Supernatural's Misha Collins to Play Eliot Ness on Timeless

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Eliot Ness is a true American aero. As a Prohibition agent, he lead a team known as the Untouchables who are often credited with helping bring about the downfall of gangster Al Capone. He was known for his harsh stances on police corruption and for being incorruptible himself, turning down a huge financial bribe from Capone. While nearly forgotten at the time of his death in 1957, his posthumously published book The Untouchables reminded the world of all he had accomplished.

That book and Ness himself have been seen many times on film and television, most famously played by Robert Stack on the TV show The Untouchables and Kevin Costner in the movie (with the same title). He's also been a character in guest spots on numerous shows, most recently played by Cole Vigue on Legends of Tomorrow, but also appearing on episodes of Timecop, Boardwalk Empireand Supernatural.

Speaking of Supernatural, longtime star Misha Collins (Castiel) will be the next actor to play Eliot Ness, on an upcoming episode of Timeless. Timeless already has a few connections to Supernatural, as both were created by Eric Kripke, and both feature actor Jim Beaver in recurring roles. Now they will both feature Collins as well. According to TVLine, the episode, titled 'Public Enemy No. 1', is about Flynn traveling to 1931 Chicago to team up with Al Capone, so Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus follow to team up with Capone's enemy, Eliot Ness.

Kripke released a statement about his decision to work with Collins once again:

"When the Eliot Ness character first came up, I immediately thought of Misha, and I’m so thrilled to be working with him again. Misha brings his charisma, his talent, and frankly, all of his angelic qualities to the role.”

I worried the cast of @NBCTimeless might treat me as an Untouchable,but they gave me a warm reception.Thanks, guys. #Timeless @therealkripke

— Misha Collins (@mishacollins) January 16, 2017

Collins also talked about his time with Timeless in a tweet, featuring a picture of him, looking rather dapper in costume as Ness, with some of the cast.

Originally, Timeless was given a 13-episode order, with the last episode scheduled for January 30. Three additional episodes were ordered in November, including 'Public Enemy No.1'. Jim Beaver's character, NSA agent Neville, is slated to appear in all three of those final episodes, though whether he and Collins have any scenes together is unknown at this time. Those who are excited to see Collins play the historic law enforcement officer will have to wait, the episode doesn't air until February 13.

Meanwhile, Timeless airs tonight, Monday, January 16, with 'The World's Columbian Exposition' @10pm on NBC.

Source: TVLine

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