Supernatural: 20 Strange Details About Jack’s Anatomy

Supernatural: 20 Crazy Details About Jack’s Body

In season 12 of Supernatural, a brand-new character was introduced who became one of the most powerful beings in existence. This was Jack, a Nephilim -- a baby born from the union of a human and an angel. However, Jack wasn't just a regular Nephilim -- he was the son of Lucifer, which made him more powerful than just about any other being in existence, at least if he reaches his full potential. The good news is that Jack is a good being who is pure at heart. Because of this, he became a hero instead of following in the footsteps of most angelic figures introduced on the show.

Jack soon joined up with Dean and Sam Winchester and became a hunter, helping the two brothers save lives and hunt down monsters that threatened humanity. He also eventually renounced his father Lucifer, refusing to follow in his footsteps, and developed a strong relationship with Castiel, who he looked up to like a father. Jack just underwent a major life event in the 14th season of Supernatural and proved to be as resourceful and determined as any other character in the show's history. However, there are many things fans still don't completely know or understand about his powers.

With that said, here are the 20 Strange Details About Jack’s Anatomy In Supernatural.

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A Nephilim is a hybrid creature that is conceived in a union between an angel and a human. In the case of Jack, it is an even bigger deal because his father is not just an angel but an archangel -- one of the original -- Lucifer. Those who are Nephilim have both the grace of an angel and the soul of a human, which is a very powerful mixture.

Jack was conceived when Lucifer took on the vessel of Jefferson Rooney, the leader of the United States. He conceived Jack with his lover Kelly Kline, who then had to go on the run in order to protect both herself and her unborn child. This was due to the fact that the conception sent out a warning on angel radio that rallied Heaven to find and put down the baby before it was born.


When it comes to the true power of a Nephilim, they are always stronger than the angel that sired them. This means that if a basic angel sired a Nephilim, and it somehow managed to live -- as Jane did in "Clip Show" -- then it would rival the power of its parent. However, it would still have weaknesses of other angels.

This was shown when Metatron tricked Castiel into taking Jane's life in order to start the eventual expelling of angels from Heaven. All it took was the angel blade to end her life, since she was sired by a regular angel and therefore was more powerful than her sire but not more powerful than someone like Castiel. However, Jack is the son of an archangel, which means that he is more powerful than any regular angel in existence.


Supernatural Michael Lucifer and Mary

Since a Nephilim is stronger than the angel that sired it -- once it reaches full power, at least -- this means that Jack rivals all archangels as well. When it comes to the power rankings of the archangels, it is common knowledge that Michael and Lucifer sit at the top of the throne. Since Jack is the son of Lucifer, this means that he will not only be stronger than his father once he reaches full power, but he will also most likely be stronger than all of the archangels.

However, Jack has never reached this level of power. Castiel said that all Nephilim grow into their powers. This makes them more dangerous as they grow older, and in the case of Jack, this means that his power level is almost unlimited.


Supernatural: 20 Crazy Details About Jack’s Body

Jack is rare. How, rare is he? The last time that there were Nephilim walking the Earth, God had to reach down and stop them himself. Of course, as Supernatural has shown, Jack is not the only Nephilim that has been on Earth recently, but the other one that showed up was taken down by Castiel with the angel blade.

When Lucifer and Kelly conceived Jack, a call went up on angel radio, calling angels to seek and eliminate the Nephilim before it could be born. Sam and Dean Winchester, knowing the danger, went after the mother. Even Dagon, a Prince of Hell, took notice. This was a big deal because the child would become strong enough to destroy worlds, so Heaven doesn't typically allow Nephilim to be born.


Supernatural: 20 Crazy Details About Jack’s Body

Jack is able to become incredibly powerful. In fact, we even catch a glimpse of his strength while he's still in the womb. The unborn child knew what was happening outside in the world world and was able to make some changes and decisions on his own while resting in his mother. A perfect example came when Kelly started to believe there was no hope for her and her child against the angelic forces.

After she learned that Castiel planned to take her to the Heavenly Portal, which would eliminate both mother and child, she chose to take her own life. Kelly revealed to Castiel that she slit her wrists to end her life, but miraculously, Jack resurrected her from the womb and his soul informed her that it was good and pure. This is what convinced Castiel that Jack might be a force of good after all.


Supernatural: 20 Crazy Details About Jack’s Body

When Castiel was with Kelly and she was working to convince him not to take the life of her baby, the two shared a moment. Kelly convinced the angel that Jack could be a power for the good side by revealing how he resurrected her. Castiel then reached down, touched her stomach, and felt the baby kicking.

