The 10 Deadliest Weapons In Supernatural

Being a show that focuses on all kinds of lore across all kinds of religions, Supernatural was bound to feature weapons of divine quality. With fifteen seasons to be completed by next year, the show will have had showcased a large assortment of cool weapons, something it has already achieved by now. 

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Since there have been so many of these items seen over the course of the series, one can’t recall which weapons are the most powerful of the lot. And as every Supernatural fan worth their salt (see what we did there?) knows, they just can’t rest until they’ve completely educated themselves about anything concerned with the show. With that in mind, here are the 1o most deadliest weapons on Supernatural.

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10 Righteous Bone

This really is just another bone, but its effect is such that no weapon in the world could accomplish: to kill the Leviathans. The bone could only be from a righteous person, and needs to be washed in the bloods of the King of Hell, a Fallen Angel, and an Alpha monster.

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No Leviathan, not even their leader, can survive being stabbed by this weapon. The death is also almost immediate, as we saw Dick Roman explode within a few seconds after being stabbed in the neck. Considering there’s nothing that can kill a Leviathan, this bone is extremely valuable.

9 Book Of The Damned

With a powerful witch like Rowena using the spells from this book, it can be used to deadly effect as we’ve seen Rowena complete these attacks. Within the book, there are spells that can even release Lucifer from his cage, and allow the user to time travel.

Rowena once used a spell that decayed Lucifer’s vessel to the point that it degenerated and was sent to the bottom of the ocean. Most of the time, the show has kept use of the book at bay due to the vast number of spells that are possible, which would make solving problems way too easy to be interesting.

8 Lance Of Michael

Supernatural Lance of Michael

It’s weird how Michael didn’t have this weapon on him when he arrived to battle Lucifer in the finale of Season 5, because this was said to be his greatest one in creation. The Lance could be called a way more improved and staff version of the Colt, as it doesn’t seem like any being other than God and similar ones could survive this.

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Michael’s Lance was powerful enough to guarantee death to anyone who was stabbed by it even once, which was evidenced when Castiel was about to die a slow and painful death when he was hit. The Lance was also powerful to the point where the Prince of Hell Ramiel was killed within two seconds after being stabbed by Sam.

7 Hands Of God

At one point, it appeared as if Supernatural would make these objects the focal point of Season 11, but it turned out the Hands of God were one-shotters that didn’t have the juice to last long.

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Still, these weapons were powerful enough to spell the end of any being other than the Darkness, who exceeded God in power. The power of this weapon was seen when Lucifer cowered in fear after Crowley got his hands on one of these objects, and would have died had he not had one of his followers take the hit instead.

6 Archangel Blades

This weapon that Lucifer couldn’t avoid, though, was the Archangel blade; the weapon that finally rid us of the devil after a decade of him tormenting the Winchesters. Every Archangel is vulnerable to it, and we saw Lucifer go up in flames when Dean managed to stab him with one.

It was also confirmed that Michael could die by an Archangel blade too, and this effectively made the blade capable of killing regular angels, higher level demons, and monsters of every kind that were ever present in creation. The only drawback is that it must be used by an Archangel, otherwise it presumably doesn’t work.

5 The First Blade

Here’s another weapon that could only be used when a being fulfilled some kind of clause, with the First Blade usable only if one were to have the Mark of Cain. Without the mark, the First Blade was useless and merely a bone, but Dean managed to attain its power by acquiring the Mark of Cain for himself.

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While its design was intended so as to kill a Knight of Hell specifically, that doesn’t stop the First Blade from being deadly against other beings, as we saw Demon Dean carry it along with him religiously and killing everything he wanted to by using this blade.

4 The Colt

Supernatural probably realized they introduced a weapon so ridiculously powerful so soon, that it ended up making the Colt disappear without explanation just so that the heroes didn’t have an easy out whenever they wanted.

In Season 5, it was confirmed the Colt wasn’t effective against five beings of creation, thereby solidifying that the weapon can kill everything else there is. This also means that every demon that has ever existed will die by the Colt, and we saw Azazel fall victim to it. It’s also likely that regular angels might also be susceptible to the Colt, making it easily the deadliest man-made weapon from Supernatural.

3 Dean Winchester

Yes, he is a human, but he was also born just so he could be the vessel to the most powerful angel of all-time in Michael. Using Dean, Michael could unlock his true power, and we saw him beat Lucifer so easily, it looked like a big brother bullying his younger sibling for kicks.

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Michael could also travel to different worlds using Dean as his vessel, and it was only because of Jack’s superior powers that Michael was vanquished. Had the boy not intervened, then Michael would eventually have used Dean to bring the Prime Universe to ashes like he had with the Apocalypse World; then, he’d most likely go out and try to kill God too.

2 The Equalizer

You have Chuck to blame for the wannabe name of this weapon, as the crazed God was high in his fun at seeing the Winchesters implode at the time. Regardless, the weapon’s functions were only ever given one chance to prove itself, and we didn’t see that happen because God didn’t die after getting shot by Sam.

It was most likely that Chuck made himself immune to it, as the Equalizer was created with the intention of it being able to kill anything it shot. By that, it was implied it could even kill Death, while Jack’s death was a given had Dean gone through with it. The big catch, though, was that whoever shot with the gun would also end up shooting themselves.

1 Death's Scythe

To date, this is the only weapon that has proven its full worth and is confirmed to be able to kill anything. The Scythe came from the original Death, whose own end came by this weapon after Dean took him by surprise. 

Death had earlier stated that he would be the one to kill God in the future, and there’s no doubt that he intended to use this Scythe to do so. In fact, every enemy in Supernatural would look like nothing if this weapon was readily available, as there’s no creature in creation that can avoid dying if hit by Death’s Scythe.

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