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Soup up your Harley, practice your department store window dressing skills and dust off your old cassette of "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" by Jefferson Starship, because Supernatural is breathing new life into the Mannequin movie franchise.

In this week’s episode, “Mannequin 3: Reckoning,” Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are going to take on the famed Andrew McCarthy role of Jonathan Switcher. Unfortunately, with the previous two Mannequin films using up all the world’s cursed Egyptian princesses and enchanted peasant girls, the Winchester brothers are left with the bottom of the supernatural barrel for their mannequin inhabitant.

When a vengeful ghost goes after the men who murdered her, this paranormal entity decides to pass on the typical human possession and chooses something flashy, unique and, well, 80s. With the look of Kim Cattrall’s “Emmy” and the murderous mindset of Chucky, this ghost sets out to prove that the Mannequin’s opening theme song, “In My Wildest Dreams” by Belinda Carlisle, has a bloodier meaning.

Even though Sam and Dean have larger things to worry about (the “Mother of all”) and a killer mannequin would hardly be on their radar, things become a bit complicated when Dean must rush back to his former “life.” After receiving a call from his stepson Ben, Dean finds out that his on-again, off-again wife Lisa is in trouble.

Of course, Lisa being in trouble may be the least of Dean’s worries. It appears that there may be a special “surprise” waiting for him back “home.”

‘Mannequin 3: Reckoning’ Preview

‘Mannequin 3: Reckoning’ Clip

It still remains to be seen whether or not Bobby (Jim Beaver) and Castiel (Misha Collins) will be in this episode. With a mannequin on the loose and the noticeable absence of James Spader and Meshach Taylor, there’s more than enough room for Supernatural’s own version of Mr. Richards and Hollywood Montrose.

The only question is: Who would look better in crazy acrylic sunglasses and be able to snap their fingers along to fanciful catchphrases? Yeah, I was thinking Bobby too.


Supernatural airs Fridays @9pm, on The CW.

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