Supernatural: The 30 Most Powerful Creatures, Officially Ranked

Castiel Wings Supernatural

The overall mythology of the world of Supernatural is the battle between angels and demons and Heaven and Hell, with Earth and humans caught in the middle. However, much like The X-Files before it, the show might be the most fun when it takes on the Monster of the Week episodes where Sam and Dean Winchester gear up to battle all kinds of monsters and demons to save lives and protect the innocent. While the show has started to rely more on the battle between Heaven and Hell, the entire premise from the start was that the boys were hunters and the creatures they hunted ranged from the classic myths to some really evil and powerful original creations.

The first season of Supernatural alone featured some legendary myths, from the tales of the Woman in White and Bloody Mary to Wendigos and poltergeists. From there, the hit CW series kept upping the stakes, making every ghost and ghoul more powerful than the ones that came before. Soon, Supernatural introduced Alpha monsters and then the Archangels showed up, showing what true power looked like.

From bloodsuckers and shapechangers to horrific monsters and powerful demons, here is a look at The 30 Most Powerful Supernatural Creatures, Officially Ranked.

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Supernatural Quiz - Changelings
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Supernatural Quiz - Changelings

The Changeling is a legend from European mythology. They are a monster that replaces a stolen child. This is the same on Supernatural. In their natural state, they are discolored with hollow eyes and a rounded mouth, which is full of teeth. They look human unless seen through their reflection. The Changeling mother feeds on the stolen babies while the young Changelings feed on the mothers.

While what happens to the stolen babies is tragic, Changelings are not as powerful as other monsters. They are stronger than humans, but they can be beaten by fire as well as by eliminating the Changeling mother.


When it comes to Supernatural, ghosts and poltergeists can get pretty confusing. For many instances, they are just lumped together. However, there is a difference between the two. Ghosts are the spirits of the deceased who were unable to move on to Heaven or Hell and are stuck on Earth. They are not always bad and sometimes work to help humans in times of need.

Meanwhile, Poltergeists are extremely dangerous. Unlike ghosts, which are simply stuck on Earth -- and in many cases want to move on -- poltergeists want attention and will do anything to receive it. They are former ghosts who are now powerful creatures. It takes a special ritual or salting to eliminate them.


Supernatural Crocotta

A Crocotta is a monster that is dangerous because it can mimic a human's voice. It can use the voices of loved ones to lure victims into traps that it has set up. They are based on a mythological monster from India. According to legend, they were animal-like creatures that could mimic human speech and then attack and eat their victims.

The interesting alteration to the Supernatural monsters is that they have developed the ability to use telephones and computers, which creates an easy way of obtaining victims, as they no longer need to hunt. They eat their victims and devour their souls. However, a Hunter can beat them by stabbing them in the back of the neck.


The Rugaru is not only a powerful monster on Supernatural, but they also have a tragic history as well. These are normal humans who live a normal life until they hit the age of 30. However, when they turn 30, they morph and change into a monster with animal instincts that make them hungry. Because of this, they will eat anything -- even former loved ones -- since they are unable to control themselves.

No Rugaru was able to avoid their fate and no matter how good or virtuous the person was, since they fall victim to the curse on their 30th birthday. Fire is one of the only things that can take a Rugaru down, besides a few enchanted weapons.


Sirens Supernatural

The legend of the Sirens goes back to Greek mythology, where the monstrous women would sing enticing songs and lure sailors to their doom. When it comes to Supernatural, the legend was brought to land, where these beings now use their voices to lure people to their end.

On the show, they are not beautiful in their natural state, as they are hairless and barely human looking. However, they are shapechangers and can look like whatever their victim most desires in order to lure them in. They can then tempt them to betray their loved ones. It takes a Bronze Dagger coated in the blood of their victim to defeat a Siren.


Soul Eater, Supernatural

Soul Eaters are ancient creatures that live in another dimension. They feed on human souls after they drag them from the physical world into their nest. Once the souls are dragged there, they are trapped forever and remain there even if their body perishes.

The problem here is that for the longest time, hunters believed that Soul Eaters couldn't perish. It took a Celtic Sigil to entrap them. However, the British Men of Letters learned that placing the Sigil in the nest could turn the Soul Eater to dust and set the victims' souls free.


