggest downfalls when it comes to the character is that it took on the form of none other than Paris Hilton. Luckily, Leshi was just a Monster of the Week.

Leshi didn't just take on the form of Paris Hilton, though -- she was also Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln, which made it seem strange that Hilton was considered an "idol" in that vein at all. With that said, Leshi was a god and that meant that it should have been very powerful but Sam and Dean beat it pretty easily when it started to feed on more people during the Apocalypse.

17 Powerful: EVE

Eve is not only immensely strong but she is also the cause of everything that is truly wrong in the world of Supernatural. Eve created all of the demons -- so she is responsible for everything from the passing of San and Dean's mother to the temptation and betrayals that fill the world. She is the mother of all evil on Earth.

She created the Alphas, who then spread their kind all over the world. She had the power to beat angels and demons and was stronger than any other monster and had similar powers to the Leviathans. However, she falls a little lower than many of those monsters because Dean was able to easily beat her with the Phoenix ashes -- a very unsatisfying defeat of a major villain.


As a group, the Leviathans are not only some of the strongest beings in Supernatural but also some of the oldest monsters in existence. God created the Leviathans even before he created the angels, which means that they are extremely old and powerful. After all, the only reason that God created Purgatory was because he had to lock them away to keep them from eating and destroying everything that he created.

When the Leviathans were released after Castiel opened Purgatory, it took a combined effort to stop them and defeat them. Angels, demons, hunters, and other monsters all had to band together to battle them and it took Dean Winchester and Castiel to stop their reign of terror -- although they never really eliminated them.

15 Powerful: GABRIEL

Gabriel in Supernatural

Of the four archangels, Gabriel is the least powerful of them. However, this is in part due to the fact that he had no desire to take on immense power for himself and wanted no part of the war between his brothers. Of course, the weakest archangel is still more powerful than almost anyone else in existence.

Sam and Dean Winchester met Gabriel when he was pretending to be Loki and was in hiding because he wanted nothing to do with the ongoing battles between his brothers. He was a shapeshifter and was the youngest of his brothers. He mostly used his powers to cause problems that were meant to teach Sam and Dean important lessons.

14 Powerful: RAPHAEL

The 25 Most Powerful Supernatural Villains Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

Raphael is one of the archangels, and unlike his younger brother Gabriel, he was very enthusiastic about taking over when God disappeared. He sided with Michael and set out to take control of Earth. He is extremely strong and was able to use his powers to defeat Castiel at one point -- a mighty achievement indeed.

For a short time, the only beings on Supernatural that compared to the power of Raphael were God, Death, and the other archangels. However, while he was stronger than Castiel in raw power, there is more to it than that when comparing characters and Castiel actually defeated him in the end.

13 Powerful: DICK ROMAN

Dick Roman

While the Leviathans were strong and devastating beings on Supernatural, they paled in comparison to their leader, Dick Rowan. To prove this fact, the minute that Rowan was defeated, the Leviathons all dispersed and quit their fight. However, as long as Rowan was alive and well, these monsters were almost unbeatable.

Dick Rowan is disliked by Supernatural fans because he was the being that took out Bobby. He was also strong because he did most of his damage working for corporate America, preying on the weak in more ways than typical monsters and demons usually do. He was so strong that Dean and Sam had to go to Crowley and the Alpha Vampire in order to defeat him.


The Styne Family is clearly an homage to the classic Frankenstein novel, and this was family was the basis for that story in the world of Supernatural. The Styne Family terrorized communities for generations, taking the lives of people and then using their body parts to gain supernatural powers.

They profited from their work by using their discoveries to help everyone from the Nazis to other evil entities. However, they were not that strong outside of their family business. When they took the life of Charlie to retrieve The Book of the Damned, Dean hunted down and slaughtered the entire family in revenge.

11 Powerful: CROWLEY

Supernatural Crowley

Crowley is a villain on Supernatural who also happens to be one of the show's most popular characters. He was born to Rowanna, a witch who received her powers from birth. This alone makes him strong, but he is at the level where he is actually one of the most powerful characters on the entire show -- and everything he does, he does with a smile.

Out of all of the red-eyed demons on the series, he is the most powerful. He is so powerful that he took over as the King of Hell at one point. As powerful as Dick Roman is, Crowley helped take that Leviathon down and has come out on top in battles against Dean and Castiel throughout his time on the show.


Sam Winchester Make No Sense Supernatural

The main characters of Supernatural are the Winchester brothers, but as with any television show, their enemies need to be stronger and more powerful to add tension and drama so that the two brothers are always challenged. However, as the series wore on, it was obvious that Dean and Sam were becoming more and more powerful and were much stronger than they were when they started hunting.

At one time, Sam was the stronger of the brothers thanks to his telekinetic powers and his immense knowledge. There are still some who believe that he is the strongest, since he survived numerous possessions over his life. However, he arguably lands a notch below his brother.


The most recent season of Supernatural powered up Dean Winchester to almost ridiculous levels thanks to him accepting Michael into him to serve as his vessel. However, even before this, Dean proved to be stronger than most beings, even in his human form.

