'Supernatural' Preview Clips For 'Like A Virgin'

'Supernatural' returns from its winter hiatus with the episode 'Like a Virgin,' and we have two videos to whet your appetite.

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Supernatural is the gift that just keeps on giving. After five increasingly good seasons of top-notch action-adventure/horror television, fans wondered if the sixth could possibly stack up - especially considering creator Eric Kripke was leaving the show.

Now, eleven episodes in, it’s pretty safe to say that Supernatural is still one of the best shows on the air – despite a rocky first couple of episodes.

When we last left Supernatural, Death broke Sam’s soul out of hell and reinserted it back into his body, against his body’s wishes. The concern at the time was - what happens to a soul that has been brutally tortured by both Satan and Michael the Archangel for a year in Earth-time, and something like a hundred years in Hell-time?

When Death retrieved the soul, he placed a metaphysical partition inside Sam’s mind to block out the terrible memories, but there was a 40% chance it wouldn’t work. And even if it did work, the partition would probably (eventually) fall apart, leaving a wrecked Sam Winchester shell in its place.

This Friday, the show returns after the winter hiatus, and we’ve got two clips for your viewing pleasure:

"Like A Virgin" Preview


"Like A Virgin" Clip

Obviously, Sam will wake up from his soul-injection coma and the partition will work, at least for a time, but Supernatural isn’t known for happy endings. In fact, it’s known for being possibly the saddest genre show on television. There are going to be terrible ramifications, as a result of what happened in episode 11, and you can pretty much guarantee that the partition is going to come down. Will Sam then turn into a vegetable, as we’ve been led to believe? Or is he made of stronger stuff than that?

Recently, it was revealed that Supernatural would likely return for a seventh season. The show is doing surprisingly well in its Friday night time-slot and the President of CW wants to see it come back.


Supernatural airs Fridays @9pm, on The CW

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