The moment Castiel touched Kelly's stomach something connected between the unborn baby and the powerful angel. Jack had a premonition while in the womb about a battle between Dagon and Castiel at Heaven's Portal. He decided at that moment that Castiel would be his protector and guide after his birth since that would be the moment when he also lost his mother.


Before he was even born, Jack proved that he was more powerful than almost all of the other characters introduced on Supernatural. His mother took her own life and he resurrected her from the womb, letting her know that he was good and pure. He chose Castiel to be his protector by sensing the goodness in the angel when Castiel touched Kelly's belly.

After Castiel felt Kelly's stomach, he took her to Heaven's Portal, where the angels believed that both Kelly and the unborn baby would perish. Dagon, a Prince of Hell, showed up to fight Castiel and easily took the life of the angel Joshua and others at the site. However, Jack then increased Castiel's power -- while still in his mother's womb -- which allowed Castiel to easy incinerate the Prince of Hell.


Supernatural: 20 Crazy Details About Jack’s Body

Sadly, the warnings were true. No human woman could ever survive childbirth when delivering a Nephilim. Kelly knew this, but she also knew that her baby would be a good man and knew that she had a choice to make. She chose Jack's life over her own and delivered the baby while Team Free Will was able to banish Lucifer. This allowed Jack to be born with an extended family that could care for him.

Though Kelly passed on after delivering the baby, this was not the last that Supernatural fans saw of the mother of the Nephilim. In episode "Byzantium", Jack perished and chose to go to his mother's Heaven, where he met her. She convinced him to return to life on Earth and told Castiel to always protect him.


Once Castiel brought Kelly to a lakeside house where she was safe, she was finally able to deliver her baby. While she was in labor, everyone was busy trying to trap Lucifer into another dimension in order to offer safety to the baby. However, when they finished and Sam returned to the house, Kelly had already passed away. While this was sad, the next stage of the story began when they went inside and found Jack -- now a fully grown into a man, sitting in a corner.

This was due to self-survival. Jack knew from the moment that he was born that he was in grave danger, as there were many who believed that he shouldn't exist. As a result, he rapidly aged so that he was able to protect himself. This rapid growth also helped him since he knew that he had to find Castiel -- his protector -- and serve as an ally to those around him as well.


Supernatural Jack holding bloody angel blade

It is important to understand many of the weapons in Supernatural lore. When it comes to archangels, the only way that they can perish is for another archangel to slay them with the archangel blade. It won't work unless it is an archangel who is using it. This means that archangels are impervious to the regular angel blades. Since Jack was sired by an archangel, he is impervious to the angel blade as well. Miriam even stabbed him in the heart with the angel blade and nothing happened.

However, there is also a chance that he could live through the stabbing of the archangel blade. Lucifer used this blade to cut Jack's throat, and while it stripped him of his grace, Jack did not perish. This could make him impossible to defeat because he would have one less weakness. Not even Lucifer is impervious to the archangel blade.


Alexander Calvert as Jack and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural

Jack might be the most powerful telepath in the entire Supernatural universe. Jack showed how powerful his telepathy was when he was trying to reach Castiel, and the power of that was astounding.

When an angel or archangel perishes, they move on to the Empty, where they are put into an eternal sleep. No one can wake them once they arrive there. However, Jack reached out to Castiel telepathically and his reach went all the way into the Empty. In the episode "Patience", Jack reached Castiel in the Empty and woke him up. It was something that no one believed was possible. Because of his power, Jack was able to help Castiel escape from the Empty and return to Earth after his passing.


Supernatural Jack

Jack developed the ability to teleport over time. This wasn't something that he originally showed that he could do, as he usually went on the run when he was in danger early in his life. However, after a time, he was suddenly able to teleport away whenever he was upset and wanted to be away from whatever was bothering him.

For example, he was able to teleport himself out of the Men of Letters' bunker whenever he was not happy about how a conversation was going. However, there is one interesting side effect to this ability: we can hear his wings flapping whenever he teleports, which makes it seem like his angel's wings are what allow him to travel in this manner.  At one point, Lucifer himself said that Jack could teleport anywhere in the universe.


One of Jack's most impressive offensive powers is telekinesis. He is able to send out telekinetic energy that can knock a person out when it strikes them. This power is so strong and precise that it allows Jack to deflect bullets that are aimed at him. He also once accidentally took a man's life with a telekinetic blast. However, in the time since then, Jack has practiced and trained himself to control this power.

This telekinesis also allowed him to cause the archangel Michael pain, damaging his vessel through biokinesis. This was something that even surprised Lucifer, as it had never been done or even seen before. Jack also has the ability of electrokinesis, which can create power outages.


