8 Plot Twists That Hurt Supernatural (And 13 That Saved It)

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester as Jared Padalecki as Sam in Supernatural

Supernatural has been on the CW for 13 seasons so far, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. Fans still tune in every week to see what Sam and Dean Winchesters are up to. They've grown to love angel Castiel and now Lucifer's son Jack.

Part of the reason why the show is so successful is that it pays off on storylines that are years in the making. Some of these have resulted in surprise moments, even if they just confirm fans' speculation.

However, not every decision made — even if it's necessary for the plot — has been a smart move.

Characters have been introduced and promptly forgotten about, even by their family. (Will Adam ever catch a break?) Different versions of characters have meant something fun for the actors to play, but weren't best for the series and other characters.

Sometimes, it seemed like a character did something simply to create conflict between the brothers.

In at least one instance, it would have been easy for the show to go one way. However, instead it went another, making for a much more interesting storyline and dynamic to play among the characters.

In multiple instances, it looked like characters' lives had ended — or they actually had — only for them to be brought back. In fact, bringing back Mary resulted in plots that were both good and bad.

The Supernatural universe has had to be expanded, and the series did so with the introduction of the Apocalypse World. This led to storylines that both hurt and saved the series.

With that said, here are the 8 Plot Twists That Hurt Supernatural (And 13 That Saved It).

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21 Saved: Ketch Is Alive

First of all, let's not pretend that Ketch was an amazing character when he was first introduced. He was, after all, part of the British Men of Letters and an awful person. It was so satisfying to see Mary end his life.

However, bringing him back in season 13, thanks to a spell of Rowena's, was the right move.

Watching him try to convince the brothers that he was his own twin was amusing, though it was obvious he wasn't.

Plus, he did end up becoming useful to the Winchesters. For example, making him go to the Apocalypse World turned out to be a good move.

They needed all the help they could get there. In fact, it was surprisingly good to see him survive the experience.

20 Saved: Patience's Vision Was About Kaia, Not Claire

Patience give Jody her card in Supernatural

Supernatural tried to get another spinoff going with Wayward Sisters in season 13. The beginning of the season introduced Patience and Kaia, who would have joined Jody, Donna, Alex and Claire.

Patience is a psychic, and she thought that she saw the end of Claire's life.

However, it turned out Kaia, not Claire, was the one who didn't make it back from the Bad Place. Well, the Kaia they met didn't make it back, at least.

That was a good setup for a series — an alternate version of someone the women knew.

It was also a good move in the event that the spinoff wasn't picked up (which it wasn't). It keeps Claire around and she's motivated to get revenge for Kaia.

It also showed that Patience still had a lot to learn when it came to her abilities.

19 Hurt: Soulless Sam

Supernatural Soulless Sam

At the end of the season 5 finale, Dean thought he'd lost his brother for good. While Lucifer was possessing him, Sam jumped into hell.

However, Sam came back — soulless.

Sure, it was a different Sam for the show to have around for a while, but it also had its moments.

Fans saw how not having a soul changes someone (using a character fans already knew). They also saw how Dean handled a different version of his brother.

They got to watch Dean get his brother's soul back, with an appearance by Death.

However, it all lasted a bit too long.

Plus, fans were used to Sam being the brother who cared the most. Changing that would have been good for a few episodes, not 11.

18 Saved: Gabriel Was Alive

When Supernatural first introduced Gabriel, he was the Trickster. So, it only made sense that he had one final trick up his sleeve. Though the brothers thought that Lucifer ended his life in season 5, he popped up again (alive) in season 13.

Whether he was hiding as the Trickster or Gabriel, he was an entertaining character every time he showed up.

After all, without him, there wouldn't have been the episode "Changing Channels".

Sadly, he didn't survive the fight against Michael in the Apocalypse World.

Still, bringing him back meant seeing more of Gabriel with the brothers, Castiel, and even Lucifer.

Plus, bringing him back meant that Gabriel and Rowena briefly got together, which was amusing all around.

17 Hurt: Godstiel

In season 6, Castiel worked with Crowley to fight Raphael. (This was back when Crowley was still very much the Winchesters' enemy and not an ally.)

In the finale, Castiel absorbed souls (and the Leviathans) from purgatory and declared himself the new God.

Though he returned the souls, the Leviathans took over his body in the season 7 premiere. The Leviathans were then released into the world and Castiel went MIA in the second episode.

The entire point of this was to have the Leviathans out in the world in season 7 and "Godstiel" didn't last that long.

Furthermore, Castiel did worse things before he opened purgatory, like breaking the wall keeping in Sam's memories of hell.

16 Saved: Ruby Was Evil All Along

Ruby in Supernatural

This was not really surprising, considering that Ruby was a demon. However, Supernatural wanted Sam to be working with Ruby in season 4 to set up the finale.

Ruby needed Sam to free Lucifer from his cage in hell and the brothers needed to be the ones to end her together.

It put them back on the same page after they hadn't been with regards to Sam's powers and Ruby.