Dean has come back from the other side and perished more times than anyone else on the entire series. He has gone to Hell and Purgatory and returned with an even stronger will and determination. He was also the only being outside of God who was able to stop The Darkness. At the end of the day, he is arguably the most powerful hunter that the world has ever seen.

8 Powerful: CASTIEL

Castiel is one of the most powerful characters on Supernatural, and luckily for the Winchester brothers, he is an ally (or at least he is most of the time). He is a fallen angel who is also a hunter and has immense powers -- greater than most angels, although he is not as strong as the top archangels.

He proved how powerful he was when he took out Metatron, helped beat Dick Roman, and was able to even take down one of the Four Horsemen in Pestilence. There was a time when he was overpowered after taking on the role as the new God, but he has since reverted back to his old self. Overall, he is the most powerful supernatural being to work as a hunter.

7 Powerful: DEATH

Some fans might have believed that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse would be some of the strongest beings in the entire Supernatural universe, and those people would be partially right. However, what Sam, Dean, and Castiel proved was that three of those Horsemen were not all that they were cracked up to be, as they were able to defeat them easily and quickly send them on their way.

However, there was one member of the Horsemen who proved to be more powerful than the rest, and that man was Death. He is the oldest of the Horsemen and is invulnerable. In fact, the only thing that can harm him is his own Scythe. However, even that didn't end up stopping him forever, as Death always passes on to the next Reaper in line.

6 Weakest: THE BENDERS

There have been some interesting human villains on Supernatural, including the British Men of Letters. While they were strong, they were nowhere near as impressive as the demons, angels, and monsters that the boys faced week in and week out. However, even they were more powerful than the Bender Family.

The Benders were a family in Minnesota -- cannibals who somehow believed that they couldn't be stopped and didn't give Dean or Sam any respect when it came to standing up to them. That was a mistake, however, as Dean and Sam were able to subdue them and after their father was removed from the equation and, in the end, they had no fight left.

5 Powerful: THE ENTITY

If the Entity gets more screentime in the future, it might end up topping this list. However, at the moment, there is not enough information to let Supernatural fans know how powerful it really is. The Entity lives in the Empty and there is no way of knowing if the power it possesses there would carry over if it left that place of darkness.

What is known, however, is that, while in the Empty, there is nothing more powerful than this creature. It existed before Death, The Darkness, and God, and can do anything it wants in the Empty. Fans have never seen it outside of shadows, since it is believed that seeing its true form would cause any being to lose its mind.

4 Powerful: JACK

Supernatural Jack

Jack is a Nephilim, which in itself makes him one of the strongest beings in existence. A Nephilim is the child of an angel and a human -- something that is outlawed because it gives the being both the grace of an angel and the soul of a human. This being is theoretically powerful enough to destroy any world.

A Nephilim is also more powerful than angels, and Jack is more powerful than almost any Nephilim in existence since he is the son of Lucifer. At the moment, his father was still more powerful, as Jack was recently depowered, but once he recovers and reaches his full potential, he could become the most powerful being on Earth.

3 Powerful: LUCIFER

Lucifer considers himself the most powerful being in the universe, the fallen archangel cast into Hell that was destined to battle his brother Michael during the end of days. While most people consider the Devil to be the strongest villain in history, the fact that Supernatural paints his archangel brothers as villains complicates things.

Even if Lucifer might be a step below Michael on the chain of power, he is still one of the most powerful beings in existence. Lucifer created demons, starting with Eve, and that was what started the war with Heaven. His only weakness was vanity, but he could overpower anyone -- including his vessel, Sam Winchester.

2 Powerful: MICHAEL

Supernatural Michael

The most powerful archangel of the four brothers is Michael -- and while he was supposed to be a force for good, his own anger and desires drove him to become a villain, though he is still the hero in his own story. His vessel is Dean Winchester and his goal is to battle his brother Lucifer, who would one day control Sam, and fight to the end -- even if it meant destroying all of humanity in their wake.

No one in Heaven or Hell is strong enough to match up to Michael in terms of power, and Castiel admitted that Michael was the only being that was stronger than Lucifer. The only thing that can take down Michael is Lucifer, God, Death, the Darkness, or an Archangel Blade used by another archangel. As the last living archangel, the chances to beat him are pretty slim

1 Powerful: THE DARKNESS

Supernatural Quiz - The Darkness

The Darkness is possibly the most powerful being to ever exist. Known by the name Amara, she is God's older sister and is one of the oldest beings in history. She is known as the Darkness. She is an antithesis to her brother bringing the light, and she was always antagonistic of her brother -- destroying everything that he created.

To battle his sister, God created the archangels, but they couldn't even defeat her. Instead, they were only able to trap her and lock her away so that she could do no harm. Unfortunately, she was released and it took Dean Winchester linking up with her to convince her to step away and not destroy humanity.


What do you think? Are there any other powerful (or weak) beings in Supernatural that we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments!

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