Supernatural Stars Give Away Replica Of Sam & Dean's Impala At SDCC 2019

The end of Supernatural is truly nigh, with the show's stars giving away a replica version of their signature Chevy Impala at SDCC. Supernatural first debuted on The WB back in 2005. Despite not being a huge rating winner, the show cultivated a passionate following that saw it survive the network's transition into The CW. That passionate following only grew with each passing season, affording the show consistent renewals and its place as one of The CW's staple offerings amid its ever-expanding comic book universe. Earlier this year, however, it was announced that the 15th season would also be the last.

Starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, Supernatural tells the story of Sam and Dean Winchester. As per the family business, the two brothers traverse America, saving people and hunting things. Over the years, they have faced everything from wendigo and vampires to demons and rogue angels. Their unconventional family has fluctuated over the years, with only their trusted ally, the angel Castiel (Misha Collins), consistently returning to their side. When last seen, the trio had failed to do as Chuck (a.k.a God) had wanted by refusing to kill their pseudo-adopted son, Jack (Alexander Calvert). As a result, Chuck/God pulled the trigger himself, not just on Jack but the world itself, leaving the trio of Team Free Will surrounded by enemies.

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With a whole season of episodes still to come, it's unlikely that any of the three will sustain any last damage. And even when they do, they always have a propensity for resurrection. With the show's end imminent, though, sooner or later the events are going to leave their mark - on both the characters and the audience. For one lucky fan, however, the lifelong memento of the show proved a tad more literal. As reported by The Wrap, the show opted to celebrate its final panel (and its final season) by picking an audience member to have an Impala of their own. The winner was picked by stars Padalecki and Ackles themselves and while the winner didn't get to drive away in it, it'll be soon on its way to wherever they call home. A video of everything that went into the giveaway, including the car receiving a resurrection of its own, can be seen below:

The '67 Impala, affectionately known as Baby, is as synonymous with Sam and Dean Winchester as beers, single man-tears and self-sacrifice. Originally owned by their dad, it ultimately passed on to Dean and has been with them, more or less, ever since - frequently providing the setting for Sam and Dean to express their oft-repressed feelings. In season 5 it was even instrumental in saving the world by helping Sam overcome his possession at the hands of Lucifer. In season 11, it even received its own hilarious point of view episode.

With the final season set to be comprised on 20 episodes, and a lot of unresolved stories to wrap up, the car still has plenty more miles to go before the final fates of it and its beloved owners are revealed. While many wish Supernatural would carry on like a wayward son, others believe that the show is ending at the right time. Whatever the case, the final part of the journey is sure to be an explosive and emotional one. As such, as well as incurring the jealousy of millions of fans, receiving an Impala of their very own will no doubt soften the blow somewhat. And, if not, there's always the chance that a spin-off could finally be greenlit.

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Supernatural will return for its 15th and final season on October 10th.

Source: The Wrap

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