Supernatural Season 6 'Like A Virgin' Review & Discussion

'Supernatural' returned with this season's best episode - not to mention a new nemesis. Come join us, as we review and discuss "Like A Virgin."

Supernatural - Like A Virgin

::Spoiler Warning!!::

Fresh from its cold winter slumber, Supernatural returns with a bang!

In what might be one of the best episodes of season 6, writer Adam Glass returns everyone’s favorite series back to its normal path, while also introducing the “Mother of all” - a game-changing nemesis that serves to drop a proverbial bomb on the Supernatural mythos.

When Death set out to return Sam’s (Jared Padalecki) tattered soul to his emotionless body, viewers were left in suspense as to what condition the unconscious Winchester would be in when the series returned from hiatus and Sam awoke. In a genius move to mislead the viewers from catching on to this episode’s final surprise, Sam’s current state – or lack there of – was instantly revealed.

Sam Winchester has thankfully returned to his former self – with just a few gaps in his memory. While any sort of cognizant repression provides for an initially intriguing storyline, continuous obliviousness often leads to stale storytelling and poor writing that’s always one step behind its viewers. Fortunately, Glass crafted a wonderful episodic plot that makes use of Sam’s memory-loss, while at the same time grounding this fantastical element by having Castiel (Misha Collins) reveal to Sam his past transgression.

Tasked with rescuing a group of self-described virgins from the grasps of conniving dragons, Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are back in their familiar series roles of Sam being the compassionate one and Dean being the, well, “brash” one.

Despite certain core elements of the dragon storyline lacking the panache of Supernatural’s best episodes, Glass more than makes up for it with Dean’s “sword in the stone” scene and Sam’s attempt to elicit knowledge from Bobby (Jim Beaver). While I’ll admit that the episode could have used more Bobby and the obviousness by which his character is simply discarded as the mere information provider for Sam and Dean has gotten a bit old, it’s always intriguing when the series provides viewers with slight glimpses into the character’s backstory.

Supernatural - Sam & Dean

As the dragon storyline came to a close, it could be considered the same “rinse and repeat” ending that most of Supernatural’s weekly monsters receive. Even though a single dragon got away, one wouldn’t have expected anything to come from it – at least not in this episode… BUT IT DID.

In one of the most shocking reveals in a long time, Supernatural decidedly threw down the gauntlet to any detractors of this season’s storylines and revealed the season six antagonist - the “Mother of All”.

Released from her prison in purgatory, viewers only caught a quick glimpse of the “Mother of All.” While no backstory was revealed, the name itself provides viewers with only one reasonable assumption – she is the mother of all... monsters.

But how? Why? And what does this mean for Sam, Dean, Bobby and Castiel?

Supernatural - Sam & Dean Sword

In what might be a dividing point amongst some fans, this nemesis refreshingly convolutes Supernatural’s already deep mythology. While some may say this character’s representation is too simplistic to be regarded as original, the potential storylines, story-arcs and character depth that can result from the introduction of the “Mother of All" is too great and wonderful to ignore.

While I’m sure it will be some time before we find out more about the “Mother of All," as well as what her plans are for this Earthly plain - not to mention how Sam and Dean will defeat her - fans of the series can sit back and relax with the knowledge that Supernatural has, in fact, returned to its former glory.


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