It also set up season 5 (and its finale) and officially introduced Lucifer to the series.

Lucifer hasn't always been a positive addition to the story. However, it's hard to imagine the show not bringing him on at some point, especially once it became clear that Supernatural wasn't going anywhere.

15 Saved: Mary Was a Hunter

The Campbells aren't the best storyline that Supernatural has done (though it was good to see Mitch Pileggi).

As we soon discovered, Mary was actually a hunter when she was younger, though she gave it up. She later picked it back up once she was brought back to life — and she was good at it.

This meant that Mary wasn't floundering in the life her sons were in once she returned. The brothers could keep doing what they do, occasionally with their mother. They didn't have to introduce her to the world of hunting.

It also meant that Mary could make the deal she did with Azazel that kick-started the series.

Even though this wasn't a wise decision, Sam and Dean would have been different people if she hadn't.

14 Hurt: Adam's Existence

Jake Abel as Adam Michael in Supernatural

Remember Adam Milligan? Don't worry if you don't. Sam and Dean don't, either, and he's their brother.

Back in season 4, the brothers found out that John had another son. Adam became Michael's vessel and ended up in the cage in hell with Lucifer.

In season 6, Dean made a deal with Death to retrieve Sam's soul from the cage. He left Adam there too since he had to choose.

In season 10, the school musical even had an Adam character. The brothers didn't know who he was supposed to be. They had to be reminded of their brother, whom they left in the cage in hell with Lucifer.

The poor kid deserved better from his family, especially on a show where family is so important.

13 Saved: Jack Is Good

Alexander Calvert as Jack in Supernatural Season 13

The son of the devil has to be evil, right? That's what everyone expected once Kelly Kline was pregnant. Then, once Jack was born and he displayed his powers, fearing him made sense.

However, while Lucifer tried to sway him once the two met, Jack knew who his real family was. He stuck by Sam, Dean, and Castiel's sides.

Bringing in Jack introduced a new dynamic for the brothers. While Sam wanted to help him, Dean wasn't on board in the beginning.

However, once Jack revealed that he wanted to save Mary from the Apocalypse World, they were solid.

Jack didn't have to be defined by his relationship to Lucifer. It would have been so easy if he was.

Supernatural made the right move in making Jack part of the family instead.

12 Hurt: Lucifer's "Help" in Season 13


Lucifer returned after they sealed him in a cage in hell, which was a good thing.

In season 13, he acted like he could be one of the good guys and become a good father to Jack, but this was a joke.

On Supernatural, Lucifer, the devil, was never going to be a good guy in the fight against Apocalypse World's Michael. He was never going to be able to be a good father.

He then tried to get Sam and Jack to end each other's lives.

The only good part of this storyline was that it led to Jensen Ackles finally playing another character. Dean agreed to be Michael's vessel in a one-time deal that the archangel unsurprisingly went back on.

11 Saved: Amara Brought Back Mary

Dean and Mary Winchester hugging Supernatural

Supernatural began with the Winchesters losing their mother. If that hadn't happened, there wouldn't be a show. There wouldn't be two brothers riding around, hunting monsters, trying to get revenge.

Yes, Mary came from a family of hunters, but it's impossible to say what would've happened if she'd lived.

Amara brought back Mary, allowing the show to do something it hadn't yet: see the brothers as sons.

John was only around a few times before he gave up his life to save Dean.

While Mary hasn't stuck with Sam and Dean on a permanent basis, her existence opens the door for other storylines.

The Winchesters aren't a perfect family — and wouldn't have been even without hunting. The series got the chance to explore this beyond Sam and Dean once Mary reentered the picture.

10 Saved: Chuck Is God

When Supernatural first introduced Chuck, he was a prophet writing about the Winchester brothers' lives.

God was MIA. Then, Chuck disappeared after finishing his manuscript in the season 5 finale.

He briefly showed up in season 10 to comment on the 200th episode musical, saying it was "not bad."

It wasn't until season 11 that the truth was revealed and the speculation was confirmed: Chuck is God.

Revealing Chuck to be God — and using the amulet — was one of the best decisions of the show. Sam and Dean both got to react to the revelation, and God didn't get a free pass just because he's God.

This was also a way to connect back to the season, as Amara turned out to be God's sister. Their family had its own issues, as fans got to see this play out, especially between God and Lucifer.

9 Hurt: Sam Didn't Look for Dean

Supernatural – “Heartache” – Image SN801a_0506 – Pictured: Liane Balaban as Amelia -- Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW -- ©2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

Sam and Dean have been separated multiple times over the course of Supernatural.

As Dean pointed out in the season 8 premiere, they always looked for each other, even when the other said not to.

After Dean ended up in purgatory in the season 7 finale, he returned to learn that Sam hadn't looked for him. Instead, he'd settled down.

Sam's entire time spent with Amelia (and that dog) was a joke. It was never going to last and (thankfully) it was never revisited.

Most importantly, it was detrimental to the brothers' relationship, which is the core of the series.

You know something is bad when Lucifer, the devil himself, calls it "the worst thing [Sam's] ever done."