Supernatural Jack Nephilim Lucifer's son golden eyes

Lucifer was surprised when Jack was able to bring Michael to his knees, since it was something that had never been done before. When Dean and Sam Winchesters were told that no one could ever wake Castiel when he crossed over to the Empty, they soon discovered that Jack was able to reach out telepathically and wake him up in the Empty, which eventually led to him returning to Earth.

Because Jack is Lucifer's son, he can one day become more powerful than his archangel father if is able to power up completely. Lucifer said that his power is part of "heavenly light" and Doctor Hess mentioned that he could destroy the entire universe. While hunting down Jack, the angel Miriam stated in the episode "Lost & Found" that Jack can do "almost anything." It seems like Jack can truly accomplish whatever he puts his mind to.


Supernatural Jack Lily Conrad

The angels in Supernatural are able to communicate with each other using a form of telepathy that can reach every angel. In "I Know What You Did Last Summer", Dean called this "angel radio" and, in the episode "Clip Show", Metatron used the same phrase when he described it. The angel radio allows all angels to stay in contact. Castiel was even able to hear this angel radio after he lost his grace.

As the son of Lucifer, Jack also received the ability to hear angel radio in his head. However, the Nephilim has a huge problem with this ability: it causes him intense and debilitating pain. It seems off that the angel radio causes him so much pain when most angels can access it without any problems.


Supernatural: 20 Crazy Details About Jack’s Body

When an angel loses their grace, they are rendered human and powerless. To put it simply, grace is the energy that is part of all angels. It is what separates them from humans. What makes Jack so powerful is that he has the grace of an angel but also has a soul, something that angels do not possess. Without this grace, angels lose all access to their magic and basically become mortal and human.

However, an archangels' grace can be recharged. For example, Gabriel admitted that the Prince of Hell had been extracting his grace for years and it kept recharging. This is good news for Jack, since Lucifer sliced his throat with the archangel blade and extracted his grace at one point, leaving him human and allowing his body to break down. However, this did not end his life.


Supernatural: 20 Crazy Details About Jack’s Body

Another power that Jack has is the ability to heal not only himself, but also others around him. When he was in the womb, he was not only able to resurrect his mother after she tried to take her own life, but he also healed the cuts and replaced her massive blood loss. After Castiel battled Dagon at Heaven's Portal, Jack cured Castiel of all of his injuries and wounds in just a matter of seconds -- once again from the womb.

When it comes to healing himself, Jack has shown that he can almost regenerate from injuries in a matter of seconds. After the angel blade was driven into his chest, he removed it and the wound healed in seconds. He even tried to get tattoos but they healed up instantly as if he'd never had them.


Supernatural: 20 Crazy Details About Jack’s Body

Jack has the power to open portals to other worlds and dimensions. He used this power to bring back Mary Winchester in order to make Dean and Sam happy again. This ability manifested itself when he was born and opened a rift into an alternate world instantly.

However, there are some limitations to this power. He can open portals and feel around, but he cannot hold portals open and see if anything is there unless he works with a Dreamwalker such as Kaia. Jack was able to use his power in conjunction with Kaia's to open the rift to the Bad Place, which he was then able to keep open for days thanks for Kaia's help. According to Zachariah, Jack has the power to open a portal big enough for an entire army to march through.


Supernatural: 20 Crazy Details About Jack’s Body

Whenever Jack begins to use his powers, his eyes start to glow gold. However, this is quite different than any other character on the Supernatural series. Though many characters' eyes glow in the show, the colour of each being's eyes has a lot of significance. For example, demon eyes vary. There are black-eyed demons, who are the lowest level, red-eyed demons, who are in the middle, yellow-eyed demons, who are seen as generals, and white-eyed demons, who are on the top of the ladder.

As for angels, their eyes have a blue glow, which ties into their grace. The only other Nephilim on Supernatural had silver eyes. Lucifer himself has red eyes. One suggestion is that Jack, as a Nephilim son of an archangel -- possibly the first of his kind -- has eyes that are unlike any other for that reason.


Castiel Wings Supernatural

Much like every other angel and archangel, Jack has a large pair of wings. These have a number of uses, including possibly aiding with his ability to transport to other locations. He was also able to open his wings at one point to protect Mary Winchester from an explosion that was caused by Kevin.

An angel 's wings are a symbol of their strength and the power of their grace. Though we don't see them often on Supernatural, they sometimes appear from the shadows. An angel will lose his wings when he loses his grace, which was shown by Gadreel. Castiel lost his wings as well when he lost his grace, and even when he regained his grace, his wings were broken. This makes us wonder what Jack's wings will look like when his grace recharges.


Are there any other interesting facts about Jack's anatomy in Supernatural? Let us know in the comments!

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