Supernatural Quiz - Wendigo

One of the earliest monsters introduced on Supernatural was the Wendigo, which was the monster that Sam and Dean Winchester had to defeat in the second episode of the series. They come from the Algonquian mythology and are cannibalistic creatures that can possess humans. They also possess super speed and are immortal.

These are some of the most difficult creatures to eliminate. It takes fire to end the life of a Wendigo. The problem is that they are very fast, very smart, and avoid the heat. Anasazi symbols can keep them at bay and protect individuals from becoming prey.


Scarecrow/Vanir, Supernatural

The Scarecrow was a monster that appeared in the first season of Supernatural in an episode of the same name. As expected, this is a living scarecrow in a field that takes its victims by luring them from the road. The Scarecrow also seemed unbeatable, as Dean's gun had no effect on it.

The Scarecrow turned out to be a manifestation of the Norse God Vanir. The townspeople in the town in which it resided then sacrificed strangers to it in order to keep their community "blessed." The only way to destroy this monster is to burn the sacred tree that gave it power.


Killer Clown/Rakshasa Supernatural

For everyone who hates clowns, the Rakshasa can be pretty scary. These are Hindu creatures that feed a few times every 20 to 30 years. If its appearance isn't obvious enough, this monster is also probably a reference to Stephen King's Pennywise in It.

These are creatures that eat human flesh, sleep on deceased insects, and can shapeshift to appear as humans -- mostly clowns. They have superhuman strength and speed. They can also become invisible. However, they can't enter a home without an invitation. They are invulnerable to everything except brass.


DAEVA on Supernatural

The Daeva is a savage and animalistic demon that appeared in the first season of Supernatural. The one thing that holds back the Daeva is that they have to be summoned or conjured. However, they will attack the person who summons them as well as the target they are sent after.

They are invisible, but their shadows are not. Mostly, they are used as tools by powerful demons in order to take out their enemies. They can teleport and have super strength, as well as dangerous claws. Since they are demons, they won't perish, but light can repel them and black magic can control them.


The Shtriga is based on an Albanian myth that dates all the way back to Ancient Rome. They are similar to witches but, instead, Shtriga feed on a person's Spiritus vitae, which is their life force. Once a person loses this, their immune system weakens. In Supernatural, they mostly feed off children's lifeforce.

While Sam said that the Shtriga are invulnerable to all weapons made by men and God, this was not entirely true. If caught feeding on someone, they are vulnerable to consecrated iron, and while it won't end them, it will cause them to flee.


The witches on Supernatural are pretty much the same type of witches that we see on other horror TV shows, movies, and books. They cast spells by connecting to supernatural forces and can communicate with spirits. As Sam said in "Malleus Maleficarum", what makes them dangerous is that they can be anyone and it is impossible to know who is and isn't a witch.

The power of a witch is dependent on both their source of magic and their knowledge and training. Rowena is a perfect example of an extremely powerful witch. The main weakness of most witches is iron.


Ghouls Supernatural

Ghouls are Alpha-level monsters that feed on the flesh of the deceased. After this, they take the form of their victim and then seek out their next target. There are also times when ghouls will feed on the living and they can take on the forms of their victims even if the victim is still alive.

They can also change back to a former form if they desire. They have super speed, strength, agility, and senses -- all higher than normal humans. They are also indestructible, though they can be decapitated and are weak to brain damage. Ghouls might be a type of Djinn, but they are not that powerful.


ARCHANE on Supernatural

As their name suggests, Arachnes are spider-based creatures on Supernatural, although they take the form of a human. They can create strong webs like spiders to trap their victims. They can also turn a human into an Arachne by biting them, and they possess poison that can end a human's life with a single bite.

They are similar to Spider-Man and possess the powers of a spider, including strength, agility, speed, and super senses. They are also vulnerable to most weapons and fire, but one sure way to end them is by chopping off their heads.


