There's No New Supernatural Episode This Week: Here's Why

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There's no new episode of Supernatural on the CW this week. Sam and Dean Winchester have been fighting monsters for nearly 15 years, but this week they're taking Thursday off. One of the few TV shows in history to actually be older than the network it airs on, Supernatural was a holdover from The WB days, and it's safe to say Warner Bros. thanks Chuck every day they decided to keep the show going past season 1. Supernatural's fandom is extraordinarily loyal, and have followed the series no matter how many times The CW has moved its timeslot. At this point, Supernatural has aired on nearly every night of the week.

Over the course of Supernatural's long run, the Winchester boys have gone through a lot: they've lost their dad, but regained their mom; they've killed both Lucifer and Death himself; they've prevented multiple apocalypses from coming to pass; and have personally both died multiple times. But like their show, Sam and Dean just won't stay down for the count, always rising to battle the forces of evil for one more round. In the currently airing season 14 of Supernatural, Dean has spent some time as the no longer willing vessel to archangel Michael, Lucifer's son Jack has struggled to adapt to life without his powers, Sam's first searched for Dean then attempted to protect him from Michael's reach, and mother Mary has sought to help the refugees from "Apocalypse World" adjust to their new lives.

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Supernatural's most recent episode, entitled "Optimism," ended with Jack in a life or death situation, but unfortunately, fans will have to wait longer than usual to find out if he survives. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., Supernatural won't air a new episode on Thursday, November 22. It's normal for most broadcast network programming to hit pause for the Turkey-infused celebration, as most Americans are too busy stuffing their face alongside family to care about a new TV episode. Fear not, Winchester devotees, as Supernatural will return next week - Thursday, November 29 - with the episode "Unhuman Nature."

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Sadly though, it won't be too long before Supernatural fans have to deal with a case of withdrawal again, as while the show airs additional new episodes on Thursday, December 6, and Thursday, December 13, after that it'll go on its annual winter break. Supernatural season 14 won't return from hiatus until January 17, a full month after the previous episode. Knowing Supernatural's writers, they'll be sure to leave fans with a cliffhanger ending to chew on for four weeks too.

Supernatural season 14 will also be the shortest season of The CW's long-lasting drama since season 6, running for only 20 episodes instead of the standard 23. Some wondered if this meant the show was winding down, although producers explained the move as being a simple attempt to provide lead actors Jared Padalecki (Sam) and Jensen Ackles (Dean) an opportunity to spend more time with their families each year. For now, it appears that Supernatural has no end in sight, and that's just the way most fans want it.

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Supernatural season 14 returns Thursday, November 29 on The CW.

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