Supernatural: 'My Heart Will Go On' Preview - Is Ellen Back?

Supernatural - Ellen

After what seemed like forever, Supernatural is finally returning to the air – and this time, Sam and Dean are going to have some back-up ...maybe.

In this Friday’s episode, entitled “My Heart Will Go On,” it appears that Fate has shined upon Sam and Dean. Unfortunately, not in the way they would have hoped. With a hit-list (of sorts) in hand, Fate has put Sam & Dean right at the top.

After the always annoying Balthazar decided to go back in time and prevent the Titanic from sinking, Fate is working overtime by going around and killing everyone (kin and all) that was never supposed to survive the almost 100-year-old tragedy.

With bodies dropping left and right, Sam and Dean attempt to intervene and stop Fate from continuing her murderous round-up. As expected, it’s going to take much more than two hunters to tackle this ethereal conundrum.

You can view the preview below:

From the short clip, you can see that Ellen is back! But how? Why? And she’s married to Bobby? With Supernatural once again proving that nobody actually dies (almost proving it more than Lost), one of the series’ fan-favorites is returning.

While there’s not enough information provided in the clip, it doesn't look like Bobby ist too surprised to have a supposed dead woman kissing his cheek. Considering this isn’t the first time that someone calling themselves Bobby’s “wife” has showed up, one must initially believe that this "Ellen" is not exactly the same person that fans know and love.

Of course, believing that would also mean that you’ve broken rule #1 of Supernatural: expect the unexpected.

With the flurry of possible explanations for Ellen’s reappearance, it’s safe to say that Friday cannot come soon enough. Although, with only four episodes left before the two-hour Supernatural season 6 finale, perhaps it can.


Supernatural airs Fridays @9pm, on The CW

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