Supernatural: 10 Mythical Monsters The Show Hasn't Used Yet

Supernatural has become one of the longest-running TV shows of all time, regardless of genre. The series has been on the air since 2005, running for 15 seasons and 327 episodes to date. Fans are surely aware of the myriad mythical monsters that have been featured on the show, be they baku, Chupacabras, muscas, shapeshifters, vetala, wendigos, etc. But what about the ones that haven't been included? Here are 10 mythical monsters yet to be used in Supernatural.

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10 Sarangay

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Somewhat related to the Minotaur in the bovine family is the Sarangay, a bull-like monster that derives from Filipino folklore. While the massive monster is known for staunchly protecting a jewel located on its ear, those who betray the beast will pay the ultimate price.

According to legend, those who try to steal the jewel of the Sarangay will suffer a brutal and unforgiving death. The Sarangay is often depicted blowing smoke through its nostrils when driven to anger. The huge muscular body of the beast resembles a half-human and half-bull (water buffalo).

9 Isonade

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How would Sam and Dean do against the Japanese Jaws? According to Japanese legend, the Isonade is a gargantuan sea-monster resembling a shark that terrorizes humans off the coast of Western Japan.

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According to lore, the Isonade's body has never been spotted. The beast's body remains submerged underwater, with only its large, barb-like tail coming up to attack fishing boats. Its hooked tail is so large that it's been said to capsize boats and lethally strike victims on land. Swirling winds are said to mark the arrival of the Isonade, which sneakily drags victims underwater and devours them to death.

8 Kishi

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According to African lore, the kishi is a two-faced demon deriving from Angola. The creature has the handsome face of a human on the front of its body and the vicious face of a hyena on the back.

Legend has it that the kishi employs his human facade to charm, sweet-talk, and lure young women. Once it attracts a woman, the kishi uses its hyena face to eat them. The jaws of the beast are said to be so strong that nothing can escape its clutch. The word "kishi" translates as "spirit" in many Bantu dialects.

7 Ammit

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Known as the "devourer of the dead," Ammit is an ancient Egyptian demoness that physically combines the three largest man-eaters on Earth: the lion, hippo, and crocodile.

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Also known as "Eater of Hearts" and "Great of Death," Ammit (or Ammut) was not worshiped by Egyptians, but rather feared and respected by them. If a heart was deemed bad by Anubis, Ammit would swallow the hearts and render the soul of the dead eternally restless.

6 Cheval Gauvin

According to French mythology, the Cheval Gauvin is a malefic horse that tries to kill its rider by whatever means necessary.

The evil equine has been said to stalk cemeteries, forests, and waterways as a means of drowning its riders or bucking them off into steep crevices. First appearing in an 1854 text, the Cheval Gauvin was considered an ominous sign of impending death. The term has also come to be equated with the Bogeyman or transmuted lutin (hobgoblin). The creature is also akin to the Scottish kelpie and the French Cheval Mallet.

5 Bugbear


Who knew such a cute-sounding creature could be so malevolent? Oh yeah, all you D&D gamers, that's who.

In Celtic lore, a Bugbear is thought to be a child-eating hobgoblin akin to the Bogeyman. The term first appeared in Medieval England in 1561 and was described as a freakish bear who skulked in the woods to frighten unruly children. The word Bugbear derives from the English word "bugge" (a frightening thing). In addition to the Bogeyman, Bugbears are also likened to the German Moss People, the Scottish wirry-cows, and the Japanese yōkai.

4 Cerberus

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Since Sam and Dean already did battle with hellhounds, the Chupacabra, and the crocotta, it only makes sense they face off with their direct descendant in the Cerberus.

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Often referred to as the "hounds of Hades," the Cerberus is a poly-headed dog-beast that protects the gates of hell. What's even scarier is the pulse-pounding pedigree of the beast. The Cerberus is the offspring of Echidna, a half-woman half-snake monster, and Typhon, a giant serpent. The Cerberus is often described as having three heads, a serpent-like tail, and snakes extruding from its body.

3 Sphinx

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The soaring Egyptian mythological sphinx has never gotten it's just due in Supernatural. Why, oh why?

In Greek lore, the sphinx assumes the form of a half-woman (head) and half-feline (legs) beast that sometimes has bird wings. According to legend, those who fail to solve the riddle provided by the evil and unforgiving monster will be lethally devoured by it. The Sphinx is one of the most infamous mythological monsters, memorialized by the Great Sphinx of Giza statue in Egypt.

2 Chimera


Although Sam and Dean did encounter a chimera in the 2015 spin-off novel Supernatural: Cold Fire, it's a shame they never hunted one on the show. After all, Chimeras are some of the most infamous mythical monsters on record.

Akin to a Satyr or a Faun (although deadlier), a Chimera is a fire-breathing animal hybrid as described in Greek mythology. The physical depiction of a Chimera usually consists of having a lion's body, goat's head, and a snake's head for a tail.

1 Bigfoot/Yeti

Believe it or not, Sam and Dean have yet to hunt down Bigfoot, quite possibly the most infamous American mythological monster ever conjured. The creature may have been mentioned before, but never seen.

The physiological primate, scientifically known as a cryptid, also extends to East Asian lore in the form of the Yeti. The towering, gargantuan ape-like monster has been terrifying locals for centuries, which makes it a wonder why the creature has never been seen in Supernatural. Perhaps Dean is no fan of Harry and the Hendersons.

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