Supernatural Quiz - Werewolves

Werewolves in Supernatural are exactly what most fans of horror fiction expect. They are relatives to skinwalkers and can morph into a human-wolf hybrid. They are carnivores and many eat humans. Most legends are correct, as they can turn humans into werewolves with one bite. However, in Supernatural, they can also sire werewolf babies.

The most powerful werewolves are purebloods, which are close to the Alpha level. They can transform at will and can control their animal side better than regular werewolves. Silver and decapitation are two of the only ways to eliminate a werewolf.


A Djinn is a creature that many commonly refer to as a genie. However, while many people see genies as beings that grant wishes, the Djinn is a sinister creature that uses trickery and deceit to gain their means. Unlike the typical legends, Supernatural changed these from supernatural beings into monsters.

The Djinn on the series can touch a person and cause them to relive their deepest dreams and desires. This puts the human in a coma-like state, which allows the Djinn to feed on them. The only way a hunter can eliminate a Djinn is supposed to be with a silver knife dipped in lamb's blood, although Sam took one out by hitting its head with a golf club.


Supernatural Quiz - Jefferson Starships

Obviously, this is a creature on Supernatural that was named by classic rock loving Dean Winchester rather than one that came from traditional mythological lore. According to Dean, he named them Jefferson Starships because they are "horrible" and hard to eliminate. Eve created these creatures as a hybrid monster.

These beings are considered the ultimate monster by Eve, since they have the characteristics of many of her previous creations, including the teeth of a vampire, the spike of a wraith, and the ability to shapeshift. While decapitation worked to slow them down, it took Crowley's demonic forces to finally eliminate them.


Hellhounds are extremely dangerous beasts that Sam has described as demonic pit bulls. They mostly serve demons from Hell and are a danger to humans, angels, and other demons alike. A Hellhound's main purpose is to collect the souls of humans when their deals with demons are due. Only those humans can see them in most cases.

Once a Hellhound gets the scent of its target, it has it for life. The only way to stop a Hellhound is with iron, Angel Blades, The Colt, or with Ruby's knife. Salt can be used to block them out, but it will not stop them from finding a way to get to their prey.


Supernatural has worked hard to make their vampires very dangerous. Because of this, they eliminated most of the lore that horror fans have grown accustomed to. The crosses don't affect vampires and sunlight does little damage. Even a wooden stake to the heart won't stop them.

However, like classic vampires, they are immortal, never age, have superhuman strength and speed, and are invulnerable to conventional weapons. They can also retract their fangs, which means that they can blend in with humans. For years, decapitation was the only way to eliminate them until the British Men of Letters came up with specially built weapons that turned their own blood toxic.


khan worm

The Khan Worm is another original Supernatural creature that Dean Winchester named. Of course, the name came from the classic Star Trek movie The Wrath of Khan due to their appearance and powers. Eve created these creatures, which can enter a human's head and then control their actions.

The Khan Worm is extremely dangerous. It possessed Dean and caused him to end the life of his cousin Gwen Campbell. It then possessed Bobby Singer and forced him to take out his old partner Rufus Turner. These can be electrocuted while they're still in a host's body and can also be crushed if the worm escapes from the body.


Many of the most famous creatures in Supernatural have an Alpha, which is the first creature that was created and usually is the most powerful. One of the most powerful Alphas we see on the show is arguably the Alpha Vampire -- the strongest of all vampires. He was the first vampire and it is said that he existed even before humans first discovered how to make fire.

The Alpha Vampire has the same powers as other vampires but on a much higher level due to his age and experience. He is also considered one of the most powerful monsters in history due to his Alpha status. Nothing seemed to totally eliminate this Alpha until Sam used the Colt with a newly designed bullet against him.


Categorizing demons into one spot is a little broad since there are so many different types of demons and all of them have different powers and abilities. Demons were created because they endured long periods of torture in Hell and became evil and extremely powerful and corrupt. When it comes to stronge= creatures on Supernatural, demons are the ones that appear the most powerful.

Lillith was the first demon and soon powerful demons, such as Azazel, Dagon, Ramiel, and Asmodeus rose. Possibly the most powerful demon on Supernatural is Crowley, who once served as the King of Hell. Demons can perish, but it is never easy to take them down.


