Supernatural: Lucifer is a 'Fish Out of Water' in Season 13

Supernatural's Mark Pellegrino discusses what awaits Lucifer during season 13, including an unlikely alliance he'll make with Mary Winchester. Given his religious significance, Satan has understandably been portrayed countless times in both films and TV shows. One of the most interesting portrayals to emerge in recent years is Supernatural's very own Lucifer, played by Lost vet Pellegrino. Like many Devils, Pellegrino's Lucifer is capable of being funny, charming, likable, and charismatic. Underneath those traits though lies a truly sadistic torturer that would give any other fictional Satan a run for his money in the terror department.

Pellegrino's Lucifer first rose to prominence as the primary antagonist of Supernatural season 5, which series creator Eric Kripke had originally envisioned as the final season. While that seems a bit hilarious in hindsight, season 5 could definitely have served as a proper sendoff for SPN, with Sam and Dean fighting to avert the literal biblical apocalypse. As they've always found a way to, the Winchesters ultimately prevailed, sending Ol' Scratch back into his cage and preventing doomsday.

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Lucifer would briefly resurface during season 7, in the form of hallucinations had by a mentally damaged Sam. The character wouldn't reemerge proper until season 11, when Castiel foolishly allowed himself to become Lucifer's vessel, in the hopes that the Prince of Darkness could defeat The Darkness. That didn't work, but Lucifer has remained a consistent presence since, ending up sealed inside the alternate apocalypse world in the season 12 finale. What does season 13 have in store for Lucifer going forward? Pellegrino recently offered the following comments on the subject to Variety.

"For the first time, he finds himself a little in over his head. He’s introduced to a narrative that doesn’t work for him, and the rebellious guy that he is, he finds himself fighting that narrative, and that becomes as much an element as anything else in the story."

As fans will recall, the primary difference between the apocalypse world and the series' usual reality is that Sam and Dean were never born, and thus the biblical apocalypse was never averted. However, this world's Lucifer didn't emerge victorious, losing to his brother and fellow archangel Michael. Naturally, all this information - along with his status as effectively a prisoner - is hard for Lucifer to deal with. As Pellegrino puts it, Lucifer is a "fish out of water" while in this alternate reality.

Another intriguing element for Lucifer in season 13 is that he's not alone in the apocalypse world, having been trapped along Winchester mom Mary. While the two characters will obviously never trust each other, their shared status as strangers in a strange land will lead the duo to forge an uneasy alliance, at least until they can find a way back home. That said, Pellegrino makes clear that Lucifer's motives are as shady as ever, saying that he sees Mary as a "bargaining chip" that he can eventually use to trade with Sam and Dean for his son Jack.

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Supernatural season 13 airs Thursdays at 8pm on The CW.

Source: Variety

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