Supernatural: 5 MCU Villains Dean & Sam Could Beat ( & 5 They Can't)

Dean once claimed to be Batman, but would he and Sam defeat an evil that the likes of Captain America and Iron Man go up against? Let'ds find out!

Throughout the years on Supernatural, Sam and Dean have taken on monsters, demons, evil spirits, angels and even a few deities. But what would happen if the Winchesters were thrown into the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and pit against super villains?

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Dean once claimed to be Batman, but would he and Sam defeat the evil that the likes of Captain America and Iron Man go up against? There are just some bad guys even the Winchesters can't defeat. Here are five MCU villains Sam and Dean can beat and five they can't.

10 BEAT: Loki

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Thor's brother Loki wouldn't be the first Trickster Sam and Dean went up against. Granted their version of Loki turned out to be the archangel Gabriel, but the two Tricksters still use divine power to manipulate reality against their foes. Sam and Dean are experienced veterans in seeing through the glamors, so going head to head with the Asgardian is a walk in the park for them.

Loki's shapeshifting powers are also no match against the skilled hunters' prowess in detecting something amiss in a target or each other. Although the Asgardian is stronger than the average human, he is not immortal.

9 CAN'T BEAT: Dormammu

This ancient entity that exists between and among various dimensions is an all-consuming force with endless hunger, much like the Darkness Sam and Dean fought in season 11. He even rules a place called the Dark Dimension. The Winchesters couldn't take on Amara, at least not on their own, so a fight against Dormammu would be futile for them.

Unless the brothers sought the help of a divine being to trap Dormammu in an endless time loop the way Doctor Strange did with the Eye of Agamotto, they don't stand a chance.

8 BEAT: Red Skull

Red Skull in Captain America The First Avenger and Thor Ragnarok

Johann Schmidt, better known as the Red Skull, the villain in Captain America: The First Avenger, relied heavily on his henchmen to do the dirty work against the heroes. Going up against a bunch of low-level lackeys would be a breeze for Sam and Dean to get to the big guy.

Once face to face with the Red Skull, the Winchesters could take him out in a cinch, especially since the man likes to monologue. Red Skull might have super strength, but this isn't the Winchesters' first rodeo with superpowered people.

7 CAN'T BEAT: Thanos

Thanos Happy Smiling in Infinity War

Sam and Dean have a history of pulling off some miraculous last-minute wins, but even the Winchesters are no match for the mighty Thanos. The Mad Titan's will and power are too much for mere mortals, even those with angelic or demonic powers on their side.

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Without the Infinity Stones, Thanos is a destructive force to be reckoned with. If Sam and Dean tried to fight him with the stones, they would officially be snapped out of existence. It took a whole fleet of superheroes to bring the Titan down and they still lost Tony Stark in the process.

6 BEAT: Yellowjacket

Darren Cross has a Dick Roman vibe with his usurping of Hank Pym as the CEO of Pym Technologies. When he uses Pym Particles and his version of the suit, he becomes the Yellowjacket, a diminutive villain with lackluster powers.

All Sam and Dean would have to do is separate him from the suit and tech and hand him over to the authorities. Yellowjacket might get a sting or two into the fight against the Winchesters, but ultimately he would tire out before beating them.

5 CAN'T BEAT: Hela

Thor and Loki's long-lost sister made her first and last appearance in Thor: Ragnarok as King Odin of Asgard's passing released her from her cage. She made a spectacular entrance as she destroyed Thor's hammer, once thought to be indestructible, shattering his confidence.

Though Sam once showed he was worthy of Mjolnir, it wouldn't matter if he wielded the legendary hammer against Hela, as proven by her strength in destroying Thor's version. She was so powerful even an army of Valkyries weren't enough to defeat her.

4 BEAT: Ghost

Ava Starr became a S.H.I.E.L.D asset at a young age when an experiment gone wrong left her with the power to manipulate quantum energy. Her powers allow her to phase through dimensions, which makes her like a ghost that can walk through walls.

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Seeing as she shares the same characteristics of many of the beings Sam and Dean often fight, it makes sense they'd be able to stop her as well. Though her powers come from a scientific dilemma, with Kevin Tran, Advanced Placement on their side, the Winchesters can figure it out.


The dad of lovable oaf Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star-Lord, the Celestial being appears at will as a man but is really a living, breathing planet. When the very foundations they stand on can turn against them at any moment, Sam and Dean don't stand a chance in hell against Star Lord's father.

Ego's ability to transform a planet from a peaceful environment into a sentient Hellscape makes it impossible for the brothers to defeat him. Unless they've got a nuclear option, Sam and Dean aren't winning the fight against an evil planet.

2 BEAT: Justin Hammer

To put it simply, Justin Hammer is a weasel. His arrogance and obsession with being better than Tony Stark make him a weak villain. Like the Red Skull, Hammer often hides behind partners and henchman to do what he can't do himself.

At the end of the day, Hammer is nothing but a monkey in a business suit, the type of guy Dean loves to punch in the face. He has no superpowers, no superior weapons skills, and no incredible intellect. Hammer is just a regular guy.

1 CAN'T BEAT: Helmut Zemo

This is another character who is an average human being without special powers, but he does possess a useful skill: reading people. In Captain America: Civil War, it's his activation of the Winter Soldier that tears the team apart. Applying pressure in the right place ensures that the Avengers turn against each other and choose sides.

Sam and Dean have a habit of self-destruction and breaking apart every few cycles. Helmut Zemo only has to observe the Winchesters and use the right leverage to have them fight one another.

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