8 Saved: Apocalypse World

The world of Supernatural has been expanding, as the series has received more and more seasons.

Sam and Dean met other hunters, they found out about the Men of Letters (and the British chapter), they lost friends and family, and they gained new allies.

The Apocalypse World opened up Sam and Dean's world in a new way. Not only did they get to see a world where they didn't exist, but they also made new friends.

Sure, at first Apocalypse Bobby was just a way to have Bobby back. However, he's also his own character.

Writing out Charlie was a big mistake. Bringing in Apocalypse World Charlie doesn't make up for it, but it's hopefully a sign that the writers won't make the same mistakes again.

7 Hurt: Mary’s Deal with Azazel

On the one hand, Mary's deal with Azazel kick started the entire show.

If she hadn't agreed to let him enter her home in 10 years so he'd bring John back to life, there wouldn't be a show. Sam and Dean wouldn't have become the people they did.

On the other hand, it was an awful backstory to give to Mary. This was mostly due to the fact that she wasn't alive at the time.

She didn't come back until eight seasons later.

It's an interesting addition to the Winchester history to explore when all parties involved are alive. When they're not, it isn't.

It was also resolved fairly quickly once Mary was around. Sam forgave her, and that was that.

6 Saved: Dean Became a Demon

Supernatural offered a chance to see a different Dean in season 10. He became a demon for a few episodes, which was a smart move for the show.

It would have been so easy to write some other way out so that Dean would’ve been saved.

Demon Dean was a demon. He wasn't still hunting with Sam, but was actually with Crowley (which led to an amusing photo).

Demon Dean led to the very intense "Soul Survivor". In the hour, Dean stalked Sam through the bunker, and Sam did what he had to to cure him.

The show is at its best when it focuses on the brothers.

Dean becoming a demon and Sam trying to save him allowed it to do this.

5 Saved: Angels Aren’t Necessarily Good

It would have been so easy to make everything straight forward when it comes to good and evil.

Angels could have been the good guys, while demons and monsters could have been the bad guys.

However, this would have been boring, especially once the series reached double digits in seasons.

Instead, wings don't make a character good, and demons and monsters can be allies. After all, Lucifer is an archangel and the devil.

In fact, we never know if the Winchesters can truly trust an angel to be on their side, as even Castiel has done bad things.

There's a reason why angel blades are part of the Winchesters' arsenal, as they tend to use them to take down angels.

4 Hurt: Dean Ended Amy's Life

In season 7, Sam and Dean encountered Sam's childhood friend, Amy Pond. She was a kitsune who was taking lives to feed her son the necessary body parts for his survival.

He was sick and couldn't have the pituitary glands she ate from bodies in the morgue where she worked.

Sam let her go because she had saved his life as a kid by taking her own mother's. However, Dean didn't agree with his brother and tracked her down.

He ended her life and warned her son that he would do the same if he ever took a life.

There was really only one reason for this to happen: to create conflict between the brothers. It didn't even last one full episode, so it was completely unnecessary.

3 Saved: Why John Grew up Without His Father

Supernatural Henry Winchester

John grew up without his father, Henry, due to his involvement in the Men of Letters.

Henry traveled to the future, where he thought he'd meet an older version of his son. Instead, he encountered Sam and Dean and learned that the family thought that he'd abandoned his son.

However, this was something he couldn't change because it would change their current history and the present.

The series is about Sam and Dean. Therefore, it was much more interesting to see how Henry's presence affected them than to see how their lives would've changed if he'd been a better farther.

After all, Men of Letters didn't think much of hunters. However, that's what Supernatural needs Sam and Dean to be.

2 Hurt: Mary Wanted to Stay in Apocalypse World

The Apocalypse World was a good twist for Supernatural. Mary telling her sons that she wasn't going home with them because she'd bonded with the people there, however was not.

Having Mary around on a permanent basis, hunting with Sam and Dean every week, doesn't seem like something that the series is interested in doing, which is fine.

There's a difference between Mary hunting on her own and deciding to stay in another universe. Her decision made it seem like she had to be more loyal to strangers than to her own family.

Sam accepting her decision and finding a way to bring everyone back with them guaranteed that this wouldn't be explored in the future.

Dean's outrage made more sense.

1 Saved: Michael Takes over Dean’s Body

Supernatural fans had waited 13 seasons to see Jensen Ackles play a character other than Dean. They'd also been teased for years that he was Michael's vessel/sword.

Finally, in the season 13 finale, Dean gave Michael permission to use his body as part of a one-time deal.

It wasn't surprising that Michael didn't honor those terms after ending Lucifer. Did anyone think that he'd really give up Dean's body?

However, it set the stage for what's sure to be an exciting season 14.

Now fans have many questions they want answered, such as what will Michael be like? What will happen to Dean? How will Sam save his brother?

It's a sign of a good show that, in season 14, the series is paying off a storyline that has been years in the making.


Are there any other plot twists that hurt or saved Supernatural? Have your say in the comment section!

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