The Knights of Hell are demons, but they are specially bred and trained by Cain, who was the original Knight of Hell. When considering their power, there is no official word on where they rank, but most demons are in awe of the Knights of Hell, which means that they are possibly the most powerful demons.

These demons are invulnerable to almost everything and it took one of their own to wipe out most of the species, outside of Abaddon, who was able to escape. The Knights Of Hell are extremely difficult to take down. Only someone who has the Mark of Cain and uses the First Blade can hold hope to harm one.


Castiel Wings Supernatural

It might be a little wrong to consider angels as creatures, but many of them have proven to be more dangerous than many monsters that Dean and Sam Winchester have hunted on Supernatural. Most angels are tasked with maintaining Heaven and protecting the souls of the good, but there are those who have strayed and are very dangerous.

Angels get their powers from their grace and wings. The class of Angels sitting below the Archangels can still smite beings with lesser powers, unleash Holy White Light as a weapon, negate a being's power, and much more. Very little can end their lives outside of Angel Blades, higher ranking demons, Leviathans, and the First Blade.


Supernatural death

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse consists of the Biblical versions -- War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. These are all powerful entities, but among them, one stands tall as the most powerful of their ranks and one of the most powerful creatures in Supernatural history: Death.

Death is the oldest of all of the Horsemen, and like the other Horsemen, he is invulnerable. The only thing that can end the life of a Horseman is Death's Scythe, but even that is only temporary, as the next Reaper to fall replaces Death, which was what happened with Billie in season 12.


Supernatural Quiz - Leviathan

The Leviathans are ancient monsters that were the very first beasts that God created. This means that the Leviathans are older than even the Angels. These creatures were so powerful and destructive that God finally created Purgatory so that he could lock them away from the rest of the universe.

Leviathans are more powerful than almost any other creature in existence and can eat just about everything. Leviathons are also one of the only beings that can take the lives of an Angel in battle. There is only one weapon capable of ending the life of a Leviathan - one forged from the bone of a righteous mortal, the blood of a Fallen Angel, the blood of the Father of Fallen Beasts (like the Alpha Vampire), and the blood of the Ruler of Hell (for example, Crowley).


The Cosmic Entity might be the most powerful creature in Supernatural history, but there is not enough known about it to rank it very high on this list. The Entity predated God, the Darkness, and Death. However, the full power of the Entity is unknown, as we still don't know what its specific powers are yet.

The thought is that, while the Entity is in the Empty, it is all-powerful and can do anything it wishes. However, there are doubts that the Entity can do as much outside of the Empty. Its true form will make any being that views it lose their mind.


Supernatural Jack

A Nephilim is a hybrid creature that was conceived by an Angel and a human. That means that a Nephilim has a human soul and angelic grace. Because of this, it is one of the most powerful creatures in existence. A Nephilim is so powerful that the celestial being that conceives one will lose their own life as well as the life of their child.

The most powerful Nephilim is one that was sired by an Archangel. A regular Nephilim is stronger than most angels since they are more powerful than their parents. This means that one born to an Archangel is stronger than even Archangels. Jack is Lucifer's son, so that makes him very powerful if he gains full strength, although he loses his powers when he loses his grace.


Supernatural Michael Lucifer and Mary

God created the Archangels to help him battle and bring down his older sister, the Darkness. However, the Archangels needed to work together and alongside God to stop and imprison her. Outside of that, there are few creatures in Supernatural that can slow down an Archangel -- much less stop them.

Of course, Archangels have fallen on Supernatural, but this was only in a battle against another Archangel. With that said, there are few more powerful than Michael and Lucifer, who are able to do just about anything when at full power. The Archangel Blades can end the life of one, but only when it is wielded by another Archangel.


The Darkness is Amara, the older sister of God. She existed before the start of time and spent a lot of time destroying what God created. As a result, God created the Archangels and it took a combined effort of these beings and God himself to stop her and entrap her.

Death revealed that the Darkness was more powerful than God and was both amoral and destructive. God revealed that Amara is the most powerful being in all existence and even Death fears her. There is nothing a mortal, angel, or demon can do to end her life.


Are there any other powerful Supernatural creatures that we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments!

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