Supernatural: Jack’s Search For Identity Will See Him ‘Collide’ With Lucifer

Alexander Calvert and Mark Pellegrino in Supernatural Season 13

Jack (Alexander Calvert) will “collide” with Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) at some point as Supernatural heads toward the end of season 13. The long-running series has no shortage of difficult father-son relationships, but none may be more fraught than the one between Jack and his father, who just so happen to be the Devil. The two haven’t had much time since Jack was born  to get to know one another (they grow up so fast, you know?), but as Calvert teases, they may be making up for lost time sooner rather than later. 

A father-son meet and greet would be a little tricky at the moment, what with Lucifer in Heaven and Jack currently leading a band of rebels against their angelic overlords in an alternate dimension, but Supernatural is nothing if not adept at moving its various pieces around the board in order to deliver a matchup fans have been waiting for. 

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Calvert discussed the potential collision between Jack and Lucifer in a recent interview with Screen Rant. The actor discussed Jack’s rapid maturation and character growth, and he says that part of what’s driving him is the chance to discover his own identity. Part of that means escaping from the shadow of who his father is, but also coming to terms with his desire to know his father. Calvert said:

“Jack definitely wants to discover his own identity. Whether that's being part of the Winchester clan or just being a leader in Apocalypse World... he wants his own path. But I think for most people, understanding your identity and your future, it really helps to be able to understand where you're from. [Jack] has to balance that and I think as the season goes on we're going to see Jack struggle with that even more so. 

Jack's really conflicted about where he and his dad sit. It's such a complicated, weird thing that they have. But I think most people want to know their father. They want to know and understand that part of themselves. So Jack's really conflicted. And when these characters eventually collide we're gonna see that curiosity and conflict played out, which is exciting.”

With just a handful of episodes left in season 13, time is running out for Jack to have a little quality time with his dad. But since Michael is preparing for a push into the Winchesters’ reality,  the separation between father and son isn’t going to be much of an issue for much longer. If and when the two do meet, it will be interesting to see how Jack responds, after having spent so much time with a family that’s been a constant source of irritation for his father. 

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Supernatural continues tonight with ‘Unfinished Business’ @8pm on The CW.

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