Supernatural Admits That The Leviathans Were A Bad Idea

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Supernatural is in its final season - and as well as bringing back fan-favorite characters, the show is making a few pointed references... including a joke at its own expense about the Leviathans! So far, the fifteenth and last season of the hugely successful show has been all about wrapping things up. A few characters have made brief cameos, there are plenty of callbacks to early monsters, episodes, and events, and all in all, the show is working hard to do the fans proud one last time.

In this week's "Atomic Monsters," which is a fairly straightforward monster-of-the-week set up (vampire teen killing cheerleaders), a side-plot sees God going to visit Becky. Once his biggest fan (as Chuck, the author of 'Supernatural', not as God), Becky has now built herself a lovely life, and writes fan fiction as well as making Supernatural figurines to sell. She's also got a little more perspective on Supernatural, and gives Chuck some hard to hear advice about his series... including the idea that the fans aren't there for the monsters, and that they hated the Leviathan arc.

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One of their scenes together sees Becky talk about her fan fic, saying that she doesn't do a lot with monsters, because that's not really why people love Sam and Dean. God argues that "people like monsters," but is met with an unimpressed 'meh' from Becky. He then tries to argue that his monsters were really cool - like the Leviathans. In his words "They're all teeth!". He pushes so hard that Becky even ends up snapping at him... because no, Chuck, fans did not love the Leviathans, despite their lack of lips!

While this is just a minor exchange in a larger story that sees God deciding that he wants to get involved in manipulating the Winchesters again (and also sees poor Becky and her family snapped out of existence, Thanos-style), it's one that had fans cracking up. Chuck's books, of course, are actually the story of the show itself: Sam and Dean's story. Any reference to the plot of the story, then, is a wonderfully meta commentary on that part of the show itself, and it is wonderfully funny to see the writers recognize that the Leviathans were not their proudest moment.

The Leviathans appeared in the series mainly in season 7, and this particularly odd monster was considered by the majority of the fans to be a real low point for Supernatural. The storylines were getting messy and struggling to find real direction, and the focus on Sam and Dean's relationship was shifted to a focus on the actual big bads... a mistake that Becky clearly wouldn't have made! Seeing Chuck defend this story arc while Becky brushes it off as 'not why people care' is a brilliant moment that winks at the fourth wall, giving fans Becky as a surrogate, while Chuck/God acts as the writers' room.

While this may not be vitally important to the plot, it's this kind of self-aware inside joke that fans love about the show, and it's fantastic to see that the writers know that, and are definitely going to be including some more before Supernatural comes to a close.

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Supernatural season 15 continues with "Proverbs 17:3" November 14th on The CW.

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