10 Things That Need To Happen Before Supernatural Ends

Supernatural is finally ending with its fifteenth season. Some of us have watched the show from the first episode in 2005 and will watch the series finale in 2020. This also means that long-time fans have many plot points in store which they want to see closed out before the last moments of the show.

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Some of these points by might be plot holes, and some might just be things we want resolved in order to have that satisfied feeling of closure when all is said and done.

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10 The Return of Chuck and Amara

If the show wanted to end earlier, Season 11 would’ve been the perfect time as it introduced both God and the Darkness. The show hasn’t featured characters of the cosmic power and stature as these two since, and it’s not possible either, so it’s only fitting these two return one more time.

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Last we saw this sibling pairing, they had taken off to parts unknown in the universe and Chuck had once again abandoned his responsibility and shunned culpability. It would be great if he returned and finally admitted how awful he’s been as God and restore what’s been wrong in the universe. As for Amara, it’ll be interesting to see how she’s rehabilitated.

9 The Return of Adam Winchester

This one would be at the very top of most fans’ wish lists, and we don’t blame them either because Adam is the blood sibling of Sam and Dean, but the Winchesters have deliberately left him to rot in Hell for, in his point-of-view, thousands of years.

The notion has been that they’ve been saving Adam up for a grand reveal, but it would be awful if we don’t see him again before the show ends. Season 15 will mark ten years since we’ve seen him, so it’ll be fine closure if we can finally see young Adam back among the living.

8 The Reveal of What Happened to Original Bobby

Bobby Singer Supernatural

It’s easy to forget that the Bobby we have on the show now is only an alternate version of the one we all love. The original Bobby hasn’t been seen in chronology since the tenth season!

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We last saw this Bobby in a flashback episode in Season 11, which leaves his Season 10 appearance as the latest one; he was taken away by Hannah and other angels for breaking rules of Heaven, which implied that Bobby was heading off to Heaven’s dungeons. We haven’t had any updates on his status, and it would be an injustice if we never find out if he’s doing well.

7 The Return of Crowley

This one might be a longshot seeing as the actor is reluctant to reappear as this character, but that doesn’t mean Crowley can’t come back. Ideally, Mark Sheppard should play Crowley once more, but if we can’t get him then at least another appearance by the character would be the next best option.

Crowley could come back with a different vessel, or even in his original human vessel if the show wants him back in human form, and have closure with his mother Rowena; you’ll recall Rowena was wracked with grief over the loss of her only child.

6 Defeating The Shadow

Signs currently point toward the Shadow either being the main villain of Season 15, or appearing out of the blue to take away Castiel. We’d much rather it play the Baddie so that Castiel can have a shot at living happily ever after.

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In case you forgot, the Shadow promised to lock Castiel away in The Empty forever when Castiel would be at his happiest, and with the show ending, it might just be targeting Castiel very soon. A final fight against a cosmic entity would be a fitting hurrah for Sam, Castiel and Dean. We all want Castiel to beat this thing and save himself.

5 Visiting John in Heaven

Although we got our 12-year-old wish of wanting John Winchester back on Supernatural in the 300th episode this year, it still was a 2003 version of John transported to 2019 rather than the chronologically accurate version.

The current one’s whereabouts remain a mystery, although it’s most likely he resides in Heaven now. It would be unfair for our last glimpse of John being the ghost who disappeared, so a reunion of John and Mary in Heaven, preferably with Sam and Dean present as well, would be one of the crowning moments of the fifteenth season. Ideally, this should be the send-off for Mary’s storyline before the series finale.

4 A Full Family And Team Free Will Reunion

By full family, we mean all the Winchesters plus Adam in the same room. We want to see how John reacts to Adam in present-day and how Mary would react as well. Along with that, the return of original Bobby, Jo, Ellen, Crowley, and Sam, Dean, Castiel would mean all of the Team Free Will would be back together.

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It would make for an epic reunion as we’ve never seen all these characters together at the same time. This reunion would leave no stone unturned and enable these characters to resolve any differences and reconcile their beliefs.

3 A Resolution to Wayward Sisters

The Cast of Wayward Sisters

Wayward Sisters ended up being a failed backdoor pilot, but it’s a shame we won’t be seeing the adventures of its characters on Supernatural either. At present, we have no clue what their operations are like and they all seemed to be scattered around.

Rather than showing these ladies being all happy and content, a proper resolution should be in the form of showing us how they are now a full-blown hunter family. A base of operations and clear set of hierarchy within the team would mean we’ll leave these women as a badass hunter squad who don’t need to rely on Sam and Dean anymore.

2 Another Crossover

Scoobynatural showed that there are no boundaries to what Supernatural can achieve in terms of crossovers. Not one person in the planet would’ve believed you in 2005 if you’d told them these two demon-hunting brothers would interact with the Scooby gang one day. So, why stop there? The show should extend its possibilities and have another wild crossover.

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The most obvious choice should be with Arrow, whose main actor has previously expressed interest in having a crossover with Supernatural. There are dozens of ways this could be achieved; you could have a return to ‘The French Mistake’ episode’s concept and have the boys show up on Arrow’s filming set, or there could be travelling between separate universes and have Sam and Dean show up in the Worlds of DC.

1 Dean's Confrontation with Jacob Pond

If you’re thinking this is a random suggestion, then think again. Because we have a very sneaky suspicion this kid just might be the last foe Dean comes across. Jacob’s only appearance was back in Season 7 when he vowed to kill Dean for taking his monster mother’s life. Dean didn’t doubt that promise and asked the kid to look him up in a few years.

While we don’t want Dean to die, a possible way to end the show could be by having Sam pass away, and a grieving Dean meeting his end at Jacob’s hands, thereby reuniting the brothers in Heaven. Alternatively, any confrontation with Jacob would be great since this face-off has been left hanging for about 7-8 years by now.

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